Wood High Chairs – Beautiful and Functional

For years and years highchairs were made out of wood. Now we see high chairs made out of plastic and cheap metal. I love a good wooden highchair. Nowadays there are so many options for wood highchairs it can be hard to choose. Of course we've all seen the wood high chairs at restaurants, functional but not very classy. Are there other options the family and look out if they want to would highchair? Yes there are.

What are the advantages of wood over other materials for highchairs. Well, for one thing, wood highchairs will last for a long long time. Another advantage to a high chair made out of wood is that it is a nice looking piece of furniture. Wood just has the feeling of endurance. A plastic highchair feels like a throwaway, strictly functional piece of baby equipment. A wood high chair is something that you and your baby can be proud of.

There are so many styles of highchair that you can find something that will fit in with any decor. There are nice press back highchairs, bow back highchairs, and many other designs that have been popular over the years. Many years ago my wife and I went to an auction. On that auction was 100-year-old bow back highchair. It was beautiful. We bought it and have used it for years. You will not do that with one of these new plastic highchairs.

If you decor is not such that an old-style wood highchair fits in there are many manufacturers that are making modern would highchairs. Wood is timeless, and the beauty of wood fits in with any interior design. If you decide to get a would highchair, it is quite possible that this chair could be passed down for generations.