Which Kitchen Pans Do You Really Need?

If you’re equipping your kitchen, then you’ll want to make sure that you have the right sort of kitchen pans for your needs.

Here’s the sort of pans you’ll need

1. Milk pans are saucepans with spouts and so are ideal for pouring out sauces, or soup, or other liquids, as well as warm milk.

2. With a wide range of saucepans to choose from, in different materials and sizes you’ll be spoilt for choice if you’re sure what sort of pans you need. Perhaps you’ll want professional quality pans for your large family, or maybe you’ll want coloured pans to compliment your kitchen and other kitchen appliances.

3. A good quality frying pan is essential, and can mean the difference between well cooked food and burnt, or undercooked food. You’ll want a non stick pan with a strong handle that doesn’t get hot so that the pan is easy and safe to use, no matter what you’re frying.

4. Sauté pans can be thought of as like covered frying pans, and are used for cooking food at very high temperatures for a short period of time. You’ll want a sauté pan with even heat distribution that warms up fast so that you can sauté quickly. You can sauté meat, fish and vegetables and so this is likely to be a pan you use often.

5. A chef pan allows you to cook a meal in the one pan. You might start by frying onions, then adding meat and vegetables then making a sauce to go with it. These pans have long handles and are deeper than frying pans.

6. A grill pan has two usable sides, a flat side, and a ridged side. This pan can be used for cooking different sorts of meat and even paninis too.

7. If you’re keen on stir fry meals, then you’ll want a good quality wok. Using a high temperature, and cooking for a short time, you’ll need your pan to heat up quickly, and spread the heat evenly so that all the ingredients are cooked properly.

8. A cookware set might be just what you need if you’re new to cooking, or want to give saucepans as a gift for someone setting up their first home, or going to university. Having the most common pans will ensure that the most popular dishes can be created. If there is a glaring omission, or a bigger or better pan is needed, then it will be easy to add to the cookware set.

9. Stockpots are ideal if you’re cooking for a lot of people, or make food to freeze. Perhaps you make large batches of soup so that you can freeze some, or maybe you have a large family, and use your stockpot to cook enough pasta, rice or potatoes for everyone.

10. No matter what sort of cook you are, or what sort of food you cook, you’ll want to make sure that you get good value for money. Buying the cheapest items might seem like a good idea initially, but over time, you might not get the performance or durability that you expected, and so will have to replace some of your saucepans.

Now you know what sort of kitchenware you need, have you got the right kitchen pans?