Where to Purchase Your Bulk Beans and Grain

Okay, I admit that I cheat. I do not currently have a food mill so I use already milled and processed grains to make my bread and pancakes. For years now I would go to the local supermarket and buy the packages of products to use at home. My 2009 plans include the purchase of a quality grain meal so that I can take advantage of bulk purchases of items such as yellow corn and beans. You may laugh yourself off that easy chair but I have discovered that bulk supplies of grains are easily obtained from my local feed store.

In these feed stores you can find find supplies of wheat for approximately 8 to 10 dollars for a 50 pound bag. Not bad at all considering the current price of a loaf of bread. Now this same 50 pound bag purchased through one of the bulk food suppliers would cost you about twice that amount. The major difference between the two bags of wheat is that the least expensive bag is intended for planting and for feeding livestock whereas the more expensive is for actual cooking by humans.

These packages may very well not receive all of the necessary inspections that those intended for human consumption would. Nor would they arrive at my home in "For human consumption" containers. The feed store facilities may not actually conform to the Department of Health standards in effect at this time for the human food storage locations however there is really not much difference in the actual feed version versa the human ones.

Both way the corn that one purchases at their local feed store appears to be very clean and pest free. A good point to keep in mind is that the corn have any pathogens present the cooking process is sure to destroy them.

It would only make good sense to me that if you have no additional means of obtaining your grains and beans in bulk quantities at a reasonable price you may wish to consider this option. You can always purchase the high quality products at a later day if you so desire.