What You Need to Know Before Buying the NuWave Oven

The Nuwave Oven will amaze for its ease of use and consistent performance. There is a lot to be said for having the ability to create an entire meal, plus desert, from a 18″ in diameter, small countertop kitchen appliance, without compromising nutritional value or integrity of flavor.

Surprisingly, the advertising is true. You can cook foods straight from the freezer. You can bake cookies, roast turkey and create other delicious entrees and appetizers by using a little more time and energy then a microwave and a lot less time and energy using your conventional oven.

But, it’s time to separate advertising “hype” from this oven to “real-life” experience.

Don’t worry about the price, packaging and shipping. The value is indisputable and the NuWave is solidly designed and well worth the money; if you use it.

Why wouldn’t you use it? There is a learning curve to overcome. In other words, most of the advertising focuses on the easiest meal to make. Take that rock solid bird out of the freezer, place it in the Nuwave, rub on a few seasonings, press a few buttons and voila’ – Roast Chicken Yum, Yum in less than an hour.

It’s true, but it’s probably the only recipe that comes out looking and tasting right the first time. The NuWave company includes a recipe book and laminated cheat sheet with cooking times giving one the impression that cooking with the NuWave is like a child using a paint by number coloring book.

It’s not that simple. For almost every recipe you try in the cook-book, will need tweaking in one way or another. You’ll be needing to cook the food longer or cooking it less than the “suggested” time since the density, weight and volume of food varies so much from person to person.

In other words, don’t trust the recipes. The flavor and food combinations are great, but the cooking times are not. It will take some trial and error meals to get the oven to work in sync with your own cooking style and preferred tastes.

You’ll be disappointed if you pop it out of the box, thinking you’ll have the perfect meal, instantly. When it doesn’t work out, you’ll think you bought a “scam” product.

Assuredly, it is a wonderful product that you will use more and more if you give yourself the time to become familiar with its sensitivities.

Next, though perfect for small families, dorm living, tailgate parties, and motor home enthusiasts, if you have a large family, you won’t be able to make enough food to feed a family of 5 or more, unless you want to feed them in shifts or buy 2 NuWave ovens. Why? The cooking space is just not big enough!

The last bit of information you need to know before buying the NuWave Oven is the intermediate tendency to think of it as a microwave. After using it on a regular basis, particularly as a fast and easy nacho, bacon and Texas Toast maker, it’s easy to mistake it for a microwave and accidentally throw in a plastic container to thaw out pasta sauce.

That’s a no go. It will melt plastic making your meal a fatal mess. Keep in mind, also, that the base of the NuWave is plastic, and needs to be protected by the removable, dishwasher friendly, dual purpose moisture catching baking pan.

It’s easy to forget to use this tray protection because the base is the same color as the bottom. So get in the habit of checking for the pan each and every time you use this revolutionary oven.

To sum it all up. What you need to know before buying the NuWave Oven:

Don’t expect miracles right out of the box – give yourself time to understand the way the NuWave cooks.

Don’t buy it if you’re cooking for larger families. It’s mainly designed for singles, couples and the 2 kid, 1 dog family.

Don’t mistake it for a microwave. It’s, in truth, far superior to the microwave when it comes to flavor integrity and food quality but it will melt stuff that a microwave will not.

Keeping these basic tips in mind when first starting out with the NuWave Oven, you will be delighted with its performance meal after every delicious meal.