What Types of Food Should You Serve in Your Daycare?

Parents want to make sure that their kids are eating healthy food, so they make sure that they will be preparing healthy foods. How about when they are not around, they need to bring their kids to the daycare, are they sure that their kids are still eating healthy. Definitely, parents would make a review and check out if their kids are eating the right foods when they are in daycare.

As an owner of a daycare, you need to see to it that you will be serving nutritious foods. Actually, you do not only have impact on the nutritional intake of the kids under your care but also with their eating behaviors and health habits. You need to be there to help the kids learn the right mealtime behavior and also to enjoy different varieties of nutritious foods.

You need to review the foods that you will serve for the kids under your facility.

Actually, there are recommendations that several organization have agreed upon. For children who are in a daycare for seven hours, you need to give them one third of their nutritional needs. If they have to stay in a daycare for eight hours or more, they should receive one half to two thirds of their nutritional needs. For children who are under your premises for full time, they should have one meal and two snacks.

When serving breakfast, it should consist of milk, fruit, bread or cereal, vegetable or 100{ccdfc561878e9246e1a18999d5a21dd519dc1b039f0564ab04c9b3978134babb} juice. In serving lunch or supper you need to serve milk, meat, fruit or vegetable, bread. When serving snacks it should consist of at least two of these four components namely milk, meat or alternate, fruit or vegetable, bread or alternate.

You have to focus on the use of fresh fruits, vegetable and whole grain when serving meals and snacks, you can also include small amount of meat or meat alternative. Make sure that the foods you’re giving to the kids are fresh and unprocessed.

You have to be able to supply the recommended amount of iron, energy, Thiamin, Niacin, Vitamin A, Zinc, Magnesium and Folic Acid. You can ask for guidance with a dietitian in order to determine and ensure that you are providing the right foods for the kids.

Do not serve foods that contain nitrates, foods with caffeine, drink with high calorie, salty foods and candy. Make sure that the foods you serve are appropriate the ages of the kids under your facility.