What Men Say And What They Really Mean

Have you ever been with a man who told you something like, "I'm not ready for a serious relationship," "I just want my freedom," or something along those lines? Many women do, and most of them often agree to the man's wishes and end the relationship. What boggles them is that almost immediately after, the man starts dating and getting into relationships with other women.

Are all guys really just jerks who can not commit? If only it was that simple, too … but it's simply not the case. Women often make mistakes that make them much less attractive to him, such as trying to convince him to love them the way they love him. Needless to say, that does not work.

Here's the fact – men and women mean different things with the words they say. For instance, when a woman says "I'd like to stay home and relax," then she'd probably stay home, do the chores, make sure everything's in order, and maybe watch TV. But when men say "I'd like to stay home and relax," they're probably watch sports, drink beer, surf the Internet for pictures of women, and order take-out food.

Similarly, when they say things like "I'm not ready for a serious relationship," it almost always has a defect meaning. Here's the truth – men would want a great relationship with a woman who they're attracted to both physically and emotionally. They'd like a woman who's funny, unpredictable, independent, and emotionally level-headed. But most of all, they'd like a woman who's all that already – and not someone they have to teach to be all that.

So when men tell you things like "I just want my freedom," the reason they start dating other women so quickly is because they could not find those qualities in you. I'll bet you're thinking, "Why does not he just tell me?" The answer is quite simple – they do not want to have to tell you all that. They do not want to be in a relationship that has more work and less fun than what they've had if they stayed single.

Another common line that men say is "I'm like an independent woman." What they really mean is that they're like a woman who does not get overly upset by petty issues in the relationship (this rings a bell, does not it), and knows how to keep her head when things get tough or confusing . Conversely, they'd also like a woman who does not completely hold her emotions back, which would make her more and more bitter with them as time goes by.

The bottom line, pun intended, about what men say and what they really mean is this – they'd like a meaningful relationship with a woman who has all the good qualities. The problem is that men do not know what these qualities are and probably can not list them all down when you ask them to. But with the help of the tips in this article, you're better armed to know what your man really means and how to guide your relationship into something more enjoyable and longer-term.