Vacuum Food Sealers – To Protect and Preserve

It is a known fact that over time food will eventually decompose, rot and become unusable. Not only is this annoying, but it is money wasted. Everyone, from business owners to parents, is concerned about finances and their bottom line. A good portion of the money spent from a paycheck goes towards food. A popular and growing trend is to purchase food in bulk quantities and vacuum seal it to help extend its life.

Preserving food and extending its shelf life does not only save everyday people money, but can also save businesses involved in the food industry money. Improperly packaged food can spoil quickly. Room temperature and open air is food's worst enemy. This is where vacuum sealers come into play.

A vacuum sealer can extend the shelf life of food by 3-5 times, depending on the food being packaged. The most common foods vacuum sealed are meat, fruits and vegetables. These foods are usually frozen after being sealed. The vacuum food sealer bags are designed to keep out freezer burn, and are far more effective than basic "Zip-Style" plastic bags.

Not all vacuum-sealed food has to be frozen. Vacuum sealers will also extend the life of room temperature foods by removing oxygen-rich air and replacing it with an inert gas, such as nitrogen. This starves many types of bacteria of life-giving oxygen. Many of the foods found in the grocery store isle has been vacuum packaged.

Vacuum sealing machines do not need to be high-volume machines. Smaller external bag vacuum sealers are available for home use. For most people, the amount of money saved by vacuum sealing food makes up the cost of the machine within a year.

Many people also like to prepare tasty meals ahead of time using vacuum sealers. This is referred to as sous vide, which means "under pressure." This involves homemade soups and stews that can be packaged and thrown into the freezer. Later, these bags can be removed and thrown into a pot of boiling water to heat them up. Food can also be packaged prior to camping and other events.