Two Kinds Of Food Allergies – Mild Or Severe

If you suspect that you are suffering from a food allergy then you should be aware that there are actually two kinds of them, each having their own level of reactions. Understanding the difference between the two is imperative. The first thing you need to determine is whatever what you are experiencing is actually a food allergy.

Symptoms of a Food Allergy

One of the things to figure out is why you think you have a food allergy. Many people do not understand what this is and often misdiagnose themselves. Here are several symptoms that should prompt you to go and have a series of either skin testing or blood testing done to not only confirm that you really have an allergy but also distinguishing which foods you are actually allergic to. This list of symptoms will fit no matter which of the two kinds of food allergies you suffer from.

  • A runny nose during or immediately following eating.
  • A feeling of continuous tiredness even after having a good night sleep.
  • Constantly getting headaches within an hour of eating.
  • An upset stomach and possible diarrhea after eating.
  • Skin eruptions

If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms you should definitely seek medical advice.

Mild or Severe Allergies

The two kinds of food allergies are mild and severe. If you suffer from a mild food allergy you will experience several of the symptoms above however they may only be an inconvenience and something that you can learn to live with.

The severe food allergy is a different problem. If you have a certain allergy then you will also have respiratory problems which can be anything from the swilling of your throat or an asthma effect involving the ability to breathe properly. If you are diagnosed with a severe food allergy you will most likely need to carry an epi-pen for on the spot emergency treatment while waiting for medical assistance to arrive.

Treatment for Food Allergies

It does not matter which level of severity you suffer with when it comes to food allergies; there is no cure for them. The only sure treatment for them right now is by avoiding all food that has the type or types of food you are allergic to. There are some clinical studies in the process of testing allergy shots but as of now there are no remedies available.

One positive aspect is that many children will often times grow out of their allergies and have no long term effects from them. There is very little data currently available for those who began to suffer allergies as an adult so it is unclear if they will go away as quickly as they showed up.