Turn a Classic English Dessert in to a Sundae – Eton Mess Ice Cream Sundae

Eton Mess is an old fashioned English dessert which combines whipped cream, strawberries and meringue. It gets its name from the public school just outside London, Eton College, where it is traditionally served at their annual cricket match with Winchester College. Personally I think it is far too nice a dessert to be served just once a year in June so I serve my version of this english classic at any time of the year.

To turn this classic English dessert in to a sundae I add a scoop each of homemade vanilla and homemade strawberry ice cream to the delicious concoction of whipped cream, meringue, fresh strawberries and strawberry sauce. If you would like the recipes for these homemade ice creams please visit my website where you will find these and many more. If you would prefer to not make your own ice cream and meringue, you can create a fantastic Eton Mess Sundae by following the very quick and simple instructions below. The recipe below makes four generously sized sundaes, to make more just increase the ingredients accordingly.

Recipe for Eton Mess Ice Cream Sundae

450g / 2 Cups Chopped Strawberries

25g / 1 tablespoon Sugar

300ml Whipping Cream / Heavy Cream (whipped so it forms soft peaks in the bowl)

30ml / 2 tablespoons Kirsch

Vanilla Ice Cream

Strawberry Ice Cream

4 Meringue Nests

Mint leaves to garnish

First of all make the strawberry sauce by chopping and hulling half the strawberries and blitzing them in a food processor with the sugar and Kirsch. Chop and hull the remaining strawberries in to small pieces and put to one side.

Take a glass bowl and put some of the strawberry sauce in the bottom of the bowl. Take a meringue nest and crumble it in to smallish bite sized pieces. Place some of the pieces of meringue on top of the sauce in the bottom of the bowl.

Now add a scoop each of the vanilla and strawberry ice cream to the bowl and add the remaining pieces of meringue and some of the chopped strawberries. Take some more of the strawberry sauce and generously drizzle this over the top so that it covers the ingredients in the bowl and cascades down the sides in little streams.

Top with whipped cream and finish off with a few more of the chopped strawberries. Add a mint leaf to the top as a garnish.