Tips On How To Organize Your Kitchen

The kitchen has become more than just a place for us to cook our meals. It has become a place where we can entertain friends. The kitchen can also become a place where we can have quality time with our family, preparing and cooking our meals and discuss the day that just went by. Organizing you kitchen for us to be able to do all these things at once is easy. Here are the simple ways you can do to make your kitchen as free flowing and as organized as they can be.

1. Get rid of the things you do not use. The kitchen can become a jungle of things. We have a tendency to keep and collect things that we do not actually use. This eats up a lot of space. Before you start throwing things out, assess your cooking impediments. You can give away unused appliances, gadgets and other utensils that you do not use. Or to earn extra bucks you can have a garage sale for them. You can also swap items from your friends. Ask your friends over with their swappable items and you can exchange them for items they are also willing to give up.

2. Replace items that do not work. Frequently used kitchen appliances are often the first to wear down and stop working. Instead of junking them inside your cupboard or cabinet or in your garage, put them straight into the garbage bin or you can ask your local recycling facility to pick them up. You can free a lot of kitchen space by doing this.

3. Place often used items in easy to reach spaces. Frequently used items can include your favorite spatula, knives, kitchen tongs, pot holders and hand towels. These are the things you can not live and cook without. Having them handy and accessible will save you the time getting them whenever you need them.

4. Designate a particular space for a specific task. If you have a small kitchen, it is best to organize it according to the flow of how you cook your meals. You have little space to move. Store items that you will use in every specific place so that it will not be hard for you to look for them every time you will do that specific task.

5. Get containers or organizers to organize your drawers and cupboards. You can find a lot of these in home improvement stores for a cheap price. You can also have them custom made to fit your drawers and cupboards perfectly. Use these organizers in your drawers to store spoons, forks, teaspoons and table knives.

6. Free your counter space. Consider your counter top as your primary work space so maintain a few items in your counter as much as possible. This will also make clean up easy.

7. Always have a pen and paper handy in your kitchen. List right away the things you need to buy like soaps and other cleaning items or anything that you ran out of. Keeping a list will help you avoid missing things out when you do your groceries.

8. Clean up every time. Do not leave the kitchen with a dirty dish or a used spoon in your sink. Cleaning as you go will help you in maintaining clean and organized kitchen. Plus this will prevent piling up of chores at the end of the day. Sweep the floor after you are done cleaning the counters and table tops. The bits and pieces of food that fall out during cooking is an invitation to pests and rodents to roam around your kitchen. They carry germs into your kitchen and the thought of these pests crawling around your kitchen utensils is unbearable.

9. Empty your trash every day. For the very same reason that pests and rodents love to hunt for food in these places. Wash your trash bins every time even if you use a plastic lining. It would also help if after washing them, you spray them with an antiseptic spray to kill all the disease causing organizations. Let them dry and place a new plastic lining first thing in the morning before you start cooking your breakfast.