Tin Foil Cooking

A roll of foil and a baking dish or just the foil itself, it brings endless possibilities to the novice cook.Whenever, the time factor involved allows the ingredients to bake or braise in an oven set to a desired temperature. Until, it has finished cooking. Sometimes, meat or poultry is encased in a foil pouch.

After seasoning the ingredients, enough foil is measured and folded at both ends and then placing a piece of seasoned chicken breast inside and folding it at the top. Waterless fresh vegetables are easy to manage by first: spraying the vegetables like green beans or asparagus with a commercial cooking spray and seasoning them with a non-salt or low-sodium seasoning. Then, the vegetables are put a baking dish and covered with enough foil to keep any cooking heat from escaping.

Meats such as lean beef or steak and pork chops are also better tasting when encased inside a foil pouch. Spray the meat or poultry or fish with commercial cooking spray, season with some salt and pepper, the choice of meats are then splashed with Worcestershire Sauce or Teriyaki Sauce.

Place the foil pouch inside a baking dish or drip pan to keep the juices from spilling on the bottom of the oven. Using a temperature of three hundred and fifty degrees, the meat cooks within a few hours. For hurried cooking times, use the broiler set at four hundred and check within a hour or an hour and a half. Take the meat, or poultry out of the foil pouch and finish cooking it for two minutes in the microwave. It will be ready to serve. Fresh vegetables are done within twenty to twenty-five minutes depending upon desired tenderness.

Aluminum foil was commercially sold in sheets and rolls to grocers in nineteen forty-eight. With the invention of the tv dinner in nineteen fifty-four, foil cooking was the rage in the form of meals already prepared on aluminum trays and then covered with some foil.The meals were in frozen form. The dinners were heated in the oven that took at least thirty to forty-five minutes depending on the ingredients cooking times

Nowadays, fresh ingredients can be prepared ahead and then warmed in the microwave for a home cooked meal. The whole idea of ​​foil cooking, it allows some time away from the stove. With the invention of the microwave, heating already prepared meals takes less cooking time than oven heating it. Also, the meals are prepared with nutrition in mind.