Tilia Food Saver – Food Vacuum Sealer Review

Imagine being able to save food leftovers by sealing them in a vacuumed plastic bag. Now imagine opening that same bag after some months in storage, and the contents were as fresh as the day you sealed them. The Tilia Food Saver can do all that, and does it very well.

Vacuumed plastic bag foods genuinely do last longer and taste that bit fresher. For example, cheese and sugar, where they would normally go hard after a day or two, here they last for months. Your leftovers can be frozen and later reheated, just by placing them in a pan of hot water, or if you are in a hurry the microwave.

The particular model that I own is the V2440. I find this very easy to use especially the attached precision bag roll cutter. It doesn’t matter if I’m storing wet or dry foods, crush-able items like bread, fruit and vegetables, everything is taken care of with a simple push button setting.

The Tilia Food Saver, for me works very well, food items are protected and it’s an easy machine to use. I also like the way it stores inconspicuously away to one side, it really doesn’t take up much space at all.

Oh, one other thing, a tip really, if the vacuum sealer fails, remove the top and bottom gaskets, remove any debris that might be on the gaskets and then re seat them. Now lock the handle and press the vacuum and seal button. After it is finished, wait a few seconds, then release the handle. The gaskets should now be resealed.