The Tricks to "No Stick" Spray

Consumers have become more health conscious than ever – diet foods, low fat, low sugar products have began to pop up everywhere. Everyone is looking to shave a few calories here, a few grams of fat there. Fat and Calories can slip in anywhere, and you'd be shocked to see how much fat is added in the cooking process. But do not fear – there is a solution. Cooking sprays provide the non-stick properties of butter, but shave down the fat and calories you are using to cook your food. Though each cooking spray out there may seem the same, here are a few tips in mind to ensure that you pick the right spray for your needs.

1. Fat Content – Even though these sprays claim to cut down on the amount of fat you use while cooking your foods, it may not be the case. Read the nutritional information on the back of the can to see if it's claims of "Non-Fat" are actually true. In most countries, a product can claim to be non-fat if it is under 0.5 grams of fat per serving. If a serving size on your Non-Stick Spray is very small, those 0.5 grams can add up in a hurry. Make sure you know how much (or how long) of a spray each serving size is listed as, and buy accordingly.

2. Flavor – Some No Stick sprays have added flavor right in the can. If you only use your non stick spray for one purpose (ie. Grilling vegetables) this might be a good option for you. For those who use No Stick spray for a variety of uses, the flavor added in the can might not be good for all your needs. Those home-baked cookies might not taste so good with a herb and garlic flavor!

3. Product Specific Sprays – Save your money on sprays that are labelled good for "baking only" or "grilling only" – they are made of, and produce the same amount of No Stick goodness as any other general purpose spray. These product specific sprays often cost more, but is an unnecessary expense.

Though No Stick sprays may seem like a great alternative to buttering up that pan – you really have to watch how you use it. Used correctly, and wisely, No Stick spray can be a great addition to any kitchen cupboard.