Stone Cookware – The Alternative To Stainless Steel

Often, people only focus on the quality of the meal that they provide to their family and forget that the utensils and pots that they use have an effect on their overall health. Take for example non-stick steel pans. The substance that gives them this non-sticky surface is the Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which is basically a toxin that effects your body, albeit in due time. This PFOA material has been linked to different kinds of cancers, weakened immune systems, thyroid problems and even miscarriages. Therefore, if you value your family’s health, it’s about time that you shift to a different cooking material

If you have never used stoneware before or don’t exactly know what it is, the following guide will be a quick introduction to its benefits.

What is it?

Stoneware is generally a type of clay that is cast using extremely high temperatures. As a result, the final product is durable, chip resistant, an excellent heat insulator and something that can easily withstand daily use in your kitchen. Though stoneware was mostly used in dishes, mugs, plates and bowls up to a few years ago, many have opted to use stone now because of the chemicals used in various steel-based kitchenware.

this type of cookware is used for baking purposes because it is strong enough to withstand the extreme oven temperatures without cracking or breaking. It also heats very evenly allowing for a more ‘even cook’ across the meal. Stone cookware is also available in clear or coloured glazes, so you can choose one according to your own preference.

The Benefits.

Some of the top benefits that you can hope to reap with stone cookware are:

1. Since this cookware is made from natural clay, you won’t need to worry about any harmful chemicals getting into you or your family’s body from any post-production additives.

2. It becomes seasoned with each use, which makes the cooked food taste better. In fact, people who use stone cookware regularly rarely opt for any other type of cooking material, irrespective of cost.

3. It is able to retain heat inside it, which means that your food will be cooked a lot quicker and more evenly. Moreover, because of this heat retention, your food will stay warm for a longer period of time. So, you won’t need to worry about rewarming it.

Tips for Using and Maintaining.

When using and maintaining your stone cookware, consider following these three tips to ensure that your stone cooking utensils last longer.

1. Before the first use, make sure to wash the stone cookware with hot water only and not with soap. Also, for the first use, most manufacturers suggest that you cook something slightly greasy such as French fries to turn your cookware into a non-stick pan or pot.

2. The food that you cook in your cookware should be cooked at the temperature and time you would when using any other kind of material.

3. Even though stoneware is very durable, you shouldn’t attempt to place it on a cold surface or fill it with water as this can cause and render the cookware unusable.