Recipes For Food Dehydrators

Food dehydrators are a great source for flavor and expanding the culinary realms of the home. These products allow any person to easily create culinary treats like beef jerky, apple chips, and fruit strips. Each of these is delicious treat that can be eaten on its own for its flavor and is also a practical treat for meals like trail mix. These products are available in a great many varieties and styles to meet any kitchen's needs. Whether a person wants to eat a lot or just a little bit of dehydrated food, a model is available to meet their needs and nearly the same recipes can be used in every size model.

Fruit chips are one of the most popular and easiest recipes to make using a dehydrator. These foods can be eaten on their own or put in a mix. They are nutritious and can be stored for a long time after dehydrating. Making these foods is a great way to take advantage of special sales at stores to supply the home with delicious fruit flavors throughout the year. To make these foods, simply slice fruit thinly and sprinkle with a little sugar. Check with the manufacturer's instructions and dry for the specified time. Afterwards simply seal in a plastic bag until needed. Almost any fruit can be used, even bananas, strawberries, cranberries, and apricots are the most popular.

Fruit chips can be mixed in with granola, which can also be made with a food dehydrator. Simply soak oats in a flavorful melted sugar mix, made with sugar and butter. This is then placed in the dehydrator and dried until it is crisp. Mix with the fruit and nut for a delicious mix that is high in protein and other nutrients, which can help provide fuel throughout the day.

Fruit strips have all the benefits of fruit chips and are especially good for kids. Similar to fruit roll-ups, these products are much healthier when made at home. Blend fruits and add a little sugar. Place a layer of plastic in the dehydrator then pour in the fruit mixture. Dry for the manufacturer's recommended time for a wonderful treat.

Beef jerky is something that loads of people buy dehydrators specifically for. Thinly cut meat is dressed with a strong rub or oils, herbs, spices, and other flavorings. These are placed in the dehydrator till chewy. These foods can be placed in the freezer for even greater longevity.