Meet Fisher Price's Line of Portable High Chairs

When you think of high chairs, you need messy meals times and hard to clean chairs, right? Well, I have to admit that we wanted something different and Fisher Price's portable High chair was exactly what we were looking for. If you are looking for a small, space saving, easy to clean, portable and user friendly high chair for babies and toddler, well look no further. Welcome to Fisher Price's portable high chair the kind that was not around when we were teeny tots.

It is a true space saver since regular high chairs take the space of an extra hair. Its two highly durable clasps are attached to easy to adjust long enough straps which fit under and around any chair. This provides extra safety. Plus, the front straps keep baby secured and can be adjusted for even the most figedy baby or strong murdered toddler during mealtimes.

I have taken it almost everywhere from restaurants which baby or toddler friendly seats are either too low, not sturdy or do not have the click on table attachment which gives a toddler especially his own eating space to make his or her mess.

It has been a godsend for in-between flights when I took my twenty five month old toddler to coffee shops and found that there were no high chairs and wonder what my strong worship todle would do sitting on a swivel arm chair or a chair without a Back.

What I especially like about it is the easy to store feature. Since it only takes the space of another chair, it can be stored in almost any way. There are also no small or hidden parts. The table clicks on and off and there is a sliding try for holding a sippy cup as well as a green plastic top to cover the table attachment when it is not in use. It also provides support for an eight month old baby who is just learning the feel of his or her own chair as well as for the toddler who is well into his or her third year. Do not let the small size fool you!

There are no small crevices or tiny areas that pocket food. Like all of Fisher price products, it is made of heavy duty plastic. There are no holes or openings to keep a parent in an anxiety attack how she or he will clean after the baby.

For only twenty five dollars, this portable high chair gives peace of mind as Fisher Price products has given my family for years past and will continue for years to come!