Keep You Money in Your Pocket by Using a Stainless Steel Food Mill

As you look over your grocery bill, you will be surprised to find how much money you waste on things like preserves, sauces and gravies. Well maybe waste is not the right word, perhaps we should be saying getting ripped off. The price that you pay for these times is far more than if you would make them yourself with a food mill.

There are few things at the store that you could not end up making yourself. Most of them are things we do not want to do because they involve a little work, but you end up paying dearly for that convenience. With the economy being the way it is, maybe it is time to really look at that bill and figure out how you can make it a little bit less.

Look at some of the things that you use the most and this is where you should start. Sauces are the perfect example. A lot of people eat pasta 2 or three times a week. You buy one jar of sauce for about $ 3 and you could buy enough tomatoes to feed your for the week for the same amount. Not only that, but it will taste better as well.

The stuff that you buy at the store is loaded with salt and preservatives and most of the flavors that you taste are not even close to what they would taste like if you were to make the item yourself. Run some tomatoes, peppers and onions through a food mill to make some homemade salsa and compare it to what you just bought. Which one tastes like real food?

If you start to make one item with a stainless steel food mill, you will be surprised at how easy it is and will probably start to make a lot more. You will love the way things taste and will also be surprised at how little time it actually takes to make them. Take the time to eliminate one prepared sauce and see how much that grocery bill goes down.