How to Improve Restaurant Service – 4 Hot Tips to Improve Customer Service

Want to know how to improve restaurant service? Then read on because in this article we’re going to take a look at some of the most important tips that will definitely improve your restaurant’s customer service.

Waiting Staff – A waiting staff should have a positive attitude and that’s really the one thing that restaurant mangers should look for when hiring. A good personality towards customers is a vital trait in any job where you are selling to something to someone. But this is much different because you have direct responsibility for people’s food, something that goes inside their bodies.

Customers in general don’t really trust employees with unpleasant attitudes. Ever seen those surveillance videos of restaurant employees spitting or doing nasty things at the customer’s food? Customers shouldn’t be worried if a staff gets cranky with them if they request things. Sure there are many customers who are a total jerk but this is no excuse for a waiting staff. Having good memory can also be a plus.

Cleanliness – It’s no question that the overall cleanliness of your restaurant is a big factor of the service you give. The ambience is also very important. People want to get their money’s worth not only from the food that they order but also from the service. Fast food joints can be excused most of the time for being a little untidy but not the decent places where you sit down and wait for your food to be served to you.

Would you go back and eat in a restaurant that has dirty tables, floor, dishes and waiting staff? I won’t because I would assume that the place is unsanitary and the food is dirty. Make sure to keep everything clean inside your restaurant and don’t forget to also clean the restrooms especially the sink.

Food Serving – It’s best that you serve the meals while they’re warm. Make sure that all meals arrive at the same time for one table. People will feel bad if they get their meals first because they would wait for the other orders before they can eat. Then once the others get their food, they will feel bad because now the meals that got served earlier are now cold.

The cooks should be making all the orders for one table at the same time and that’s usually how restaurants work. Of course there are some valid reasons for serving the food at different times. But the main dishes should be brought out at the same time for a whole table. People dine out because they want to eat together so it’s only fit to get their meals served at the same time.