How to Cook Healthy Food

Any chef will tell you that we first eat with our eyes and then our mouths. If you cook mostly brown and white meals, you are not only sabotaging your meal but it is not healthy. Do away with fat when cooking, although some fats are good for you, use them sparingly. Olive oil is good but not to cook with, some will use it for sauteing and that is alright. Start using a non stick cooking spray, there are a lot of good ones out there. Most only have about six calories and they do work in coating the pan.

Using our eyes when cooking means to add color to any dish, adding colorful vegetables such as peppers, green, yellow and red will add flavor as well as looking good. Even when cooked they are quite colorful. When you dish is colorful it draws the taste glands up to the front of your mouth and you can hardly wait to taste it. The use of herbs adds many different flavors as well.

Get out of the habit of frying, try baking instead. You can even bake French fries if you have a craving for them. Foods absorb the grease or oil that you use and that is not good for your blood vessels and heart. Some will bake fish or French fries, take them out of the oven just before they are done and spray them with a non stick spray and pop them back in the oven; this gives the food a bit of crispiness.

Try and bake your goodies with honey or even olive oil instead of butter or oil. Believe it or not a cake I baked using olive oil tasted better than with all that butter. Do not be afraid to experiment with it, you can be pleasantly surprised. The cake was richer in flavor and it was healthier for you. Using artificial sweeteners are still up in the air about if they are good for you or not. I do not use them as I feel there are more chemicals added when they take out the 'sugar'. I stick with honey, you only use a small amount and it is better for you.

There are hundreds of cook books for healthy cooking, you can go online or to a book store and take your pick. They are all full of wonderful recipes and information to start your healthy cooking adventure. Your family and your heart will thank you.