How To Cook BBQ Ribs On Your Outdoor Grill

Barbeque ribs are a summertime favorite. With just the right amount of seasoning, grilling, and sauce, you will have a family hit. There are different options for grilling. The two most common are beef and pork ribs. These are varieties of rib that you will find in your local grocery store.

In addition to the meat, you will need the following:

  • Store bought or homemade dry rub
  • Barbeque sauce
  • Basting brush
  • Tongs to turn meat

To parboil or not to parboil

Parboiling, or leaching as it is also called is when you partially cook a food, either by baking it in the oven or boiling it in water to help speed the cooking process up. Some people cook meat through this process first so that they do not have to keep it on the grill for a longer time, which would dry the meat out. Do this for approximately 45 minutes.

If you decide to parboil, you can add a can of beer to your water or to the pan that you bake the meat in to add flavor.


Once your meat is parboiled, you can let it cool down enough to handle them without burning yourself. Using a store bought dry rub or one that you have mixed yourself; cover your ribs generously with seasoning on both sides. A dry rub is a combination of herbs and spices that you rub into the meat of so that the flavor penetrates deeply.

Preparing the Grill

Before you begin cooking your meat on the grill, be sure to heat the grill up. If you have a temperature gauge on the grill set it to 350 degrees or watch it until it reaches 350. If you do not have a temperature gauge, you will want to get the grill hot enough so that when you spray water onto it, that it instantly sizzles and evaporates.


Although you are making barbeque, you do not want to put your sauce on at this point. Now that your grill is ready and your ribs are seasoned, you can place them onto the highest rack of the grill. Keeping it higher and further away from the heat will allow the ribs to cook evenly and slowly so that they do not dry out and become overcooked. Keep your grill lid closed and cook for 30 minutes bone side down. At that point, turn them over and cook them for another 15 minutes.

Sauce it up

Now that they are finished, move them down to the lowest rack of the grill. Here is the fun part. Add the barbeque sauce of your choice. It is best to pour some on and spread it out with a basting brush used for spreading sauce on food. Never leave the grill unattended during this time. The sauce may cause flare-ups of the flame. Cover with sauce completely and flip the ribs regularly for approximately 10 minutes. This allows the sauce to stick and become caramelized.