How to Clean a Kitchen

Cleaning advice on how to clean your kitchen. It does not matter if the kitchen is a little messy or totally out of place, the formula is the same. You must always go into your room and overlook a starting point where you want to begin. Start out in sections, first start putting up any dishes left out into your dishwasher, then proceed to put up any cooking accessories laying around, whether its cooking spray, a can of Maxwell House Coffee, Sunbeam bread, or Captain Crunch Cereal, or whatever is left out on counter tops or dinning table.

By now your counter top should be clear, leaving only the items that will permanently remain on the counter. Start spraying your counter down with Mr. Clean Cleaning Solution, make sure you lift and wipe under all appliances, while working your way around the kitchen make sure you wipe down all your wood cabinets, with Pledge orange or lemon oil. Now spray another rag with Mr. Clean Cleaning Solution and remove all fingerprints from switch plates, spray another rag with Mr. clean cleaning Solution and wipe down all open baseboards and all wood trim. Now get your ceiling fan duster and clean ceiling fans, remove all cob webs.

Use Glass Cleaner to clean all windows and window sills, wipe down outside of stainless steel refrigerator with stainless steel cleaner. Clean inside and outside of the microwave. Leaving the sink for last because you will constantly be using your water, and for mopping your floor. Find a cleaning solution that you prefer. We have several brands that we use and I like the ones that have a pleasant smell but yet effective at doing the job. Mr. Clean has a nice line of smell good disinfectants cleaner that really work well and leave a longer repeating scent.

When you start cleaning your stove, keep in mind the condition of the stove. If you find the stove in pretty bad condition you will need a stronger chemical to cut through the tough grease. We use a product called Mr. Muscle. This is an oven cleaner product that cuts through the grease, this powerful solution removes anything that's hard to remove from your stove. You just spray Mr. Muscle on to your stove, and clean it off. The good thing about it is that you do not have to wear a mask, it's fume free, with no harmful chemical. Try this product on tough to clean ovens and stove tops.

Now that your kitchen is clean, let's focus on determining your approach to give your floor a clean glossy finished look. Lets go ahead and sweep the floor making sure you move and sweep under the tables and chairs, move trash cans, pick up any area floor rugs, depending on the sizes of the rugs, shake it out, sweep it off, or vacuum the rug for any visible trash.

After sweeping your floor go ahead and run your mop water. Most kitchen floors are either made from the fake plastic material, hardwood, or laminate. This is no big deal because Murphy pure vegetable oil soap works great on all floors. It's safe and has a pleasant smell it leaves behind. Murphy pure vegetable Oil Soap is what we have relied on for years and our clients love the shine it leaves and the fresh scent it leaves behind. With the floor completed and shiny, you have successfully followed the step by step guide to cleaning your kitchen.