Have a Great Lobster Party Anytime of the Year

If you want to have a sure fire success of a party, throw a lobster party. These are great for the summer but can be a huge success in the winter too, just make sure that you have lots of napkins.

Here Is What You Need:

  • fresh Lobsters
  • large pot with a tight fitting lid
  • melted butter (maybe w/garlic)
  • grill or stove
  • corn on the cob
  • shell crackers
  • yukon gold potatoes
  • lot of paper towels
  • Adult beverages or lemonade

Here’s How You Do It:

Set up your party outside on a patio or lawn. Even if weather forces you inside don’t worry, just cover your table with several layers of paper. As the layers get filled with shells wrap up a layer and have a clean surface again.

Lobster is a little messy so make sure and use festive disposable plates and have a large trash can close to the table. Make sure you have several rolls of paper towels.

For The Lobster:

Get your cooking area set-up. You’ll need a grill or stove with a large pot and cooking tongs. To cook fill the pot about 2/3 full, add 1tbsp of salt per liter of water and bring to a boil. Slip each one head first into the water.

You can cook more than one at a time, just make sure that they are well covered by the water. Then cover with lid. Cook each pound for about ten minutes or until the shell is bright red and the small legs pull off easily.

For The Corn:

You can either boil the corn in another pan or cook them on the grill. For the corn, spread it with butter, lightly season with salt and pepper, wrap individually in aluminum foil and put it on the upper rack or along the outer edge of the grill.

Turn them frequently. After about ten minutes test done-ness by sticking through the foil with a fork.

For The Potatoes:

Cut them into wedges. Dip them into the butter and garlic and grill on the upper level of the grill or on a pizza pan in the oven. Keep a close eye on them because once they start to brown they will burn rather quickly.

This is great party to throw anytime anytime. Order fresh from the Maine fishermen and get them delivered to your front door overnight.