FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Product Review

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Product – Food Fresh for Longer

Have you ever had to throw out food because it was moldy after just a couple of days? Are you tired of all that money you throw waste when that steak you froze is freezer burned and you have to toss it? FoodSaver is a line of vacuum food sealers by Tilia. Created with the idea of ​​helping the average person seal foods with a vacuum seal in their own home with ease, FoodSaver has become one of top selling brands of its kind.

FoodSaver claims that the average American throws out over $ 600 worth of food every year. By vacuum sealing your leftovers or the food you plan to freeze, you can prevent that food from going to waste before you use it. FoodSaver states that food lasts up to five times as long when sealed in their special bags and containers. By removing the oxygen, the growth of bacteria an mold are slowed. In the process, it also helps to keep foods tasting fresher.

There are many pros to FoodSaver products (besides keeping food fresh) including the ease of use, versatility, saves time, and for food storage. The various FoodSaver vacuums sealers are very user friendly. It is as simple as one, two, three. First, seal one end of the special bag. Second, place the food you wish to save inside. Third, place the open end into the machine and let it work its magic as it vacuums out the rest of the air and seals the bag with the push of a button. Voila!

These vacuum sealer systems are very versatile in what they can do. Besides being able to seal practically any food you can think of in the bags, there are a variety of accessories and attachments available such as a jar sealer for liquids and a quick marinator. You can use these systems to save you time by preparing food ahead of time and having them sealed to be used whenever you are in a hurry. These systems can also help you save money and help build your food storage. You can buy things in bulk where they are usually cheaper, seal them into the portions that you will use them, and put them in the freezer or pantry until you need them.

There are a few cons about FoodSaver products. The biggest one is that a few have mentioned failure of the gaskets after quite a bit of use. Some have also stated that the newer models tend to waste extra bag past the sealing point.

There are a number of accessories available including: FoodSaver bags, rolls, canisters, jar sealers, Quick Marinator, and Produce Saver containers.

Overall, FoodSaver vacuum sealers are products that can become a great asset for those who are tired of wasting their food and want to do something about it.