Food Savers Vacuum Sealers: The Best Surprise Kitchen Gift!

My sister thought that I wasted my money when I bought the Foodsaver V2840 Advanced Design Vacuum Food Sealer. She said it was unnecessary and just adds up to our kitchen space. I just shriggged it off and waited until my week-long vacation to the city. After that week as soon as I got back, all I heard were "Thank You" and "I Love You". What do you think did I do?

What I did was cook different dinners and desserts for her before I left and sealed them using the machine. Well, it was her birthday that week, and I knew she was always in a morning rush. Without me to cook for her, she'd be eating unpalatable food (yes, she's bad at the kitchen). As a week-long gift for her birthday, I made sure that when she opens the freezer, there will always be something different and delicious to eat for her. And yes, my plan worked. She now loves the FoodSaver Food Sealer as much as I do!

Lovable Features

– With its flip-up space-saving design, finding a kitchen space is not a problem at all. The company that bought us this product has certainly taken into consideration how limited ones kitchen space is, and has recognized that this product is not really a basic to every kitchen. Well, yes it's not a basic, but it's certainly a must-have! The adjustable food settings (changing seal level for the type of food — moist or dry) is also superb. You can actually control the amount of air that you want to be taken out of the bag for fragile food.

Who's It Made For?

This FoodSaver Food Sealer is for those consumers who love to buy in bulk in order to get them at a discounted price. Using it can help them seal these foods into smaller packs, and be stored in the freezer for future consumption. This is definitely a big money and time-saver. The good news is that, dinners and desserts you have sealed taste like you just cooked them when you reheat them!

The "Gasket" Issue

Well, there's this gasket issue that some consumers have been whining about — but I do not! The problem is that the machine stops giving a complete vacuum due to the problem with the gaskets. The solution is downright easy, and a simple problem such as this can not outweigh the product's overall performance. According to most consumers, here's what they do (and I followed this too): First, you have to remove both the top and bottom gasket. Next, place it in about 1/4 water with a pea-sized amount of a liquid dish washing soap. After thoroughly squeezing the soap, rinse it with clean water. Finally, allow it to dry first for 24 hours before replacing it to the machine. Therefore, the secret to avoiding any issue with the machine is to clean it often.

Overall, I have, and still believe that this is by far one of the best purchases I had for our kitchen. Buying it is worth it for all the convenience it gives and for the long-term saving it can give you when it comes to daily consumption of food. This is a definite must-have for every kitchen pro.