Cleanliness And Its Benefits

To many people in the modern world, Cleanliness means an outdated concept of duty. They feel the efforts and time spent on cleaning could be used for making money and enjoying the life. It’s an unimportant task that can be got done by paying a paltry sum. Nonetheless, cleanliness brings more benefits compared to the costs involved in its process. People practicing discipline tend to possess this quality; because, it becomes a way of life for them.

Keeping anything in a neat and clean manner at all times and at any place is known as cleanliness. Even in a garbage dumping yard, the workers maintain cleanliness by using the hand gloves, mouth gags and boots. Laziness and carelessness are the two culprits to blame for any dirtiness. A business lost a court case as an important document was not produced supporting its claim for compensation. A student could not attend his exam as he could not trace out the hall ticket in his unkempt bookshelf. Over-possessions end up in carelessness as they require time, memory, and patience of the owner to maintain them properly. A woman did not know she had such a necklace until she found it when searching another jewel. The benefits of cleanliness are numerous and rewarding. The chief advantages are listed here below.

1) Self-confidence grows: Doing all works in a clean manner instills a confidence in the self to handle any task. A person with clean habits has clarity in approach to resolve any issues. Many people follow cleanliness as their success formula. Donning a good look with clean clothes, well-kept hair, and healthy body also gives more self-confidence.

2) Savings accrue: A lot of time, energy, space and resources can be saved by practicing cleanliness. Irregular storage and handling result in wastage of men and matter.

3) Value addition: Apart from the qualification, integrity, and experience, the cleanliness becomes one more asset to such great personalities. Respect and reputation naturally come to them. Clean administration involves transparency and corruption-free methods.

4) Health improves: Cleanliness ensures hygiene in our environment. It prevents from the risk of contracting diseases. Clean power generation from solar and wind energy is a good example. Failure to clear the sewerage lines not only stinks but encourages the breeding of mosquitoes and other pests. Regular cleaning and mopping of floors in the hospitals are done to clear the dust, insects, and germs.

The proverbial sayings, ‘Wash and wear, even if it is rags’ and ‘Always bathe and eat, whatever be the food’ hold good in all places and at all times. They emphasize the need for cleanliness in our life. Replacing any object in its original place also amounts to cleanliness. Else, shabbiness and chaos will prevail as we need to waste time, energy, and money in searching for, or procuring the same object. Thirukkural, the Tamil classic poetry, proclaims, ‘Our body is kept clean with water whilst the mind gets pure through practice of truth.’