Choosing a Tomato Press and the Reason Why You Do not Always Have To

A tomato press can help you a great deal if you are producing many pounds of tomatoes every year and if you have ever tasted pizza or Italian pasta made with home made tomato sauce you will want to.

Home made pizza recipes state specifically to use home made sauce when possible, and it is no wonder considering that the home made variety will lack preservatives and you will be well aware what goes into the can, which can not be said to cans coming from the shelf of a supermarket.

People who have a few plants in their garden will probably get along with normal manual ways of removing the peel and seeds for a good thick paste but those who have hundreds will have to either spend days doing just this or simply buy a more serious model.

If you are the former, get a cheaper tomato press and peel the tomatoes by hand using this old trick to separate the peels. Boil some water and throw in the tomatoes for 30 seconds. Take them out and put them right into a bowl of cold water for success. You will be able to pinch the skin of the tomato and the meat will just fall out of it. If you can not use a sharp knife to start it.

Removing the seeds is rather easy as well. Use your fingers or a teaspoon to remove the majority of the seeds. This is not a perfect solution but you will have a good enough result.

If you process lots of tomatoes every year it is recommended to buy a food mill to make the process easier because while you can do this with 5 pounds of tomato, you will not want to do it for eight hours with 200 pounds.

I have heard praises sung about the Villaware design tomato press and food mill so I would suggest checking them out before you do anything else at choosing the proper equipment. Cheaper models are also available especially if you are one of those hobby gardeners who do it for the love of the process.

Pick stainless steel appliances although as a non-stainless tray likes to rust in a years time between the seasons. It also makes cleaning easier and you will have to clean it very thoroughly.

Tomato presses can be used for other types of sauces and marmalades, such as producing seedless berry jams.