Discount Restaurant Gift Certificates – 4 Low Cost Ways to Buy Discount Restaurant Gift Certificates

Do you always have difficulties finding things to buy for your friends and families for birthdays, holidays, or special events? Discount restaurant gift certificates are great gifts for many occasions, especially for families who have limited budgets but like to dine out.

Restaurant gift card is a great gift for people who do not like to cook, or simply do not have time to cook. It is also a great house warm gift. When you just move into a new home and try to get everything together, spending time in the kitchen might not be a priority. Instead of giving them a blender that they might have already, giving them restaurant certificates of their neighborhood restaurants is more practical and will make their life easier.

You can find discount restaurant certificates on the Internet quite easily. Here are four places you can get them online.

1. eBay

You can find many discount restaurant gift certificates for sale on eBay. Some people may have received gift cards for a restaurant that they do not like, or the restaurant is simply too far away from home. Therefore, many people try to sell it on eBay to get some cash back.

2. sells restaurant gift certificates at a huge discount. You can buy a $ 100 restaurant certificates for $ 30.

3. Costco

I was browsing on Costco website the other day, and I realized they also offer restaurant certificates at discounted prices. Costco sells gift cards for several popular restaurants in my area at 20{ccdfc561878e9246e1a18999d5a21dd519dc1b039f0564ab04c9b3978134babb} off. Usually they come in a gift pack. For instance, they sell two $ 50 certificates for $ 80. Although they do not have a large selection, it is worth checking if you have a Costco membership.

4. Entertainment Books

Although Entertainment Books is not necessarily a "gift card," it contains many restaurant coupons. There are many "buy one get one free" type of discount restaurant coupons. Best of all, if you plan to buy Entertainment Books for your friends as house warm gifts, the book would help them to find out more about their neighborhood stores.

Entertainment Book has coupons for many popular national restaurants, such as Subway, Cold Stone Creamery, and Quizno. You can also find tons of local restaurant coupons in the books. They make great Christmas gifts since your friends will have an entire year to use all the coupons in the book.

I hope these four ways of purchasing discount restaurant gift certificates give you some ideas of what to buy for your friends and families who already have a lot of things in their homes. Giving a good dining experience is just as good as giving any physical gifts. …

Successful Characteristics Of A Small Restaurant Website

Building a successful website requires a fair amount of effort no matter what type of business it is. A small restaurant website is no exception. This article will talk about some of the characteristics that should be in any small restaurant website if it wants to be well-designed and impactful. Just to clarify, a small restaurant for purposes of this article is not a chain restaurant and is a restaurant with only a few patrons at any given time.

#1: Make Sure That The Website Has An Organized Navigation Bar With Options For A Menu And Contact Us Button

This piece of advice sounds obvious and most major chain restaurants’ website have these things. However, there are many small restaurant websites out there which are either outdated or poorly designed. Often times, you will have to scroll to the bottom to find a menu or contact information. Today’s websites must have a navigation bar either on the top or to the sides so that the viewer can find this important information. A small restaurant website must always have a menu that is easily accessible to the viewer. It must also have a contact button as well because the viewer will always have questions about the food and about the service. You must make sure these elements are on the website and are easily accessible and visible to the viewer and not lost in the website.

#2: Pay Attention To Your Use Of Colors

This will require a lot of trial and error. Finding the right color combinations is always important. This applies not only to the background of the site, but also the text. Keep in mind that small businesses do not have the advantage of brand recognition that larger businesses have, so color combinations can make a big difference in how people perceive the site.

For example, if your restaurant is a seafood restaurant, you would most likely use blue to represent the water. However, what other color you might use to complement the blue color must be taken under careful consideration. Red would probably not be a good choice because it might clash with the water theme associated with seafood restaurants. Some color combinations such as blue with orange or blue with pink would just seem awkward for a seafood restaurant. This all depends on what kind of restaurant you are building a site for, but the important thing to pay attention to the color combinations and the type of restaurant you are using them for.…

Products And – Or Services – Defining "Service-Oriented" Products and the Related Role of Technology

The economy can be analyzed using both market-driven and production-driven approaches to industry classification. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) uses a market-driven approach; the older Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) uses a production-driven approach.

Under a market-driven approach, the economy comprises goods-producing and service-providing industries. Goods-producing industries include: natural resources and mining, construction, and manufacturing; service-providing industries include: wholesale and retail trade, transportation (and warehousing), utilities, information, financial activities, professional and business services, education and health services, leisure and hospitality, and public administration.

Under a production-driven approach, the economy comprises product-driven and service-driven industries. Product-driven industries comprise enterprises that manage inventories available for sale as primary activities (regardless of whether they transform them or not). Under this approach, the retail, wholesale, and food service industries are product-driven. (The kitchens of food service providers are equivalent to factories.) Product-driven enterprises may have extensive cost accounting and operations practices for inventory management.

Industry classifications can be applied to an enterprise as a whole (the primary industry), and to the establishments within it, which may be in differing secondary industries. Establishments are facilities that include plants (factories and warehouses) and branches (retail and wholesale outlets).

For example, the hospitality industry is service-driven; under the production-driven approach, the bar and restaurant establishments within a hotel are product-driven. The entertainment industry is service-driven; under the production-driven approach, the retail and bar establishments within a theater are product-driven. The health care industry is service-driven; under the production-driven approach, the retail pharmacy establishment within a hospital is product-driven. Under the market-driven approach, all of these establishments are service-providing.

For example, a manufacturing enterprise is goods-producing under a market-driven approach, and product-driven under a production-driven approach. If it also operates a retail delivery system, the stores are service-providers under a market-driven approach, and are product-driven under a production-driven approach. If all sales revenue is sourced from its own products, the enterprise is in two primary industries. However, if forced to decide, its selection should be based upon core competencies – activities that it performs well. The enterprise can be divided into two separate business units: manufacturing and merchandising. The merchandising unit is an internal customer of the manufacturing unit. However, depending on strategy and policy, the manufacturing unit could sell products to wholesalers and other retailers, and the merchandising unit could buy products from other manufacturers and wholesalers. Under a market-driven approach, the manufacturing unit is goods-producing and the merchandising unit is service-providing, whereas under the production-driven approach, the merchandising unit is product-driven.

The make-up of the economy changes overtime as newer industries emerge and grow and older industries mature and decline. For example, the manufacturing industry is shifting from vertically integrated to strategically outsourced. Strategic outsourcers may manufacture specialized components and assemble finished products. However, by outsourcing the manufacturing of utility components to specialty scale manufacturers, strategic outsourcers can lower their production costs.

Biotechnology and nanotechnology are emerging industries. The information industries are growing as technology becomes more ubiquitous, and as knowledge is packaged in digital …

Fast Food and Traditional Food

The term “cooking” includes a wide range of methods, tools and combination of ingredients to create the flavor and digestibility of food. Cooking technique, known as culinary art, generally requires the selection, measurement and combining of ingredients in a controlled procedure in an effort to achieve the desired result. Constraints on success include the variability of ingredients, ambient conditions, tools, and the skill of the individual cooking. The diversity of cooking worldwide is a reflection of many nutritional, artistic, agricultural, economic, cultural and religious considerations that impact upon it. Cooking requires applying heat to a food which usually chemically transforms it and changing its flavor, texture, appearance, and nutritional properties. There is archaeological evidence that the primitive human being used to cook their food with fire that was the most important thing discovered by the primitive human being. Cooking food and cuisine culture vary from country to country and from one culture to another and each cuisine has its specific particularity. Nowadays, because of the modern life that changes everything around us and influence our life style and eating habits, people are less preparing their own food. Eating habits tend to unify people from different society. The food production and the process of eating obtain new characteristics. Food available around us seems to be very different from the one that we used to eat.

Eating habits and modern life

Everything is running in high speed, people do not have time for cooking, don`t has the desire and patience to stay longer in the kitchen, and they don`t have the willing to prepare their own food. Old generation still prefer to cook their own food unlike young people who prefer to eat fast food because they don’t want to spend long time cooking and the desire for the cooking. The modern life shapes our eating habits and makes us like slave following its speed. It`s not hard to find fast food restaurant they are everywhere and every corner. Fast food consumption cause damages to the social and economic life of the country and leads to many health problems such as obesity and heart diseases according to many studies. Also, many nutrition experts from different countries have already declared the epidemic character of fast food. The rapid process of globalization and modern life influence our eating’s habits and gives opportunity to fast food restaurants to grow and flourish. Fast food seems to become very common everywhere, though some positive aspect of the fast food in easy to prepare, available in many places, and it is a substantial meal. But in other hand, we can estimate that its negative aspects are more important and bigger. I think it is easy to understand that fast food is one of phenomenon that is going to be accepted by people. We are going to see the process of disappearance of the traditional culture with the development of fast food restaurants in all countries all over the world.

How to fight fast food addiction

The best example …

Benefits of Modern Commercial Kitchen Equipment

If any food company decides to introduce modern kitchen equipments in its system then it has a wide range of options available to improve its performance. It is quite natural that commercial kitchen equipment will be technologically far better than the one which is used in domestic households.

The best examples of the places where these equipments are used are restaurants, hotels, hostels etc. The ultimate invention in the field of kitchen equipments is chapatti making machine which is known for its hygiene because, the less the human endeavors are involved; The lesser will be the chances of germs to get enter into the dough. The germs were earlier used to contaminate food even through open hands of the cook. There are so many varieties of Chapatti maker machine available in the markets now-a-days which are energy efficient and quite easy to operate. Being energy efficient means definitely they are helpful in decreasing the overall cost incurred by the commercial set ups. The other advantage of this equipment is that it produces chapattis throughout in the same shape and size whereas it is not sure that manually made chapattis will be uniform in shape. There are three types of these machines available in the market that are semi -automatic, automatic and fully automatic chapatti making machines.

This range is not only limited to Roti making machine but a huge variety of Tortilla maker machines are also available in the market. A commercial tortilla maker has become a necessity of any restaurant which has to make this dish on a large scale. Without a machine, work of mixing, rolling and cooking tortillas require intensive labor. Now these machines save a lot of time and labor which can be utilized in providing good services to the customers. A tortilla machine enterprises of mixers, tortilla presses, tortilla cutters, dough dividers, counters and equipment for packaging.

Kitchen equipment manufacturers have also introduced Papad making machine which saves a lot of time and energy of the commercial, small scale as well as large scale, industries. The huge popularity and demand of south Indian food like dosa has given rise to the invention of dosa machines which unbelievably can produce even four hundred dosa in an hour which could have never been possible if the same work had been done manually. Process of various operations to produce dosa like dispersion of batter, spreading and depositing of on the hot plate and roasting is organized in a very systematic way. This device is available with the facility of time setting, temperature control and various other features. These are very useful in industrial canteens, festivals, hotels and gatherings which take place on a large level.

There is a machine which is very similar to that of a Roti machine named Pori machine which produces small size pooris in commercial setups. Thus, we can conclude that modernization and commercialization is not only limited to the outer world but it has taken control over our traditional practices of cooking food …

Immediate Jobs For Ex-Offenders and Felons

Are you a felon who can’t find a job? Here is a list of good jobs that you will not find in the want ads and are probably available immediately.

An unstable economy has left many without jobs. People who are out of work with families and other responsibilities have opted for jobs that they may not have taken in better economic times. Some jobs that were uses by ex-offenders and felons as a means to re-enter society have been taken by those left unemployed by the economic downturn. Jobs in construction, warehousing, retail and fast food are no longer available.

Ex-offenders and felons may have to be creative in finding employment. By creative, I mean they may have to find employers in non-traditional businesses or offer their labor in expansive ways. Here is a list of jobs that ex-offenders and felons can get because there is little competition or simply by marketing themselves in unique ways.

Nightclub Security

Once upon a time these people were called “Bouncers.” Today they are called Doormen and security people. They keep everyone in the club safe. If you have an imposing but friendly appearance, are even tempered, this is the perfect job for you. Find out who the club owners in your local area and offer your services. Another way to get a job like this is to meet other security people. They know if and where help is needed.

Supermarket Overnight Stockperson

This job is often available because some people cannot stay up all night and be effective. If you have no problem working an overnight shift and can work with little supervision, you may have a job. Call you local supermarkets and find out if they have anything available on their night crews.

Recovery Agent or Repo Man

The recession has caused the recovery or repossession business to explode. If you are tough minded, follow directions well and like living on the edge, then being a repo man is for you. You can find recovery agents in your area in the yellow pages.


A lot of people do not like bugs, rodents and other kids of pests. Some can’t stand to even look at them. If they don’t bother you, then a career in pest control may be just the thing. You don’t need any prior experience. Many pest control companies have on the job training.

Restaurant Utility Person

Anyone can wash dishes. Anyone can take the trash out and sweep floors. How many things can you do in a kitchen? Market yourself as a utility person. You can offer to wash dishes, bus tables, prep for the chef and anything else that needs to be done. Make a list of restaurants in your area and offer yourself as a utility person. If there are no jobs available always leave your contact information and make yourself available as “on-call” help. Eventually, someone will call.


There is no substitute for a strong back. Moving companies are always looking for people …

Great Ideas to Help You Increase Restaurant Sales

There are so many different ways that you can increase restaurant sales, even if you think that you have a perfectly functioning operation. Never be tempted to rely on the status quo and think that things are tapping over just nicely, as an enterprise that stands still in this way will effectively go backwards. This has been proven time and again and an entrepreneur should always be active.

Have you ever thought about asking the experts when it comes to getting ideas to increase restaurant sales? We're not necessarily talking about professional advisors, either as the experts are in fact your diners in this case. Do not be afraid to solicit input from your regular visitors or even those who just pop in for a meal, as they will almost invariably have some great inputs to give you the sharp end as it were.

One of the first things you should do before even thinking about how to increase restaurant sales is to make sure that your current operation is doing really well. People are always looking for social proof these days and word-of-mouth is everything. If you are really giving people a great experience, mouthwatering food, and first-class customer service, then you will find that you will get a steady increase in visitors as a consequence.

They say that most of your business comes from a small portion of your regular favorites. Do not be afraid to rely heavily on what you know to be successful and see what you can do to increase restaurant sales by capitalizing or expanding. In other words, know your market and your customer and know what has already shown to be popular. In this way, you will not waste too much time rolling out new menus or menu items, which may or may not work.

All restaurants should have an Internet presence of some kind and those that do not are undecidedly losing out. Put particular emphasis on designing and operating a great website that truly reflects what you are and what you have. Take time to ensure that you capture the contact information of visitors and compose a regular newsletter to send to them. Give them informative and educational material and you will find over time that you will increase restaurant sales by bringing in new clients who anticipate your good service because of your communication.

Engage your staff with your enthusiasm and incentivize them to be your best ambassadors. If you make it especially worth their while to introduce friends, family, and friends of friends than you would have surprised how this can add to your revenue stream through such a simple initiative.

Try and get involved with other business owners in your locality, especially those who may have a natural affinity to your restaurant or its theme. Brainstorm some joint ventures, which do not necessarily have to cost you anything but must represent a win-win situation for both you and the other organization. You can increase restaurant sales and increase …

A Gift That Pleases Anyone: Restaurant Gift Cards

Who would not benefit from receiving restaurant gift cards? Who does not eat? Everyone likes to eat at restaurants. The nicer the restaurant the better, but even a gift card for a cheap chain restaurant would be appreciated by many. Restaurant gift cards are just like store gift cards, in that they are the perfect gift to get for someone when you do not know what to get them. A gift card for a restaurant is even more rewarding than a gift card from a store, because not only does the person receiving the gift get a free dine-in meal, they also get the experience of eating out, which is a gift all its Own. Of course, you could give a gift card from a fast-food restaurant, but that's probably only recommended when you know the person you're giving it to has a more than the average longing for that particular fast-food.

It's not a bad idea if you're an employee looking to reward your employees in a small way, or a fast-food business owner or franchisee looking to promote your business. For those of you who are purchasing a restaurant gift card for a loved one or a special occasion, like a wedding, you should probably purchase a restaurant gift card from some higher-scale, higher quality restaurant. You do not have to pick the fanciest restaurant around when shopping for restaurant gift cards. There are some good middle-of-the-road restaurants that, even if you do not know the person you're buying the card for, you can not go wrong with, and they will not cost you an arm and a Leg. …

How to Start an Indian Restaurant – Top 7 Things to Know

  1. FINANCES – If you want to start an Indian restaurant, as with any other restaurant, it is very important to make sure you have your finances are in order. Without finances you will struggle as there are many costs associated with starting an Indian restaurant. The worst thing that could happen is having to stop because you have run out of money.
  2. KNOW YOUR MARKET – Know what your market not only wants, but what they need and give it to them. This will make sure you have a successful business
  3. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT CHEF – have a chef who is competent and reliable unless this is you. Your chef will be crucial in making sure your food is at a certain standard and also that it is consistent
  4. FIND THE RIGHT LOCATION – location, location, location is not only the truth about houses. Finding the right location will make your restaurant more appealing and give it a head start
  5. DECIDE THE DECOR AND BE CONGRUENT – Being congruent in your design from the menus to the food and decor will make people feel comfortable and not know why. This is really important. So it is good idea to plan this from the beginning
  6. PLAN YOUR MENU – some restaurants stretch themselves too far because they have so many things they would like to give to the customers, and this is great but can leave the chef and everyone else not doing anything well. It is better to provide fewer things and in a timely manner then give it all and make mistakes. It is very easy to do this with Indian food since there is so many things to offer.
  7. BE PREPARED BEFORE OPENING YOUR DOORS – Before you open your doors for the first time, make sure you are ready since you do not often get a chance to make a first impression and the customers will be looking for a reason to come back, so make sure you give them one.

Once you are prepared and decide you want to open and start an Indian restaurant, you will want to make sure you follow these rules. There are really large statistics stating that that over 80{ccdfc561878e9246e1a18999d5a21dd519dc1b039f0564ab04c9b3978134babb} of small businesses fail. You do not want to be one of those statistics. You need to learn as much as possible before you decide to open your restaurant. Make sure you read everything you can and get good guidance.…

Where to Eat on Koh Samui

When you first imagine Koh Samui you would be forgiven for thinking that a tropical island in Thailand would be somewhat limited in terms of the dining options on offer. Sure there will be some decent traditional Thai food and not much else, but that could not be further from the truth. Samui now boasts a multitude of top class restaurants featuring cuisine from across the globe as well as more than just "decent" Thai food. While the majority of restaurants tend to be in and around Chaweng Beach it would be a mistake not to make the effort to explore farther afield as there are some fantastic restaurants spread all across the island. The following are just a selection of what Samui has to offer, and you would be well advised to try at least one of them during your stay – you certainly will not regret it!

Time for Romance

On The Rocks at Sila Evason Hideaway

Dining on the Rocks, the signature restaurant of the Sila Evason Hideaway & Spa, boasts uninterrupted 270 degree views of the surrounding sea and exceeding islands. With tables for two spread over no less than eight different areas, there are never more than a handful of tables in any one section. The most romantic spot however must be the single table which sits alone on its own private deck which is so popular with couples it is often booked days in advance. The menu is innovative and not only reflects a fusion of Asian and Western styles, but also offers some unusual contrasts which can best be described as "New Asian Cuisine" with a wine selection especially chosen to accompany every dish. Try the "Experiences" 10 course set dinner to get a real taste of what this restaurant it all about.

Tempting Thai

Chef Chom's at Tongsai Bay Cottages

This is one restaurant that can really claim to offer "Royal Thai Cuisine", as Chef Chom herself comes from a family who used to cook in the palace of the late Princess Vibhavadee Rangsit. Equally delicious is the more home style Thai cooking, which features the award winning "Tongsai Thai Salad with Seafood".

The restaurant itself sits on a low hill and is extremely spacious and airy, with seating both inside and out, and naturally offers some great views of the bay below. After being somewhat off the beat track at Choeng Mon Beach, it is well worth the effort to make the trip at least once during your stay.

Gourmet Dining


Betelnut has now been around long enough to be classed as a Samui institution, offering casual yet elegant dining in an intimate setting. Operations are overseen by experienced chef Jeffrey Lord, who's innovative, creative and spontaneous dishes are a unique fusion of Thai, Californian, European and Japanese styles. Although the menu is small, it offers a wide range of flavors and textures. For serious food lovers, Jeffrey can design special tasting menus with advance notice. Among the dishes on …