Best Dog Foods – What Dogs Ate Before They Were Domesticated

What dogs eat today is far different to what they ate before domestication. While dog food today has nutrients that an animal requires and your pet may scarf it down hungrily, a wild dog would probably turn its nose up at it. For one thing, a wild dog hunted for food on its own, in packs, and in ways that are the same as how a wolf hunts.

For wild dogs it was meals on the run, with most of the day spent searching for their next meal. They were not as fat as dogs of today, and their lean muscular bodies were built for speed and stamina.

Wild dogs ate pretty much whatever they could, small animals and even larger ones like buffalo, elk and deer, which they would take down as a pack. The first things they would eat would be the organs – heart, liver, kidneys, and intestines, which would have the most nutrients. The intestines also contained grains and things that were also essential to a wild dog’s diet. Next would be the bones, muscles and fats which contained other valuable nutrients such as carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and enzymes to help in their health.

The best dog foods available for wild dogs did not only consist of meat they also included vegetable matter like grasses, roots, and even berries. This was important for their organs and digestive tracts.

While dogs of today don’t have all the stresses that wild dogs faced, a lot of what they eat still doesn’t have the nutritional value that they need for long healthy lives. If you have a dog, then you should still give them certain things to keep them healthy. Giving them raw bones to chew on can actually help them greatly, not only to keep their teeth strong, but so they can get the necessary mineral in bone marrow to help them have strong bones and teeth.

There are all different kinds of websites available that are chock full of information on what are the best dog foods you should feed your dog. There is even a diet called BARF, which is an acronym for Bones And Raw Food, which is a diet developed and created by veterinary surgeon Dr. Ian Billinghurst from Australia. He has some good ideas about food for dogs and it may be a good idea to check him out. It is important that we as pet owners do whatever it takes to not only keep our dogs happy, but healthy as well. This not only means proper diet and nutritional needs, but also a regular exercise routine.

So as you can see, even though your dog has been domesticated, he/she still needs to have the best dog foods available and regular exercise to keep him/her in optimal health and live a long and happy life with you.