Become a Lady Boss At Losing Weight

There were many things that I didn’t feel like I had control of in my life. Just a few of the challenges I faced were the unexpected passing of my mother, the unexpected loss of my corporate nursing job (due to downsizing), and the unexpected passing of my 2 week old grandson. But one day I realized that it was a fact that there were many things in my life that I didn’t have control over, but there was at least one thing that I did have control over, and that was my weight.

Becoming aware of that made me feel powerful instead of power-less, and I felt like a boss! I felt like I was in charge and running things as it related to my weight. And I made up my mind once and for all that I wasn’t going to let the scale or food boss me around anymore.

You too can become a lady boss at losing weight. You can dictate the direction that your weight goes in. And that is regardless of your current weight. I remember when losing just a few pounds made me feel amazing and empowered! It was at that moment I realized that I could control food and it didn’t have control over me. Now this is not something that happened overnight, but the more my weight dropped the more in control I felt.

You don’t have to feel overpowered by food. Just like me you can do it! Just imagine how wonderful it will feel when you unleash your inner boss and take your control back! I know that you can do it! If I can do it then you can too! I have been blessed to lose over 40 pounds. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. Just take it one day at a time and one step at a time.

I believe that you are a strong, beautiful and confident woman who can become a lady boss at losing weight. You are the boss of the scale, the scale is NOT the boss of you! So feel confident, feel powerful and unleash your inner BOSS!