All Natural Treatments For Dog Worms

Dog worms are a fact of life. Our canine friends can experience several varieties of worms that need to be identified and treated. Heartworms are the one most people have heard of and are familiar with. The pharmaceutical companies market heart worm prevention and curative medications aggressively.

There are however home remedies that are just as effective and much less expensive. Heart worm larvae enter the dog’s bloodstream through a mosquito bite. Once hatched these worms make their way through the bloodstream to the right side of the heart where they attach to the heart wall. When multiple worms attach they create a physical blockage. This blockage decreases blood flow decreased blood flow and causes blood to back up into the right chamber of the heart. Symptoms include animal fatigue, weight loss and shortness of breath.

There are many other types of parasitic worms as well. Hookworms get into a puppies bloodstream through the mother’s milk. They lodge in the intestines by hooking into the wall of the intestine. Tape worms are also well known. They are ingested through raw meat or small rodents. Whipworms come into as a dog explores his natural environment. They then attach in the animals intestine.

Ground up pumpkins seeds mixed into the dog’s food provides protection to the dog from getting the worms to begin with. Wormwood is an all natural digestive tonic that helps to kill the worms then the dog expels them naturally through the digestive tract. Cloves are another popular remedy for treating intestinal worms. There are also proprietary blends that have been developed to rid the animal of worms. They are all natural and effective.

Whatever approach that the owner chooses they need to be sure they understand how to utilize the remedy. Dosing information is usually based on weight and must be carefully followed.