A Stainless Steel Dog Bowl – Is it Really the Best Dog Bowl?

The stainless steel dog bowl is the pick for almost all dog owners. The question is do you want it for your dog? We will go over the individual sorts of bowls.

The good and bad of each different kind of bowl

Plastic Dog Bowl The Good: not heavy, can be put in a dishwasher, varied colors, not costly.

Plastic The Bad: Dogs like to bite them, hide bacteria, lasts a short time.

Ceramic Dog Bowl The Good: weigh more so they don’t move around as much, can be purchased to match your décor, cleans easily.

Ceramic The Bad: can be too heavy, breaks easily, porous, cracks go unnoticed and give bacteria a place to breed, more expensive than plastic.

Stainless Steel Dog Bowl The Good: long lasting, safe in dishwashers, skid proofing on bottom, cleans easily, no places for bacteria to hide.

Stainless Steel The Bad: more expensive than plastic, does not comes in different colors.

After looking at the good and bad of each type of bowl it is easy to see that the stainless dog dish is the better choice. A stainless dog dish can be found in a varied amount of sizes. Even a very large dog bowl can be found in stainless steel. You will need to buy one for food and one for water.

No matter what material the water bowl is made of you will notice that it will get cloudy after a few drinks. My dogs’ bowl get cleaned at least twice a day. He has stainless steel and it is very easy to keep clean. There are automatic dog waterers if you cannot be there to do the cleaning and changing of the water. Pet stores even sell automatic pet food dispensers for when you can’t be around at feeding time.

The stainless bowl is an excellent buy. They can be used outside as well if you take care of them. You can also get them with a slip proof bottom in case your dog likes to move his bowl around as they eat. There are pet stores that sell a stainless steel dog bowl in two toned colors so you do have some choice when it comes to your decorative taste.

If you have a large dog it helps to keep their bowls at a height that is comfortable for them to eat and drink from. This means off of the floor. The height depends on the size of your dog. You do not want them to have to bend to eat or drink, this can be the cause of digestive problems. There are beautiful stands in different heights for your stainless steel dog bowl. Please remember to keep your dog dish clean, even a stainless steel dog bowl used for water can become slimy after a few drinks.