A Guide to Restaurant Dress Codes For Men

For the modern guy having to be aware of a dress code in a restaurant is not such a common thing as many of the places we visit to eat are quite casual and non assuming in their atmospheres. As times have moved forward the idea of a dress code when going out to eat has become less and less commonplace however there are still high end restaurants who do insist upon it and you will have to abide by their dress code should you wish to dine there.

Having a dress code generally means that you are required to wear some kind of smart blazer, a collared shirt, slacks and dress shoes. You may also find that a tie is insisted upon as well. The restaurant is normally interested in creating a particular kind of atmosphere or romantic ambiance and so regards the way everyone is dressed inside the establishment as being an important part of achieving that aim. Most of them will encourage you to appreciate the effort they go to in order to create the kind of dining experience where everyone is dressed at their best.

So where could you expect to find the kinds of restaurants which require a dress code to be adhered to? They will be in upscale resorts or in the estates of country clubs, high market hotels and exclusive establishments in major cities of the world. To avoid any disappointment it’s best to dress well with slacks, a tie and jacket whenever you know the restaurant is upscale or exclusive. It is possible to get a loner jacket or tie should you turn up for a reservation without one however there’s no guarantee it will even match what you are already wearing.