4 Ways to Use a Digital Picture Frame to Boost Restaurant Sales

I keep on telling everyone that cares to listen that digital picture frames can be used in any sort of business you can imagine. However, people often like seeing specific examples of how that might apply to their industry, so today we’re going to talk about restaurants in particular. How can a restaurant boost profits by using a digital photo frame? Here are four ideas:

Display Mouth Watering Images of Daily Specials

One of the big drawbacks of many restaurant menus, in my opinion, is the lack of mouth watering pictures. You’ll often find pictures, but in some places, they look like they were taken 30 years ago – not at all an appetizing site! Even if your menu doesn’t have pictures, it could be quite tasteful to put the savory shots near the front desk, so that as people arrive and are waiting to be seated they can see the various dishes you offer.

Display Seasonal Dishes

Do you create dishes with local seasonal ingredients? Why not highlight them to your guests by displaying them on a digital photo frame? You can even go a step further, and if you’re able, give some background on where the ingredients come from. Is it a specific farm? Are they hand picked? Let your guests know, they’ll appreciate it all the more!

Advertise Your Member’s Club

If you don’t have some sort of member’s club already, you really need to start one. Build an email list that you can market repeatedly to your best customers; this is a proven strategy that is paying off dividends for restaurants everywhere. A digital frame at the front reception area is a perfect way to advertise your email only members club. Give them a bonus for signing up!

Show Off Your Employee of the Month

If your restaurant has an employee of the month program, why not take a picture of the current winner, and display it along with a short bio right on the frame? Guests who are served by that person will find it extra special; plus it is an additional way of recognizing your most outstanding employees and thanking them.

Digital photo frames can be used to boost sales and profits in restaurants; even in classy ones. All you need to do is get creative. Good luck!