10 Non-Baby Related Gift Ideas For New Parents

Many people want to give something to the family when they have a new addition to the family. Some prefer to give it to the baby, but many thoughtful friends want to make sure that the parents are well taken care of. Here are 10 non – baby related gift ideas for new parents that can be a hit and give them something to enjoy.

A basket can be a good idea. Something adult oriented, like chocolates in a basket or gourmet coffee with mugs, can help them feel connect to the world of adults again. A card for dinner can also be given to them so that they can enjoy a meal without having to cook. You can also include a movie that they wanted to see to make it a mini date night for them. Choose restaurants that will deliver, since Mom may be tired.

Maid service can also be a lifesaver. Just once a week can take some of the stress of the family and help keep the home clean for unexpected guests, and let the family bond and get used to a new life. Supplying a quick snack for these guests can also be a good idea, since you are covering the refreshments for those that arrive.

A day to the spa or salon when the Mom feel like going can help her out as well. This allows her to be able to do something for her and not be just a mother. A new outfit can also be a good pick up for her to be a new Mom, and give her something to tide her over between the baby weight and getting her figure back, but make sure that you are giving her a certificate instead of shopping for her. Be aware that they may not be used for several months, but offer so it is usable when she wants to do it.

Give each of them a book in a genre that they enjoy, but make sure it is not too thick. This way they can read as they go, but still have enjoyment when they can get to it. You can also give them something that is related to their hobby that they want, but will not be able to afford to be able to purchase with their new family member.

The last of the 10 non – baby related gift ideas for new parents that you can give is your time. Be available to do anything they need from dry cleaning pickups to stopping at the market for milk. In many cases, this can be the most appealing of all.