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Making Weed Brownies: The Dos and Don’ts Perhaps pot brownies are the first thing that you think about when marijuana edibles are mentioned. Happily, you need not be a culinary expert to learn how to make pot brownies. But there are important points you need to consider to ensure your cooking is great. Cannabutter Mixing raw marijuana with brownie butter is the wrong approach for making great pot brownies. The human digestive system is not built to process plants like that. For starters, throwing the weed into the brownies won’t get you the high you expect. Secondly, brownies prepared this way will have a horrible taste. Therefore, throw the marijuana into oil or butter and then create a brownie mixture.
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Getting the dosage wrong for marijuana edibles will certainly produce a horror story. To be sure there will be no horrible stories to tell, get the dose right for the cannabutter that your weed brownies require. You can determine the strength of your brownies by figuring out the proportion of THC in the bud, how much oil or butter is in the recipe, and the number of servings you hope to prepare. You can bake your brownies from scratch or use a pre-made mix that usually requires use of oil. Bake from square one if you want a creamier texture. Nonetheless, baking everything from scratch is not the only way to go about it since you may as well prefer a brownie mix for a quick job. Whatever approach you use, be sure your baking environment is properly ventilated because there will be a strong aroma produced. If you reside in an apartment, it might help to turn the fan on and opening the window. Effects of Pot Brownies Smoking pot and eating weed brownies have different experiences since the latter takes while to produce effects. When you eat a brownie, it may take one to two hours for the high to kick in, and the effect may last four to eight straight hours. Two components dictate the high you can obtain from eating a weed brownie, and one of them is the strain used. For example, use the sativa strain for more an energizing effect and the indica strain if you want relaxation. Clearly, the other component is THC concentration in the bud, which can be altered to give a desired high. Knowing what effect you want in your pot brownie will certainly determine how to prepare it. The particular details concerning how to make pot brownies differ based on the tastes of an individual, but the criteria above can get you to make a superior, inspiring delicacy.