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Some Foods You Can Cook Using the Dutch Oven Whether you want a meal of rice and chicken, potatoes, chili or pizza, a dutch oven does a great job. No matter the kind of food or mixture you want to prepare, a dutch oven can help you do so. whatever food you comfortably cook in a cooker, you can help prepare in a dutch oven as well. As long as you have enough experience cooking using the dutch oven you should be confident to do a great job. Lots of dutch oven cooking that goes on is done using charcoal briquettes. The reason most people prefer to use coal cakes in dutch ovens is because the temperature is easily regulatable here. Coal from real wood is also used more prevalently as compared to other means of dutch oven next to charcoal cakes. You can still afford good meals if you have knowledge of temperature regulations. You should first season and clean your dutch oven before you start cooking meals in it. You are advised to kick start your dutch oven cooking with the preparation of simple meals. You can always start to cook meals or something that will create a flavoring coat in the dutch oven. Get someone or somewhere you can learn about control of heat with the oven. There are various foods that you can choose to kick start the dutch oven cooking. Fish or doughnuts deep-frying is one of the ways to start cooking using the dutch oven. The guide to this cooking is given below. Put two inches deep vegetable oil into your oven. You can place the oil on heated coal. It is recommended that you test the temperatures of the oil first before you put the food in. You will know that the oil is hot adequately if the piece you test sputters while inside. After you have tested the oil hot, immerse your fish or doughnut inside and let it fry until golden brown just as chips do. You are advised to have a stick or a metal that has been slotted to remove your ready doughnuts or fish.
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There are other foods that require the same degree of heat as fish and doughnut do. Foods like bacon or doughnuts are first used to cook in the dutch oven for they help in the building up of flavoring coat. When you are finished cooking, pour off the extra oil and let the oven cool enough to touch. Before you get the remaining oil, it is advised that you get the bits of food that are stuck.
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There are some foods however that you should really wait to cook and be careful cooking. These foods include any acidic foods like beans and tomato-based sauces. Wait until you have got a strong, solid coating in place before cooking these and then be sure to clean up quickly after you are done cooking straight away.