Macro Benefit With Microwave Resistant Dishes

A microwave safe cooking dishes are specialized apparatus which can be used in microwaves and ovens for cooking or heating. Such dishes are safe apparatuses that restrict any hazard by prohibiting the heat and waves to pass through them and enter food. These dishes are not only restricted for use in ovens but can also be used for freezing and cooling.

The Right Dishes

After launch, the microwave became a rage among the working class who soon found that the usual plastic or aluminum dishes were not safe in it. There was was a need to introduce heat-resistant dishes. When such heat resistant dishware is kept in a microwave, it remains at a normal temperature while the food absorbs the majority of the heat.

However, there are a few metal dishes, which can be used in a microwave as they possess reflecting properties. The shallow dishes give better results when kept in a microwave as they allow equal heating of the food from all sides.

Plastic makes an ideal material for the dishes as it is non-breakable, stain-resistant and can be refrigerated also. However, one must be very careful while opting for microwave resistant cooking dishes, as they may also be of inferior quality.

Before using the dishes, test them. Filling the dishes with cold water and then increasing the temperature of the microwave to the highest level, proves the credibility of the dishes. If the dishes remain cool and the water heats up, they can be safely used in a micro-wave but if the dishes heat up along with the water then it is advisable not to use them.

Microwaves and their associate practices are a necessity in each household worldwide. They are available in different shapes and sizes and make good collection display crockery for everyone.

Modern Recipes For A Modern Gadget

Microwave has taken the place of gas enables burners in most households and is used for heating and cooking almost everything. The microwave dishes make the preparation easier and quicker. These dishes have rendered a new definition to cooking. They help to prepare the food without much labor and expertise and even enhance the taste. The dishes are now available as a complimentary accessory along with the microwaves.

Tips to choose and use the micro-wave resistant dishes:

· Aluminum foil can be used to shield the food from excess heating.

· Melamine dishes are not recommended as they crack or scorch after a few minutes of heating.
· Wooden dishes have natural moisture and fats and so they absorb the waves leading to drying and cracking.
· Glazed glass ceramic dishes may break when heated as they may take up the waves.
· Unglazed glass ceramic dishes are non-porous and do not absorb the heat waves making them the most suitable for use.
· One must not hold the dishes without wearing gloves, as any uneven heating of the ultensil may cause skin burn. …

Forbidden Foods To Eat With Acid Reflux

Together with many acid reflux sufferers, you may have questions about specific nutrition that cuts out foods that degenerate GERD and let you beat your medical condition. Is there any nutrition that will relieve symptoms of acid reflux?

Let's make a quick review of the basic physiological causes behind acid reflux, also known as GERD or gastro esophageal reflux disease, before discussing nutritional programs that can help with acid reflux symptoms.

When food moves from the esophagus into the stomach, a muscle is suddenly relaxed to allow the passage of the food. This muscle is the LES or lower esophageal sphincter, a valve-like muscle located at the junction of the esophagus and the stomach. After passage of the food into the stomach, the LES shuts once more, to retain the acids and juices inside the stomach. If the LES fails to shut properly (due to different external or internal problems), stomach acid splashes back into the esophagus, causing corrosion and inflammation of the lining, which then makes for the disagreeable pain and burning feeling which we call heartburn.

Doctors tell us that, above all, in patients over 60, one of the causes of esophageal cancer is in fact gastro esophageal reflux disease. Ignoring or postponing treatment of a GERD problem can mean that scar tissue, generated after corrosion and inflammation, can narrow the esophagus. Afterwards, bleeding or ulcers of the esophagus can happen.

Combining nutrition recommendations with additional diet guidelines can have a positive impact on your acid reflux symptoms and on your general well being and health. Doctors and paraprofessionals together have the belief that certain alterations in lifestyle, comprising the addition of certain foods to one's dietary plan and the abolition of others, can bring benefits to GERD victims:

1. Intake of high-fiber foods (vegetables, whole grains, fruits, among others) can benefit your digestion, halt ulcers and remove toxins to reduce your susceptibility to gastro esophageal reflux disease.

2. Fish and fish oil, which have effective anti-inflammatory agents in their omega-3 fatty acids, can there preferably beneficial for acid reflux.

3. Eating snacks and smaller meals more frequently to improve the way that the digestive system works, as larger meals are more difficult to digest.

4. Less fatty foods reduces intestinal cell lining inflammation. Removal of fatty and high calorie foods taking longer to digest and to eliminate from your body, decreases the risk that acid will splash back up into your esophagus.

5. Limiting your consumption of coffee, chocolate, alcohol and tomatoes which tend to weaken the esophageal sphincter and there before aggravate e phenomenon of acid reflux.

The only permanent solution for healing and halting gastro esophageal reflux disease recurrence is to resolve all factors whether internal or external that contribute to acid reflux by using a holistic strategy. The afore-mentioned diet principals and others can bring important benefits to sufferers of GERD if followed the right way, yet they are only a lesser part of the overall all-natural method that targets the basic causes of …

How to Cook Turkey Overnight

Slow roasting to cook turkey overnight is a great way to make the perfect turkey and it frees up the cooks time to spend with friends and family. The principle behind cooking your turkey slowly is that it doesn’t have the opportunity to overcook. If your oven never gets above 185F your turkey doesn’t dry out and it stays moist and juicy.

Slow roasting to cook turkey overnight has been done for decades with no incidents that I know of, but keep in mind that the food and drug administration recommend that turkeys be cooked at a temperature no lower than 325F and be cooked to an internal temperature of 185F.

Here’s why, if the turkey cooks too slowly there is a chance for toxins to develop in the turkey before any bacteria has had a chance to be killed off by the proper temperature. A higher temperature ensures that bacteria will have as short a time as possible to multiply and the bacteria are killed quickly before toxins can be produced. So, you must draw your own conclusion. If you decide that you want to slow cook turkey overnight, then, here’s how.

Thaw – One of the most important steps is properly thawing your bird.

A turkey that isn’t properly and completely thawed provides the greatest risk for the growth of bacteria. So, thaw your bird, in the refrigerator, using the following guidelines.

8 to 12 lbs. thaw 2 to 3 days

12+ to 16 lbs thaw 3 to 4 days

16+ to 20 lbs thaw 4 to 5 days

20+ to 24 lbs thaw 5 to 6 days

Prepare – Remove the package that contains the neck and giblets and rinse the turkey well. Dry the turkey by patting with a towel. I use a regular dish towel because I find that paper towels tend to stick and leave residue.

Stuff the turkey with your favorite stuffing, you can find a nice recipe at

After it’s stuffed, place the turkey on a roasting rack, in a roasting pan with the breast down.

Rub the entire turkey with unsalted butter. Melt 2 Tbs. and rub it in to keep the turkey moist while cooking.

Insert a “leave in” meat thermometer into the thickest part of a breast ensuring that the thermometer doesn’t touch the bone.

Cook – Preheat the oven to 350F 24 hours before you plan to serve dinner. Cook the turkey for an hour at this temperature. This will seal the bird so your turkey stays juicy.

After an hour, reduce the temperature to 185F. After another hour has passed, check the temperature of the oven using an oven thermometer. It’s very important that your oven maintains 185F so don’t trust the oven’s temperature setting. Keep checking and adjust the temperature accordingly and then cook turkey overnight and get some sleep.

The Big Day – A couple of hours prior to serving dinner check your temperatures. You’re looking for the breast temperature to be 185F. …

Know the Main Advantages and Disadvantages of Having Buffet Catering

Buffet catering has come up in so many different forms that it has been widely accepted almost everywhere in this world. There may be different reasons for accepting this kind of catering service. However, there are also certain disadvantages that are associated with buffet catering.

Catering is considered to be an exclusive representation of catering that has been a part of different events or functions, such as marriage or birthday ceremony, corporate or private parties, New Year bash, etc. This type of catering service generally allows an excellent way to serve the guest by offering variety of options arranged out for every single guest. It also offers good value for money and also in terms of quality. It can easily fit within the budget of the organiser as well as that of the catering service provider.

It looks to be more disciplined form of offering feast to different guests. It allows guests to try all the available food-items as many times and as much in quantity as possible, so in a way, most guests could feel satisfied at the end of the party. Buffet catering is suitable for those, who are following a strict diet and for those, who have voracious appetite.

Even, guests can carry the food to and fro and also get the chance to mingle with other guests. This kind of catering also helps in less wastage of food. It is also convenient for the caterer to offer variety of special dishes, so that not only the organiser, but also the guests can appreciate the choices of dishes. Further, they can get more contracts in the future.

Apart from the above-mentioned advantages, there can also be some few main disadvantages of having this type of catering service. It is often to manage a buffet arrangement, because it involves lot of effort on the part of both organiser and caterer. In order to set up a buffet catering, one needs to have enough space to place long tables in order to keep the different dishes; it needs to have more waiters to serve the guest at each food item.

Sometimes, it may be embarrassing for certain guests to stand in the queue with plates in their hands, waiting to be either served by waiter or getting self-served. At times, it becomes difficult for the older guests to hold the plate in their hand at a stretch. Thus, we see the different pros and cons of buffet catering. Having some disadvantages, it is still a much preferred option in today’s catering business.…

Restaurants Offer Great Gift Card Deals For The Holidays

Now that we're in the middle of the holiday shopping season in New York City, it's time to think about gift ideas. Consider giving a gift card to one of New York's favorite restaurants. Not only will you be giving a wonderful present that your loved ones will enjoy and WILL NOT have to return, but also with the special offers out there this season, you will save money. And, best of all, there's no need to wait in long lines or fight the crazy crowds at Macy's!

So get a jump on holiday shopping with these hot offers:

China Grill Management

Some of the city's hottest restaurants are part of China Grill Management's roster, and from now until the end of this month the company is offering a 10% savings on gift cards. Treat your favorite friends to dinner at such popular places as China Grill, the Kobe Club, Asia de Cuba, Hudson Cafeteria and Wild Salmon, but you must act now, since this limited time offer ends soon.

Morton's The Steakhouse

Morton's The Steakhouse is renamed through the country with locations from coast to coast and just about everywhere in between. For a limited time, purchase $ 500 in Gift Cards by December 31st and receive a $ 100 bonus Gift Card, which is valid from January 2nd – March 31, 2008.

Kellari Taverna

You can not go wrong giving a Kellari gift certificate to everyone on your list this year, so that each of your friends and family members will be able to experience what Zagat calls "fabulously prepared cuisine" served in "lush, airy" surrounds. Special Offer: purchase a $ 125.00 certificate for only $ 100.00.

Ruth's Chris Steakhouse

A mainstay in the realm of New York steakhouses, Ruth's Chris actually started her steakhouse empire in New Orleans. Wherever you are this holiday season, you can delight your family and friends and give yourself a gift at the same time. Purchase gift cards totaling at least $ 500 before December 31, 2007, and receive a bonus card worth 10% of your purchases. Bonus cards will be delivered to you and can be redeemed from January 1 – June 30, 2008.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

"Stupid is as stupid does," so be smart and purchase a $ 75.00 Gift Card by December 31, 2007 and receive a bonus $ 25.00 Gift Card at this "Forest Gump" -themed shrimp restaurant. We're sure they'll wish you a holiday that is (okay, we can not resist) like a box of chocolates …


With a "sea-themed dining room" that ViaMichelin says "nets a steady stream of loyal fish lovers," Fresh is known for serving the freshest fish from a company owned by the restaurant's proprietors. Take $ 20.00 off a gift card good for dinner and $ 10.00 off one good for lunch, and you will not have to fish for compliments on this gift!

The Capital Grille

As the self-proclaimed "place to be seen having a fabulous time," The Capital …

The Importance of the Moment of Truth

A typical Friday evening starts with a family dinner in a nice atmosphere. This time we decide to visit one of our favourite restaurants for a light dinner with Sushi. Upon arrival we are amazed. Usually, this place is packed on a Friday evening. Today, more than half of the seats are empty. Therefore, going in and taking a seat at the conveyor belt is very easy. Before the waitress has a chance to approach us we have taken some plates with Sushi already. We tell the waitress that – apart from some drinks – we don’t need to order from the menu.

She confirms “So, you take the buffet for two adults and one teenager?” “You call it buffet? We just want you to count the number of plates as usual.” “Sorry, we don’t offer this anymore. We offer buffet instead. The prices are….”

A bit disappointed and caught in the act we decide to stay and surrender to the new scheme. And, of course, we eat more than intended since we pay for it anyway. Whilst eating and enjoying the Sushi we draw some conclusions: No wonder that this place is half-empty. People definitely don’t like the new scheme. Did you see that half of the self-service screens are broken? So is the product knowledge of the staff.

After finishing more food than originally wished-for we ask the waitress for the bill. Another waitress approaches our table and starts counting the plates. Now, we are very puzzled. “We thought you don’t count plates any longer? Your colleague told us that we have to take the buffet…?” During some forth and back we do not get any answer on our question about what the pricing strategy of the restaurant is. I give up and approach the cashier – still feeling cheated, hoping that they admit their big mishap and compensate us with a rebate or a voucher or so – and apologise. Nothing. I paid the buffet price.

For sure, they will not see us at this place again.


A “Moment of Truth” is the moment that the company interfaces with the buyer. Careful product development, successful marketing and perfect product preparation can easily be shattered by small misfortunes during the moment of truth. Unfortunately, in a restaurant you have a series of these moments, all of which are able to shape the impression of the experience dramatically. Often, this experience is much more important than the price or even the food itself.

The later in the service delivery the Moment of Truth turns bad, the less time remains for a remedy. If the remedy is not applied on the spot, the chance may be gone forever – together with the customer.…

Tools You Need to Make Your Own Baby Food

You probably already have all the kitchen appliances and tools you need to make homemade baby food. If all you have is a blender, freezer bags, and ice cube trays then you are in business. There are other tools that will help as well. These items are as follows:

Food Mill – A hand-turned mill purees the food and removes seeds and skin. This product is great for green beans and corn.

Steamer – A good multi-tiered steamer that will allow you to cook several different foods at the same time is a great investment.

Blender or food processor – These appliances are useful for pureeing both large and small quantities.

Portable Baby Food Mills & Food Grinders – There are a few items out on the market such as the Kidco Manual Food Mill and The Wean Machine that will enable you to make homemade baby food wherever you are! These tools are great because you do not need electricity, they are very lightweight and portable, and you can serve food to your baby directly from the unit.

Quart Size Freezer Bags – You will need Quart sized freezer bags for storing frozen food cubes. The quart size works great because they are easier to make room for in the freezer. Gallon size bags are also sufficient for larger batches.

Freezing Trays – This can consist of inexpensive ice cube trays or trays specifically designed for storing baby food with lids. Feel free to use whatever works best for you.

Labels & Markers – You will need labels and/or permanent markers to label your bags. Use your color printer to make fancy food labels for your bags for more fun or if you are giving your baby frozen baby food to someone as a gift.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on fancy gadgets and appliances. However, many of the products available today can cut down on time spent in the kitchen making baby food. Use whatever suits you and your budget and be creative! Homemade baby food is by far one of the best things that you could give to your baby. It tastes better, is more nutritious, and hassle-free to make!…

How To Prevent And Treat Your Jack Russell’s Dog Dandruff

Your beloved Jack Russell terrier jumps up on to your lap. Then as you start to pet it and scratch it behind its ears like you always do, you look down and to horrors of horrors, its fur is filled with white flakes which has also sprinkled down on to your lap and chair. Dog dandruff is common but fortunately it can be easily treated.

Your terrier gets dandruff in exactly same manner as we humans do. The reason is that our skin is always in the process of replacing itself and the dead skin falls off as flakes. However the biggest difference between your terrier with visible dandruff and one you never notice is the size and frequency of the flakes.

To understand this better, consider the skin on your own legs or arms for a moment. Notice that when your skin is moist and well cared for, it looks smooth and feels soft. However when it is dry, it begins to look whitish and sometimes looks a little bit scaly. It also leaves behind white marks if you scratch it lightly.

Your Jack Russell’s skin is no different. When your terrier’s skin becomes too dry, it starts to flake in larger sizes. Hence it is easier to come off and suddenly you find that your Jack Russell terrier is snowing on your lap.

There are many ways to treat your dog’s dandruff and on the contrary, dog dandruff shampoo may not be the most effective way to treat your terrier’s dandruff. You may only want to use dog shampoo after exhausting the other options.

How to prevent your Jack Russell terrier from getting dandruff
1. The first thing you should consider is your Jack Russell terrier’s diet. If it generally consists of dry dog food and water then your terrier may probably not be getting enough fats in his diet. Your Jack Russell terrier’s skin is flaky because it does not produce enough natural moisturizer. If this is the case, you can try adding some canned dog food to his diet and see if the problem will go away. You could also try adding vitamin E oil in its diet as this may help.

2. There are dog supplements available on the market with dietary essentials for your Jack Russell terrier’s diet regime. These supplements generally consist of fatty acids that can help to stop dog dandruff and maintain your Jack Russell terrier’s coat so it is vibrant and lovely.

3. Reduce the amount of bathing for your Jack Russell terrier. I had a friend who once gave her Jack Russell so frequent baths that they washed away the skin oils which kept her terrier’s skin moist. When I recommended that she reduce the bath frequency, the dandruff problem went away. It all comes down to how much protective oil your Jack Russell terrier has on its skin.

How to treat your Jack Russell terrier’s dandruff
1. Incorporate the dieting advice first. A lot of times, dandruff in …

Vacuum Food Sealers – To Protect and Preserve

It is a known fact that over time food will eventually decompose, rot and become unusable. Not only is this annoying, but it is money wasted. Everyone, from business owners to parents, is concerned about finances and their bottom line. A good portion of the money spent from a paycheck goes towards food. A popular and growing trend is to purchase food in bulk quantities and vacuum seal it to help extend its life.

Preserving food and extending its shelf life does not only save everyday people money, but can also save businesses involved in the food industry money. Improperly packaged food can spoil quickly. Room temperature and open air is food's worst enemy. This is where vacuum sealers come into play.

A vacuum sealer can extend the shelf life of food by 3-5 times, depending on the food being packaged. The most common foods vacuum sealed are meat, fruits and vegetables. These foods are usually frozen after being sealed. The vacuum food sealer bags are designed to keep out freezer burn, and are far more effective than basic "Zip-Style" plastic bags.

Not all vacuum-sealed food has to be frozen. Vacuum sealers will also extend the life of room temperature foods by removing oxygen-rich air and replacing it with an inert gas, such as nitrogen. This starves many types of bacteria of life-giving oxygen. Many of the foods found in the grocery store isle has been vacuum packaged.

Vacuum sealing machines do not need to be high-volume machines. Smaller external bag vacuum sealers are available for home use. For most people, the amount of money saved by vacuum sealing food makes up the cost of the machine within a year.

Many people also like to prepare tasty meals ahead of time using vacuum sealers. This is referred to as sous vide, which means "under pressure." This involves homemade soups and stews that can be packaged and thrown into the freezer. Later, these bags can be removed and thrown into a pot of boiling water to heat them up. Food can also be packaged prior to camping and other events. …

Food Dehydrator Reviews

When buying a food dehydrator you'll want to get the most efficient model for your dollar. Food dehydrator shopping can be difficult if you are unsure of what you are looking for. However it can be easy if you know what you want to do with one. A few practical steps will help you better shop for the right food dehydrator. Read on and I'll show you just how simple buying the right food dehydrator really is.

Some ideas to review when shopping for a food dehydrator can be made into a small rather simplistic list. Think about how much storage space your dehydrator will need. This can be done by figuring out not only how often you'll be dehydrating food but how many different types of foods you plan on dehydrating in your food dehydrator. If you'll be dehydrating many different types of foods quite frequently or at the same time then considering buying 2 smaller food dehydrators for about the same cost as one larger food dehydrator. The reason this is a practical idea is because different types of foods need to dehydrate for different time periods and have different drying times. For instance you would never want to dehydrate meat and fruit at the same time in your food dehydrator because the drying times are just to different.

Try to keep the wattage of your food dehydrator at or just above 500 watts with a 4 to 12 tray capacity. If you buy a food dehydrator with 1000 watts or more of power then considering adding more trays to keep your food from over dehydrating and becoming to dry. Likewise if you have a 24 tray food dehydrator and its fully stuffed and you have 500 watts of power you may run the risk of your food not dehydrating properly. The problem then could be that the food will not dry completely which can lead to mold or bacteria growing even inside the food.

A very common mistake that many make when buying a food dehydrator is buying a cheap "no name" model. You may wonder why this matter? The reason being "testing", usually lesser known models in food dehydrators have not been tested as well and also may not work efficiently or will simply burn out to fast. When that happens you are stuck dealing with getting a refund and that can be a bigger hassle than shopping for the right model. Another common mistake many people make with a food dehydrator is spending entirely too much. If you do not need a $ 200 18 tray food dehydrator do not buy one. Buy a rather more affordable 500 watt 12 tray food dehydrator for $ 80- $ 100 instead and you'll have a lot more extra money to spend on buying food to put into it. All of the above tips will help you buy a food dehydrator that is practical for what you want one for and will keep you from buying the wrong …