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Why You Should Take Loose Leaf Tea Recent studies continue to show that drinking loose leaf tea regularly has many health benefits. Both green and black tea come from the same plant. However, while black tea is fermented during the manufacturing process, green tea is not. This means that green tea retains most of the healing and health benefits of its compounds. Below are some benefits you should know about loose green leaf tea. Improve Metabolism Improved metabolism is one of the benefits of taking loose leaf tea. There are different flavonoids in green tea that boost metabolism. Researchers refer to the flavonoids are catechins. An increase in your metabolism rates makes the body burn more energy. As a result, you will lose weight. In a study carried out to determine which between a controlled drink and loose green leaf tea lead to the most weight loss produced expected results. Loose green leaf tea emerged as a better beverage for weight loss. Treatment of Acne It is a well-known fact that green tea helps people to lose weight. However, the tea also comes with other benefits. For example, taking green tea helps to reduce acne. Adding green loose leaf tea in an anti-acne diet has been found to help alleviate the condition. The catechins in green tea produce various compounds that suppress the hormones known to lead to acne. There are also studies that prove the anti-inflammatory properties of green tea. The ability of the product to prevent acne is related to its inflammatory properties.
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Reduces the Aging Process There are a number of anti-oxidants compounds in loose leaf green tea. These antioxidants are beneficial compounds that help to slow down the rate of aging. Apart from this, the compounds guard against a number of diseases. Various studies have shown that loose leaf tea has more powerful anti-oxidants than black tea. The anti-oxidants in black tea are probably weakened during the fermentation process.
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Protects Against Allergies There are also various allergies that can be prevented by drinking green tea. While there are many compounds that can prevent allergies, green tea works better. Some allergies can be prevented by compounds that attack the histamines responsible for them. On the other hand, the catechins in loose green leaf tea attack and stop the histidines before they are converted to histamines. This is why green tea is used in alternative health medicine as an anti-allergen. You can improve your health by taking loose leaf tea regularly. Regardless of the type of loose leaf green tea you want, you can find what you would like in both offline and online stores. The above are some of the benefits of taking green loose leaf tea.