Infrared Saunas: The Health and Beauty Benefits of Sweating

The primary reason humans sweat is too prevent the body from overheating. That is the main reason, but not the only one. Sweating also helps to expel toxins, kill certain types of bacteria and viruses and empty out the pores. The result of regularly sweating means clear, soft skin and a healthier body overall. By hydrating and cleaning the pores it can help people to look younger by eliminating fine lines and reducing redness. Research has shown that sweating more may lower the risk of kidney stones, release more trace metals from the system and could also lower BPA levels.

In a sauna people benefit not just from sweating, but from the heat itself. It is a rejuvenating and relaxing experience that may relieve some stress, depression and anxiety. Muscles relax in the high heat and the body releases endorphins. Cardiovascular health is boosted as well. Blood vessels dilate as the body temperature rises. This causes the heart rate to increase during the time in the sauna and decrease again once cooled. It is an experience similar to what the body experiences during a cardio workout.

Infrared saunas have gained popularity and many choose this option over the high humidity of a traditional sauna. It works faster by reaching a higher temperature than what is comfortable in a humid environment. The body sweats sooner and the toxins release faster. A session can take as little as 15 minutes and home sauna devices make it convenient for everyone to have access on their own schedule.

Pregnant women, children and anyone with high blood pressure that is not under control should avoid saunas. For everyone else this is a safe and pleasurable way to improve their health. Whether to choose an infrared or traditional sauna will depend on what is the most comfortable for each person. Some people dislike the humidity level in a wet sauna or feel as if they are struggling to breathe. Others may experience painful dryness in the sinuses after using an infrared sauna. Every user should remain aware in any sauna of how they feel and leave if they become too warm, to avoid overheating. Visit for more information about the health and beauty benefits saunas provide.