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The Best Characteristics of Greek Cuisine Greek cuisine has always been one of the most popular and sought flavors in the world. This cuisine has Mediterranean foundation which attracts tourists and foreign visitors and delivers much enjoyment. Upon sampling tasty Greek dishes, you will be amazed and inspired to find out more how to prepare Greek food in the comfort of your own home. There will be an abundance of recipes online cookbooks to buy, but really, what is it about Greek cuisine that makes it so special? Read on to find more about why Greek dishes are so exceptional and worth trying. Greek food uses basic ingredients that are simple but nourishing. It can be noted that the Greek likes to add vegetables to their recipes, along with other healthy ingredients such as grains, legumes and fish. Greek food is delicious because the dishes are full of flavor. Locals use plenty of herbs and spices including garlic, onions, bay leaves, dill and oregano. Aromatic herbs such as persillade, basil and thyme are used as garnish.
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Greek food is quite simple and easy to make. This is why many people in need of a well balanced and nutritious diet turn to Greek cuisine because the dishes are both complete and delicious.
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You will not be seeing much beef added to Greek dishes. Lamb is the staple and preferred meat in most Greek dishes. The terrain and climate of Greece is one of the reasons why goat and sheep are more copious than cattle. Mezedes, which translates to appetizers, are a usual part of Greek fare. Every region in Greece has their own mezedes to offer. It is similar to Italy’s antipasto or the tapas of Spain. This can be compared to antipasto in Italy of tapas in Spain. These appetizers are the perfect balance of health, culture and delicious flavors. These are the reasons why Greek dishes are a favorite among tourists and foreigners. It would be impossible to completely describe all the facets of Greek cuisine and Greek dining. Greek food is delicious and diverse and it exhibits the culture and passion of its people. Greek cuisine combines hearty meat and vegetables as well as flavorsome herbs and spices to create a wonderful cuisine that loved all over the world. Greeks are very passionate about eating well and eating with close friends and family. If you are traveling in Greece, it is best to eat in places frequented by the locals. After your vacation in Greece, you will be knowledgeable in finding authentic Greek restaurants within your state. You may want to try whipping up some Greek recipes at home since ingredients are easily available anywhere and they are very easy to make.