Tips On How To Run A Restaurant Kitchen

Ever surprised what makes a restaurant a rollkeeping hit with customers? Is it about the gastronomical delights on that spicy menu created with passion and served with tremendous verve? Or does the secret lie in the ambience of the place? What about that tantalizing signature dish? Actually, the ingredients that ensure the roving success of this sumptuous enterprise lie elsewhere – in the kitchen. Needless to add, it's the heart and soul of the restaurant.

Espirit De Corps At Its Best

It does not take too long for a long cherished dream of dishing out delectable delights to turn into a nightmare of sorts. If you're in a soup, and wondering how to run a restaurant kitchen, remember that the success of this venue depends solely on the staff- on their expertise, discipline, motivation, and above all, leadership. It might sound like we're operating a military camp here, but the kitchen too must have an atmosphere that galvanizes each member of the team to give his best while creating an incredible menu.

Advice From The Experts

Here's the perfect recipe for a successful restaurant kitchen:

  • Dishwasher: It's hard to relish a simply heavenly gourmet meal in an invidiously stained platter or worse, with dirty forks and spoons. The purely physical job of washing dishes is really thankless, but it's also the most important one in the kitchen. Motivation is the key while dealing with the staff involved in this clearly unattractive task. Most chefs have, in fact, made it big from the washing area. Speedy promotions can make all the difference in the employer's attitude.
  • Preparation cooks: The foundation of the kitchen is based on the manner in which the food is prepared. So the people that are involved in this spade work require more than a standing ovation. From chopping cabbage to making soups and kneading dough, they are always in the thick of things. Make sure they have a knowledge of everything, from the store to the operation of the grill and fryer.
  • Line cooks: They get into the act at different cooking stations that use a plethora of cooking techniques. Line cooks are jacks of all trades, and must master all of them quickly. Training them on all sections is essential. Also, all line cooks must work in tandem in a pre-ordained manner.
  • Sous chef: He calls the shots when the head chef is not around. Despite being a chef under the wings of the boss, he can still train the rookies. Apart from getting his creative juices flowing, he must plunge headlong into functional aspects like ordering and costing of food, management of stocks etc.
  • Head chef: He should inspire a great deal of confidence in the other members of the team. With his boundless energy, even a lackluster menu can come alive.
  • Kitchen manager: Responsible for the efficient function of the kitchen, he's more concerned with managing the staff rather than the menu. Make sure he remains focused on promoting productivity and efficiency.

With such …

Why Do Restaurants Waste Food?

Food is a perishable item, if you do not eat it, it rots, and you can not keep it forever – a restaurant must sell it, throw it away, or donate it. Well, the best of all worlds for the restaurant is to sell it all with no remaining stale inventory, and the second best is to donate the unused food to help feed homeless, poor, or destitute right? Absolutely.

Not long ago, I read a business plan mission statement and executive summary for a nonprofit startup group in Atlanta to help feed the poor. Sona, the founder noted; "Making it simpler to donate these items for both the food bank and the business would absolutely increase this percentage, perhaps by creating an iPhone / Droid application."

Brilliant idea – makes sense to me. Sounds like something a creative genius would come up with, a solution based idea, good thinking Sona! Additionally, she pondered the idea of ​​a website where companies could list what was available for immediate pickup by volunteers, again brilliant and then it's only about logistics after that – take it to the "nearest accepting food bank or homeless shelter and possibly provide the delivery And distribution service. "

Again, I totally agree, brilliant plan. Yes, and one of the biggest problems is restaurants want to donate, but those who donate too can not handle the inconsistency of the pick-up volunteers. Volunteers are rude, and "beggars can not be choosers," so, these companies just give up trying to help and throw the stuff out.

WalMart has been AWESOME in donating refrigerators to food banks, it's amazing, and food too. What a fabulous company, they should get the "Medal of Honor" from the President, I'd give it to them if I were running things. Too, between them, Sam's Club and their list of membership, along with local chambers of commerce, we've got enough food to completely "Ditch" food stamps in America, together 45{ccdfc561878e9246e1a18999d5a21dd519dc1b039f0564ab04c9b3978134babb} of the people on food stamps are abusing the system or Do not really need them.

I think it is important for folks like Sona to dream and care, and come up with brilliant solutions like this. Also understand that there is a reality in America, and a created reality on the political side – they are not the same – and to solve the problem one must "actually solve the problem" which I think is what WalMart was thinking with their pledges to This challenge wasted food.

Sona has a brilliant mind, and she wants to leverage social networks, mobile technology, and make this happen, why not, and with a little help from the business community, she can too. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it. …

Chrome Dining Chairs Best for Your Home and for Your Business

Chrome dining chairs are very popular in the market nowdays. These can be found in restaurants, fast foods, other food outlets and even in residential places. Many people discovered the beauty of using dining chairs that are made from chrome material. Chrome made dining chairs is very durable and can blend with different stylish designs from the simplest style to the highest elegant designs. To add to its beauty are highly crafted tables and other furniture at home and even in restaurants and other establishments.

Chrome dining chairs have different designs. Normally, chairs are made of soft leather seat and back supported with chrome legs. There are designs that give so much elegance especially those with high back and with arms. The arms may either be made from chrome alone or padded with foam with leather cover. There are some designs on the other hand that are so simple and conventional. These are typically made of steel plated with chrome which shows simplicity and classic timeless touch. There are also some retro designs that come with black vinyl seat with white strip and back support. Another design available in other shops is crisscross wire design which is completely made from chrome from the seat up to the leg support. You may opt to get a cushion or a seat pad for more comfortable use. Chairs elegantly designed are also available which are usually positioned to houses of prominent people or in establishments serving customers with high budget. Elegant designs invite an ambiance spirit.

When you surf the internet you can find many shops offering chrome dining chairs. Different designs of course come with different price ranges. You may have the option to buy chrome dining chairs by piece or pair, but some offer them in package with a table. If you are planning to get one for a restaurant, there are suppliers available that sell in bulk. Most the minimum order ranges from thirty to fifty pieces. As anyone knows, in buying some thing for your own use or for a business, everyone should have a sound decision to make the invested money worthwhile. So be very careful and go into details when you decide to buy some chairs for you. Ensure that you know the full details from designs, to prices, to delivery and shipments and even on after sales services. …

Restaurant Furniture

The interior of a restaurant is almost as important as the food being served. Patrons will not continue to dine in a restaurant where the furniture is worn or so out of touch with the atmosphere of the restaurant as to be distracting. Many restaurants use their furniture and décor as a marketing tool, a lovely dining room that is warm and inviting is bound to attract customers.

There are many aspects to consider while deciding on restaurant furniture, one of which is what it is made of. Tables and chairs can be found that are made of wood, aluminum, bamboo, steel and more. The decision should be based on the overall scheme of the room and should blend well.

Restaurant furniture design should be one that is current and yet will still be fashionable in years to come. Restaurant furniture designs should be functional and appealing to the eye. It should also be expandable should business flourish. Trying to match restaurant furniture when the pattern has been discontinued is not a pleasant task and sometimes can not be accomplished.


The dining room's décor should be based on the menu theme. For example, one would expect to see nautical items and nautical décor in a seafood restaurant, not multi-colored sombreros and Mexican memorabilia. After deciding on a theme for the restaurant, furniture should be chosen that compliments the theme.

Restaurant furniture should be sturdy and able to withstand heavy use. Consideration should be give to the type of clientele the restaurant expects. Families tend to have more children and put a lot of wear and tear on furniture. An upscale restaurant can choose furniture that is more luxurious than other restaurants.


Not only should the material that the furniture made of be considered, the material that covers the seats and the table tops should be looked at. The seat cushion material should be washable and easy to clean; It should also have a built-in stain protector to prevent stains from setting in to the material.

Seat cushions should be kept in good condition. Should tears occur, and they will with time, they should be replaced or repaired to keep the dining room fresh and inviting.

Table tops should be scratch resistant or have a glass or poly top cover to prevent damage to the wood. If a covering is not chosen the restaurant should have the wood tops sealed to prevent damage from liquids and hot plates.

Choosing restaurant furniture should be approached much like furnishing a home. It should be warm and inviting and show off the personality of the restaurant. It should be durable and functional, built to last and yet replaceable should the need arise. …

How to Make Your Restaurant Stand Out

So you have a nice restaurant with good food and service, and yet the dining room is not always full. You spend quite a lot of money in marketing and wonder why it’s not working for you.

Well let me tell you, there are many other restaurants with good food, good service and a nice ambience, so your place might not be as special in the eyes of your customers as you want it to be.

Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. Why should they come to your restaurant rather than visit one of your competitors?

Well, the truth is that if you stand out from other local options, they probably won’t.

You need to think hard and long about your place and what it makes it special or different from any other restaurant. And believe me, it is different. No two restaurants are the same (except in the case of franchises, which – by definition – want to look and operate exactly the same).

So what makes your restaurant special or different?

You need to articulate the essence of your restaurant, the essence of your offering, so that people will know why they should come to your place instead of your competitors. This is called your Unique Selling Proposition (or USP for short).

You need to create and announce a USP that identifies your restaurant and makes it a unique establishment.

So how can you do that? Don’t worry, I will help you out. Just follow these easy three steps and you’ll be on your way to creating your own USP:

1.    Make a list of the real benefits or advantages that you currently offer to your clients.

Think about what’s special about your restaurant. Is it your food? Your wine selection? Your service? Your location? Your decorations? Do you offer live music? Do you have a large menu selection? Open kitchen? Etc.

Ask your customers, your employees and your providers what makes your restaurant special or different. Perhaps you have a unique recipe that people really appreciate and come to enjoy, or perhaps your chef comes out of the kitchen and greets the clients, or you have bilingual servers who can communicate with foreign travelers in their native languages.

Some aspects that can help you determine your USP are:

o    A wide variety of dishes in the menu

o    Unique, ethnic meals or menu items

o    Restaurant especially designed to accommodate families (with a play area or toys or entertainment for children, etc.)

o    Reasonable prices

o    Quality of the food

o    Originality of the dishes

o    Impeccable presentation

o    Excellent service (good is not good enough: it must be excellent to make an impact!)

o    Wide wine selection or special hard-to-find wines

o    Wide beer selection or special hard-to-find beers

o    Specialty cocktails

o    Open kitchen where people can see/talk to your cooks

o    Beautifully decorated place

o    Live music

o    Candles on the tables

o    Cloth linens

o    Original art on the walls

o    …

Top Popular Gifts For Father's Day 2010

Father's Day comes every year in June and it's a special day for dads and those who love them. Advertisements will show you all kinds of gifts and gadgets to get for dad but sometimes the handmade gifts are much more meaningful and special to dad. Sometimes the dad who already has everything will want something a little extra or a little more.

Sometimes you have to research before you can find the best thing for your dad. Sometimes you may have a limited budget which can affect what you choose. When you have a lot of great ideas, it will make the process of choosing gifts for dad a little easier.

Here are some top gifts for Father's Day 2010:

· A gift card to his favorite store – whether it's the hardware store or the video game store, you can get a gift card to his favorite store and he can shop for whatever he wants.

· Make dad his favorite meal. Use this day to make his special meal or favorite dinner. You can also do chores to help your dad around the house.

· Electronic gadgets-fun gifts and gadgets like Mp3 players, computers, digital cameras, DVD players, wide-screen TVs and more.

· Personalized gifts- these can say "Dad" or dad's name. These are the types of gifts that dad will keep for a long time and really treasure. Consider personalized golf bags, coffee mugs, laptop carrying cases, etc. Whatever dad loves to do, you can probably find a personalized gift to go with it.

· Restaurant gift cards – Where does dad love to eat? Where might he want to take mom on a date? Restaurant gift cards can be a great way to give dad something special for Father's Day that he will use again and again.

· Clothing, hats and other apparel- Dads use clothes for many things and they often do not purchase them for themselves enough. You can get your dad a new hat, golf shoes, workout gear or more. Even just a comfy t-shirt can be a favorite gift.

· Handmade crafts and unique items – these are gifts that are always available and special items from the heart mean a lot to dad.

Now that you have these gift ideas for the top popular gifts for Father's Day 2010, it's not too late to get yours today. You can choose from a wide variety of popular gifts and gift ideas for Father's Day to surprise him and to show him that you care. …

Foods To Avoid With Gout While Dining Out

Gout is a painful condition that is caused by a build up of uric acid crystals in joints. In most cases, this will happen in the big toe, or between the big toe and the one next to it. The overabundance of this uric acid will crystallize and settle in that joint and be pretty painful. Though gout is mostly a problem that men face, women develop gout on occasion. It is like arthritis in nature, but it can be very easy to treat with the right diet and certain medications. It’s a great idea for anyone with this condition to watch what he or she eats. Knowing what foods to avoid with gout will help greatly when you are eating out in a restaurant.

The foods that seem to irritate those with gout the most are those high in purines. These compounds are found in the human body, and in many different foods making them hard to avoid at times. So, when suffering from gout you need to be careful about the types of foods that you chose. Some of these purines won’t bother a person, but for others it leads to pain, and extreme pain at times. Knowing which foods to pass up can help you avoid the very painful episodes of gout that can leave you feeling incapacitated.

Some of the biggest problems for those with gout seem to come from eating meats and seafood. That is not good news for many, but avoiding these two food groups can help keep the pain down to a minimum. It is suggested that meat consumption be limited to six ounces a day and replacing proteins with eggs, and low fat milk foods as these are low in purines.

Some foods that are high in purines are okay to eat in moderation, for example peas, mushrooms, and beans. You shouldn’t eat huge quantities but you don’t have to limit them as much as you should limit meats and seafood.

Fats too must be limited, and foods fried in oils are never a good idea. Coffee and tea seem to be okay, but alcohol is not. When you add all of this together, eating at home can get complicated, but eating out can be even worse.

When you look through a menu, you may find that you don’t know what to get and what you should skip. The trick is to know what is in a dish, and also, how it is prepared. As someone who suffers with gout you may have to learn how to take the things you’ve learned at home and use them when ordering in a restaurant.

Someone with gout is going to have a hard time choosing something off a menu to eat, though this does depend on where this person is eating. It is always a good idea to ask how a dish is prepared, and ask for modifications to suit your gout friendly style of eating.

Most restaurants these days are very good at …

How to Get Free Subway Sandwiches

Do you want to be able to wrap your hands around a free Subway sandwich? There are ways that you will be able to get Subway sandwiches for free that you will be interested in learning about so that you will be able to take advantage of some good free food. Subway is a healthy alternative to eating at some fast food restaurants and it has become the favorite place for a lot of people to eat lunch. If you are tired of paying for your lunch and want to eat for free then make sure that you learn how you can get your free Subway sandwiches.

One way that you will be able to get a free sandwich from Subway is by finding coupons that you can use. Almost every restaurant and business that has anything to sell has some type of discount that will offer you an incentive so that you can get some free food or some other free item. You might find Subway coupons for free sandwiches without having to make an additional purchase, or you might find ones where you will be able to get a Subway sandwich free with the purchase of additional items such as a drink and a bag of chips.

Another way that you can get free Subway sandwiches is by keeping a lookout for market research companies that conduct surveys relating to Subway and other fast food restaurants. Often these companies will give away gift cards to those who take part in their research study. If the study is done in person then cash may be offered as an incentive and you can use that cash to pay for your Subway sandwich, but if it is done online you will be able to get a gift card delivered to your home and use it Whenever you eat at Subway.

If you want to be able to get free Subway sandwiches then you will want to make sure that you follow one of these two methods. Either keep a look out for coupons that have offers for a free Subway sandwich or keep a lookout for market research companies that are giving away gift cards to those who take part in their research study. Either way you do it, you will be able to eat healthy for lunch or dinner and you will be able to do it without having to pull your wallet out. …

Restaurant Chairs – How to Choose The Perfect Style

Restaurant chairs come in so many shapes, sizes and materials that it can seem impossible, at first glance, to choose the ones that will suit your business. Cloth, vinyl, leather or metal? Rolling chairs or not? Maybe you'll have booths in your restaurant. How expensive is this going to get?

Before you go into Chair Overload, stop for a second and ask yourself a few questions. First off, what type of restaurant do you have? A diner is going to look for completely different chairs than a five-star waterfront restaurant.

What's your average meal price point? There are lots of steakhouses out there, but they range from casual to fancy, with price points from moderate to sky-high. Same with seafood restaurants. If you know the average price point for your most menu items, that can help determine the kind of decor that customer might expect. You can use that as a beginning point for your restaurant chair search.

Who is your target customer? These are the primary people you want to make happy, so knowing their likes and dislikes can point you in the right direction. For instance, if the target customer for your sushi bar is a young, urban professional approaching around $ 40,000, you'll probably look for something with sleek, contemporary styling.

But if the target customer for your waterfront Michelin-rated French restaurant is a successful professional over age 50 approaching upwards of $ 100,000, you'll probably look for something larger, softer, and more substantial. With a high price point, you'll want to encourage people to linger in your restaurant, and therefore comfortable restaurant chairs will be part of your overall marketing plan.

For the above scenario, you're more likely to choose lounge-style seating in the waiting areas. This would include large, wide chairs, possibly overstuffed, and maybe even an ottoman or two. At the table itself you would probably want an upholstered chair of good-quality wood with an understated, classic fabric. Chairs of this quality, however, can run into the hundreds of dollars. Each.

In a more casual eatery you might have everything from good quality wooden chairs, to metal chairs with nice padded seats and backs, to uber-modern seats or stools with minimalist padding and lines.

Restaurant chairs should enhance your décor and meet or exceed the expectations of your target customers, taking in the price point you've set for your restaurant. Once you've set those items ahead of time, choosing your restaurant chairs should be a pleasant experience, rather than a time-consuming, confusing chore. …

4 Keys to a Successful Restaurant

One of the warnings that new restaurant owners hear when they talk about opening their own restaurant is that it will require long hours in order to earn the mount of money you would earn in a 9 to 5 job. Sadly, for many restaurant owners, that is very true. Everything they own is tied up in their restaurant, and it consumes almost all of their time. You can see this in almost any community with independent restaurants. They are surviving, but they are not what you would consider restaurant success stories.

Restaurant success can mean many different things, depending on who you talk to, but most owners will agree that there is a vast difference between running a successful restaurant and managing to keep your doors open. Most people with an entrepreneurial spirit do not want to become slaves to their business. Yet many restaurant owners become just that. If the restaurant is open, the owner is there.

So, how does a restaurant become successful. While defining success will be different from owner to owner, there are some keys to restaurant success that most will agree on.


A great meal starts with great food. A meal that is well prepared with quality ingredients is a must on any menu. It would take a true friend to come back to your restaurant time and again if the food was not good.

Along with the quality of the food is that it is consistent. One truth of restaurants is that you will not be able to please everyone with every dish. If the majority of the people that try an item like it, then do not change it. If you change your recipe every time a customer complains you will never have any consistency with your menu. Then when a customer that did like the item returns, they will be unhappy that the recipe changed, and they did not receive what they wanted.


Customers will go where they are treated well. It does not matter how good the food is if your customer service is bad. Your customers are coming to your restaurant for the dining experience, not just for good food. If their experience is not enjoyable, they will start looking for a restaurant that treats them with care and respect.

For your restaurant to be a success, you need to take the time to train your staff in how to treat your customers. Everyone from the greeter to the dishwasher needs to know and understand how to respond to any complaint or suggestion from a customer. While the customer may not always be right, they are the one who pay the bills. Without them, you have no business.


The next thing that will add to, or destroy, the customers experience is the cleanliness of your restaurant operation. For many customers, if there is anything that appears to be dirty or unsanitary, they will automatically assume that the entire operation is unsanitary. They will never know whether …