A Sample of a Bakery Business Plan

In a bakery business, preparing a business plan is very necessary, as it gives you and the investors an absolute idea about how you would realize and execute the entire business plan options. This vital part is commonly known as the executive summary of the whole plan.

Category of the Business

Prior in planning anything, get acquainted with the diverse types of business you can start. There are three general ways you can start a bakery business.

  • You can begin a retail bakery business, where customers can buy bakery foods from you in a bakery shop. You can also choose to have a bakery restaurant, where people can buy and eat in your restaurant.
  • Another way, you can start a wholesale bakery business where you sell bakery products to the retail bakery shops and restaurants.
  • Lastly, you can work as retail and wholesale bakery business entrepreneur. It helps you gain more revenues and earnings. It also helps you get the most parts of the prospective market and consumers.

Bakery Products and Services

After you decide which type of business to go for; you have to choose about cooking specialties. There are selection of bakery products, such as, cakes, pastries, breads and a lot more so you may choose only some specialty items or may go for all the bakery pleasures. If you choose to go for retail business with a shop or restaurant, it is best to keep array of products so that you can cater to different customer demands. You need to give meticulous consideration to all the products and services you will be providing to the customers.

Market Research

This part is one of the significant steps in any business plan. You need to know necessarily about your competitors that can be locally well recognized bakery shops or branded bakery products. You must be responsive of the business strategies, promotional plans and specialty products of your rivals. It helps you in marketing your products

Capital Venture

Your business plan must comprise the details about how you are going to put in money to the business. You should plan as to how many employees need to be selected and their salary, and a lot more. You will have to think about the land investment, whether you are going to buy, rent out a shop or place to put up business. You need to make preparations to meet these operating costs in the initial stage of the business.

Bakery Design

Every type of bakery business always needs different arrangements. Your work is moderately easy if you are going for a wholesale bakery business. All you need to do is, get the orders from retailers and provide them with demanded products with the help of skilled employees. You do not need to have an attractive spot, set up for wholesale bakery business. But if you are planning to start a bakery with a restaurant, then you have to give attention to a lot new details, such as, atmosphere of the bakery, …

Catering Business Profits, Earnings and Salaries – How Much Money Can You Really Make?

Many people have turned their love of cooking and entertaining into a good living by starting catering businesses.

Catering is a multi-billion dollar industry in the U.S. and as one of the fastest growing segments of the food and beverage industry, the catering business offers great opportunities for those wanting to start a small business with a low start up cost.

In this article we will look at catering business profits, earnings and salaries and how much money it is really possible to make in this industry. Then we will examine some of the things that separate the really successful players from the amateurs.

Is a $100,000 Yearly Profit Possible in Catering?

Many people consider a $100,000 pre-tax salary or profit to be a benchmark for success and they wonder if they can reach this level of earnings in catering.

Most small catering business owners who put in the effort can expect to earn between $20,000 and $40,000 profit per year for the owner during the first couple of years. After a couple of years in the business, you can easily scale up to earning a ‘six figure’ annual income from catering.

Tips for Getting to the ‘Six Figure’ Level

1) Forget catering from your home kitchen if you want to get to this salary level. Business savvy caterers do volumes that require them to either rent commercial kitchen space by the hour, arrange access to restaurant kitchens during off-hours or focus on ‘on-premises’ jobs only and use the kitchens of their clients.

2) Successful players love spending time creating menus, following food trends and interacting with people without neglecting the business side of catering.

3) Start to create a powerful brand right from the start with your logo, company values and unique service that will grow into a valuable asset that allows you to command a premium price for your catering services in the market.

4) Develop systems for every part of your business to streamline day-to-day operations. Analyze the way that you and your staff work and strive to increase productivity.

5) Understand that there are ‘niche’ markets within the catering industry that you would never think of until you really start looking. Top caterers find these untapped opportunities, and carve out a business catering to the specific needs of these groups.

6) Perfect the process of consulting with new clients and learn how to politely up-sell them on some of your more expensive offerings.

7) Realize that you are leaving money on the table if you don’t also up-sell additional event related services to your customers.

8) Learn how to hire, train and organize a small team to assist you with food preparation, delivery, service, and even sales if you want a realistic chance of getting to an income level above $100,000.

9) Don’t neglect traditional advertising methods but also pursue other modern marketing methods such as networking, cross promotions and guerrilla marketing.

10) Successful caterers also recognize the importance of customer referrals. Customers may introduce friends …

Bars & Restaurants: How to Invest to Make Free Media Pay Off

In under five years, the owners of Northside Social (Nicole Harlan-Oprisu, Tim Oprisu, Bill and Nancy Ficca, and Jamie Browning) have expanded their family of restaurants and bars to include four additional establishments: Northside Kitchenette, Village Cigar, Delicia, and La Mulita. Together they employ over a hundred people. So what has helped them flourish? A whole recipe that excludes paid advertising.

This group of restaurateurs has worked at crafting each establishment to fill a different niche, making each appeal to different customer types or moods: casual but refined brunch/lunch, upscale evening dining, impromptu drinks with or without a bite to eat, Latin American dining, or relaxing with fine liquor and a selection of quality cigars. They didn’t try to wrap everything under one roof, because each needs it’s own distinctive atmosphere to be most effective.

As an example of the added benefit to filling a niche, because Delicia and La Mulita are in the smaller category of Latin American, they can automatically rise to the top of some searches by those looking for local options.

A few positive reviews on Yelp led to many more. Early on, Yelp reached out to these businesses for a photo shoot which was mutually beneficial: improved content on Yelp draws more website visitors, which in turn encourages more people to visit and review the restaurant or bar. Stephen Greiner, part-time manager of Delicia who previously managed Northside Social, said that they receive far more reviews on Yelp than other review sites like Urban Spoon, though they’ve never paid for ads on Yelp. Greiner says Yelp is just more popular with the dining public.

Building on success, Yelp volunteered to invite eighty frequent Yelpers (people who post reviews on Yelp) to a “release party” when La Mulita was first opening. Frequent Yelpers would have enough experience to judge the new bar’s quality, and be inclined to post about it online-again, bringing value to both Yelp and La Mulita.

Building something quality, unique, or with style, attracts the attention of media who need interesting things to fill their pages. Indianapolis Monthly magazine (print and web) has mentioned and featured these five establishments multiple times over the last five years-sometimes of their own initiative, sometimes at the prompting of these establishments’ management.

Northside Social does pay for Open Table, a reservation management website, and they’ve seen reservations increase. This is an example of paying for a service that facilitates serving your customer.

Greiner also said that they’ve had a paid social media manager for the past two years, who posts their daily specials on Facebook and Twitter. Social Media may be free, but it takes time to create the daily posts necessary to capture an audience; even more time to watch for customer comments and questions on the sites, and to keep your profile up to date. The owners and managers of these five establishments understand the power of reaching your public on a daily basis, and the value of paying someone to manage that power.

Beyond …

Top 4 Cheddar’s Restaurant Recommendations

Cheddar’s is one of my favorite restaurants. If I were to name my top five “fine dining” restaurants, Cheddar’s would definitely be in the top five. Cheddar’s includes several entrees that I love to order when I am there. Here are my four recommendations for food to order at Cheddar’s.

For starters, you need to try Cheddar’s Sante Fe Spinach Dip appetizer. If you do a search for this recipe online, you’ll find many versions of this recipe. This is definitely my favorite appetizer at Cheddar’s. The spinach dip is tasty and really goes a long way when you just have to eat something before the main meal arrives.

Another option for chicken lovers dining at Cheddar’s is the Cheddar’s boneless fried chicken. The boneless chicken at Cheddar’s is delicious! I have noticed that this entree is not listed on the Cheddar’s website at this time. It could be a local recipe, but you can save money in this tough economy by making this at home. I found recipes for Cheddar’s boneless fried chicken through a simple Google search.

If you are eating at the restaurant, you are going to want to try the top secret World Class chicken sandwich. I wasn’t able to find the secret restaurant recipe for this entree, but the World Class chicken sandwich is my favorite chicken dish at Cheddar’s. For chicken lovers and sandwich lovers alike, this sandwich really hits the spot!

Make sure you save room for the Cookie Monster dessert at Cheddar’s. If you love Chocolate Chip Cookies and ice cream the way I do, this is the dessert for you. A giant cookie is served in a skillet with ice cream, whipped cream, nuts and a cherry on top. You may have to spend an extra hour at the gym after this dessert, but you’ll be glad you tried this recipe. I wasn’t able to find the secret restaurant recipe for this dessert, but this may be an easy dessert to replicate at home.

Cheddar’s is an awesome place to take your family or even your date on the weekends. If you are planning to make a visit to Cheddar’s soon, I recommend any number of these entrees. Regardless of what you order, you are going to be satisfied!…

Restaurant Training – Handling Complaints & Recovery Tips For Hospitality Training – 7 Simple Steps

Picture your guest giving you an unexpected gift wrapped in shiny, gold, paper with a big, red ribbon on top. How would you feel?

Now hold on to that feeling. That is exactly how you should feel when a guest complains to you-as if you are getting a gift. Why? Because guests who complain are giving you a second chance to make it right for them instead of taking their business elsewhere.

Approximately4{ccdfc561878e9246e1a18999d5a21dd519dc1b039f0564ab04c9b3978134babb} of disappointed guests will voice their complaint to a company. Therefore, you should be more concerned about the continued patronage from 96{ccdfc561878e9246e1a18999d5a21dd519dc1b039f0564ab04c9b3978134babb} of your guests who will not convey their dissatisfaction to you.

Of the guests who complain, about 95{ccdfc561878e9246e1a18999d5a21dd519dc1b039f0564ab04c9b3978134babb} will continue patronizing a restaurant when the complaint is resolved quickly and in their favor. However, did you know that you can actually receive stronger positive word-of-mouth advertising from successfully recovering complaints from disappointed guests as opposed to the advertising you would receive from pleased guest?

When guests complain, they are communicating some level of dissatisfaction. Many times it may be a simple matter to resolve, such as reheating soup. Other times it may call for cooking several food entrees that were incorrectly ordered or prepared.

No matter how busy you are, always take ownership and make it a priority to quickly and professionally resolve all complaints. Adopting a company attitude to always please your guests and take all complaints seriously will pay off in repeat business. If you ignore your guest concerns, they may ignore your establishment when planning their next meal out

Taking a complaint professionally, not personally, is important. Although angry guests may take their dissatisfaction out on you, they are seldom upset with you as an individual. In most cases, they may just need to vent their feelings and be acknowledged. Be sure to focus on the issue, not the delivery of the complaint. If other guests can hear the complaint, lead the dissatisfied person to a secluded area. A complaint that gets out of hand may disturb the good time of other guests.

Training your staff to professionally handle service issues is imperative. Listed below are seven steps to successfully handling complaints. Some complaints, depending on the degree (like the soup example), can be resolved in fewer than the specified seven steps. Use your best judgment in taking the necessary steps to recover complaints.

Seven steps to successfully handling

1. Listen carefully and thank the guest. Listening will help you properly identify the complaint. Listen with your eyes and your ears by observing verbal and body language. Always show sincerity and concern for the guest’s feelings and thank them. For example,say, “Thank you for making us aware of this.”

2. Ask questions and repeat the complaint. This will ensure that you have understood the concern properly and can act on it immediately, and correctly solve it the first time. For example,say, “Let me verify…you wanted your steak cooked medium rare…is that correct?”


Barbados Travel Tips – Things You Must Know Before You Go

There are traveling secrets anywhere you travel. This article will tell you key travel you should know before traveling to Barbados. Don’t miss the travel tips at the end!

Barbados is a beautiful island and an excellent vacation spot. It is one of the best islands in the Caribbean.


The currency is Barbados is the Barbados dollar or the Bajan. It is 1.98 the US dollars. So basically $20 Barbados is about $10 US, give or take a little.

Cost of Goods

Items and services in Barbardos are not cheap. They are about the equivalent of items or services in the US.

A nice dinner for two with wine will run you $100 US. Souvenirs are $20 – $35 for t-shirts, $10-14 for towels, mugs, etc.

Natuarally, as it is almost anywhere you travel, the domestic goods are much cheaper than imported items.

Traveling To and From and While in Barbados

When you arrive in Barbados at the airport and claim your bags you will walk out of the terminal to buses, taxis and shuttle transport. It is best to pre-arrange a shuttle to and from your hotel. The taxi ride from the airport will run $20-60 depending on the distance to your hotel and size of taxi you require. The shuttle will charge for surfboard bags and some other large oversized items. Do not pay more than $5.

If you rent a car it will be about $50-60 per day. Don’t let anyone charge you more than that. If you are from the US and you are planning to rent a car while in Barbados keep in mind you will have to drive the car. This may sound simple but the steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car and the cars drive on the wrong side of the rode. This takes a little getting used to but also serves as quite an adventure!


Barbados is a British colonized island and therefore embraces the British conservatism in dress. The dress during the day is casual, tropical travel beach attire. At night and for dinner the men wear pants and collared shirts and the ladies where dresses and skirts. Due to the weather it is best if they are lightweight materials.

The Barbadians, or Bajans as they are more commonly referred to on the island, dress business casual most of the time. In the city business dress is the norm for locals and there are many men in ties and even jackets.

When dressing to go shopping beach attire is not appropriate. Bathing suits and swim wear are reserved for beaches and beach bars.


There are some great restaurants in Barbados. The Cliff restaurant is one of the nicest restaurants on the island. The view, as you can imagine for the name, is gorgeous. The restaurant is located in the side of a cliff overlooking the ocean.

In St. Lawrence Gap, Bellini’s is great. It is right inside a cove with small boats and is …

A Tourist’s Guide to Southern Vermont

1. Introduction:

Easily accessible from lower New England, Southern Vermont is a rolling carpet of Green Mountain foothills and valleys that offer a extensive array of seasonal sports, yet maintain all of the state’s characteristics, including picture postcard villages, covered bridges, maple farms, and cheese producers.

2. Orientation:

Brattleboro, gateway to the area, is “home to an eclectic mix of native Vermonters and transplants from all over the country,” according to the “Greater Brattleboro” guide published by the Brattleboro Area Chamber of Commerce. “This cosmopolitan town is southeastern Vermont’s undisputed economic, recreational, and cultural center.”

Accessed by Interstate 91, it is both the first major Vermont city north of the Massachusetts state line and the only one served by three exits-in this case, Exit 1 leads to Canal street, Exit 2 to Main Street and the historic downtown area, and Exit 3 to Route 5/Putney Road, which offers a commercial concentration of hotels and restaurants. The Comfort and Hampton Inns and the Holiday Inn Express, for example, are located here, while the art deco Latchis Hotel, complete with its own movie theater, is located downtown.

3. Brattleboro:

Situated at the confluence of the Connecticut and West rivers, Brattleboro was originally occupied by the Abenaki tribes, but protection against them took form as Fort Drummer, constructed by and named after, Governor William Drummer of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, in 1724.

Siding with the French in the French and Indian War, they migrated to Quebec the following year, at which time the structure was transformed into a trading post for the friendly few who remained behind. Nevertheless, peace, often fleeting during this period, dissolved between 1744 and 1748, prompting its troop re-occupation.

Becoming a New Hampshire grant, the area surrounding it, designated Brattleborough after Colonel William Brattle, Jr. of Boston, was chartered as Vermont’s first town the day after Christmas in 1753.

From the fort sprouted a settlement, giving rise to the area’s first store in 1771, first post office in 1784, and first Connecticut-spanning bridge in 1804. Becoming increasingly industrialized for the period due to the power provided by the Whetstone Brook’s waterfalls, it soon boosted paper, flour, and woolen textile mills, paper making machinery and carriage manufacturers, two machine shops, and four printers. It has been home to the Estey Organ Company for more than a century. The Massachusetts and Vermont Valley railroads subsequently facilitated commerce, trade, and travel with and to the rest of New England.

The current “Brattleboro” spelling was adopted in 1888.

Today, more than anything, the city is synonymous with art. Aside from its numerous venues, it uniquely features its Gallery Walk program, in which exhibits are displayed at some 50 locations throughout town on the first Friday of every month, some accompanied by live music and others by the artists themselves. Numbered, each display corresponds to the description, location, and route of the guide published monthly.

Maintaining the town’s raison d’être is the more permanent Brattleboro Museum and Art Center, located downtown, across from the …

What’s the Big Deal About Piron Ovens?

Whether you are a caterer, restaurant owner or a baker, you understand the importance of a good quality oven. Having a reliable oven is imperative to a successful food preparation business. If you have researched your kitchen equipment, you would have heard of a Piron oven. If you haven’t then it may be the right time to learn more about the benefits of these ovens.

In this article I will look at the features of these technologically advanced Piron ovens and why the industry makes such a big deal about them. These are the features:

Stainless steel chamber: these ovens are equipped with a rounded interior stainless steel chamber. It is easier and quicker to clean as well as having the hygiene factor. Usually other ovens are only made of steel and have a box-like interior which is not conducive to easy cleaning. The Piron ovens have introduced a new rounded chamber that makes all the difference.

Turbo cold cooling system: this is a unique function to the Piron ovens. While the oven is heated on the inside, the cooling system maintains a lower external temperature. Thus, adding a degree of safety to the oven during use. In addition, it contains motors that are able to operate constantly during the high internal temperatures. This makes it quite durable over long periods of time.

180 degree door opening: certain models of Piron ovens are fitted with a door that can open 180 degrees. This flexibility gives the chef more freedom and adds an element of convenience and safety.

Digital display: these modern ovens are fitted with digital display screens which allow you to set the temperature, the timer, fan speed, regulate steam, store cooking times in the memory as well as set cooking phases. You literally have all the functions of the oven at your fingertips.

Safety micro switch: the oven is automatically set to switch off when the door is opened lends a unique safety aspect to this modern concept.

Double glass: the ovens are equipped with a double glassed door and an air gap. This keeps the external glass cool which is another safety feature. Furthermore, the door hinges are constructed for optimal balancing to ensure durability in the long run.

Removable side grids: the side grids inside the oven can be removed to fit almost any cooking container. This gives the chef a higher degree of flexibility when planning the next meal.

Halogen lamps: the Piron ovens are fitted with halogen lamps. This allows for better and clearer visibility inside the chamber.

Piron’s ovens are a modern marvel that adds convenience, safety and quality to your baking efforts. The technology is next to none and they are a reliable and durable kitchen equipment to own.…

Waiter Training: How to Set Up a Table – The Equipment

How to set up a table?

Here you can read what you need to set up a table, what you need to watch out for and how it is done correctly. It has very detailed information and I want to show you the procedure for a fully set table in a fine dining environment.

Setting up the tables in your restaurant fully and completely is one of the essentials and really important procedures. How do you want to welcome, seat and provide a pleasant dining experience for your guests, if the tables are not set up correctly? Without that you cannot start your service!

What do you need?

Here is the list of items you need to set up a table:

  • Proper sized table cloth, ensure it is washed, ironed and has no holes or stains
  • Fitting underlay (molton) to make the table feel soft and to avoid noises when placing anything on the table like plates, glasses, etc. Many times, restaurants are using two different kinds of table cloth (big & small) to create a nicer atmosphere, avoid noises and it can make it faster to change the table clothes, because often just the small overlay needs to be changed.
  • Iron or steamer
  • Show plate or charger
  • Cutlery, depending on the style of pre-setting. Here I like to use starter and main course cutlery to be set up. This makes it easier to adjust to your restaurant. So you need main course (meat) fork and knife as well as starter fork and knife.
  • Bread & butter plate (B&B)
  • B&B knife
  • Dessert fork or any other small fork to be used to eat the Amuse bouche (a small delicacy created by the Chef, served complimentary for guests at the very beginning of the meal). Sometimes a small spoon (coffee spoon) might be necessary instead.
  • Napkin folded accordingly to the restaurant standards, theme or style
  • Glassware, again accordingly to the restaurant set up style. In this case I like to set up a water glass/ goblet, red- and white wine glass.
  • Fresh flower or any other decoration for the table accordingly to the restaurant theme
  • Candle stand with a new candle, set by the restaurant standards

All glassware, cutlery and chinaware mentioned needs to be spotlessly clean, polished and free of watermarks. That also means, especially glassware, has to be odor free!

In addition, all equipment has to be free of any damages, chips, marks and/ or fingerprints!

How many items of each you need depends, of course, on the number of person you want to set up for. Now, we want to set up a table for two guests, sitting opposite each other, a individual free standing table with 4 chairs.

I am assuming that this table will be set up for dinner, because in that case, we need the most equipment and the service will be more sophisticated (but again, depending on the restaurant).

How to do it?

After all the equipment has been collected …

Importance of Choosing Restaurant Furniture of the Right Style

Restaurant furniture is important to the success of any establishment. Sure, it may sound unfair, but if a restaurant’s furniture is poorly crafted, or if it is ill designed to suit the restaurant’s atmosphere, the overall dining experience will suffer. It happens time and time again. A restaurant with five star quality food could fail simply because it is unable to provide the proper ambience and setting.

Before rushing out and purchasing furniture for your restaurant, carefully consider what kind of restaurant you want to operate. For instance, a small diner might want restaurant furniture tables and restaurant furniture chairs that are fun and funky, with maybe a splash of color. On the other hand, a cafe styled restaurant may want to have glass tabletops and metal chairs. In addition, no pub or tavern is complete without suitable restaurant bar furniture. Think about it; would your favorite watering hole be complete without the requisite high table-tops and long backed chairs.

These restaurant furnishings are available in a wide array of materials. Wood, glass, metal, and plastic are just a few of the available options. Wood restaurant furniture is always a good choice. It is easy to clean, and virtually maintenance free. However, because it is so commonly selected, it often may make a restaurant seem ordinary. This does not mean that it should never be chosen; just that, all available options should be considered before making a decision.

Of course, you never want to forgo comfort just to have the right kind of style. Patrons appreciate comfort just as much as design. Your restaurant seating furniture should be a good mix between the two. Just because a piece may look good, does not mean that it will be comfortable.

When in the market to buy restaurant furniture, consider conducting a web search. Because websites are in direct competition with one another, they have a large restaurant furniture supply and must offer aggressive wholesale pricing. This enables you to buy restaurant furniture without the fear of having been taken advantage. You can be assured that you are purchasing high quality pieces at a bottom line price.

Stop delaying your search any longer. The sooner you purchase quality and stylish furniture for your restaurant, the faster you can begin experiencing the satisfaction of owning a successful business. With a keen eye for both style and comfort, you will be assured of providing a pleasing ambiance and setting for your customers.…