Top 5 Reasons to Visit France

With over 80 million tourists a year, France is the most visited country in the world. Here are the top five reasons why people from all over the world visit France – the very same reasons you should be planning your own French holidays, too.

1. The Most Romantic Place on Earth

France arguably has more romantic spots than anywhere else in the world. These include stunning gardens such as the world-famous gardens of Versailles, where kings and queens once walked, the gardens of Latour-Marliac in Giverny, which provided the inspiration for one of Claude Monet’s most famous paintings and the Loire Valley, which, with all its golden sunflowers, is a huge garden in itself – all of which are perfect places for a stroll with your loved one. There are also many fairy tale castles for you to tour, such as the Chateau de Chambord, Cheverny Castle and Fontainebleau Castle and you can even spend the night in one if you like.

Of course, you should also spend some time in Paris when you visit France on a romantic getaway. After all, the city is synonymous with romance. Savor the breathtaking views from the top of the Eiffel Tower, walk hand in hand along the Seine – while stealing a French kiss or two, or simply sit side by side in a small cafe and watch the city go by.

2. Gourmet Dining

It is a well-known fact that French cuisine is one of the world’s most popular cuisines, as well as one of the most refined. True, you can easily find a French restaurant in many corners of the world, but nothing still compares to eating fois gras, coq au vin, ratatouille, bouillabaisse, souffle, eclairs or ganache in one of the best restaurants in France. For a truly gourmet dining experience, reserve a table at one of the country’s Michelin three-starred restaurants, like Guy Savoy, Le Meurice or Plaza Athenee.

Be sure to order wine with your meal, since France also produces the best wines – whether red, white, or sparkling wines. You can also visit various wine estates and cellars during your French holidays in the regions of Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne so you can see how wines are made while treating your tastebuds to a wine-tasting escapade. And if you like cognac, you should try it at the town where it originated.

3. World-Class Art Museums

France is home to the Louvre, the world’s most famous museum, which, in turn, is home to over 30,000 priceless works of art. Its collection of paintings is the most impressive, containing masterpieces by the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Caravaggio and Rembrandt, although it also has various sculptures and artifacts from ancient Egypt and Greece. Aside from the Louvre, you should also drop by the Musee d’Orsay, which houses Monet and Renoir masterpieces among others, as well as the Musée National d’Art Moderne at the Centre Georges Pompidou, when you visit France. You can view exceptional works of …

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fast Food

In this modern world people are used to having fast foods more than the foods that are home made. The reason behind this interest is that fast food saves time and the effort that is needed for cooking a meal at home. The fast food system is well suited to the fast paced life of a very busy working individual today. But the most important factor to be kept in mind while having fast food is the disadvantages it has. Though fast food is very suitable to meet our appetite needs in this busy life which is an advantage, they also have a large number of disadvantages that is solely related to the health of the individual. Some of the most important advantages as well as disadvantages of fast food are discussed in this article.


The large number of outlets of this restaurants that are working all over the world greatly shows the popularity behind the system of it. A hard working professional who is away from his home or homeland will have to depend on such fast food restaurants and franchisees like KFC Bangalore home delivery. This is a big necessity of man. The biggest advantage that shall be pointed out by the people favoring it is nothing but the time saved. Today people consider getting a readymade meal is better than everything in this world. Even though the benefits and advantages of fresh food are known by all at the end of the day returning home all tired, then there is nothing great than getting a pizza or burger for our hunger. Other than spending time for cooking a meal in the kitchen, most of the people find it difficult tom collect the ingredients needed for day to day cooking. Going for a shopping for this purpose is considered as a tiresome job. Time required to get the raw materials ready by washing, peeling and cutting them is considered a big waste. If a person leads a lonely life then buying something to eat from the restaurant is surely cheaper than preparing each day at home. Online pizza ordering and such related facilities greatly add to the popularity of fast foods.


The biggest and the well-known disadvantage of it is the adverse effect it may cause to our health. It is a reality and popular fact that fast food is very much unhealthy than the food that is freshly prepared at home. The reason behind this is that it contains larger amounts of salt, oil and fat contents thus increasing our calorie intake. It is an important reason for the problem of obesity. This also has led to many fatal diseases in many. The cardiovascular diseases are the most important among them. There are many outlets of the famous fast food restaurants that greatly consider the comforts of customers. As a leading step to this customer satisfaction they offer home delivery like the McDonald’s home delivery Bangalore.…

Benefits of a Wireless Restaurant Ordering System

With modern technological advancements influencing all aspects of our lives, the new age mantra of going wireless has caught on with restaurant ordering system. Let’s take a look at the potential advantages of the same.

Streamlined Processes

Since the system works through handheld devices connected to a main POS server, potential errors and omissions in the manual order taking process of the traditional point of sale restaurant are eliminated.

• Wait staff are prompted with a follow up screen to select the modifier options for a particular dish for the customer.

• Data is directly processed to the POS system; omiting all errors during transfer of data.

• No queue up for inputting the manual orders at the POS terminals, saving time and reducing staff requirements.

• The wait staff avoids taking orders of unavailable foodstuffs, as the system prompts the status of stocks while ordering.

• The orders into the kitchen are more evenly spaced out, which avoids overstuffing the kitchen with too many orders at one time.

Increases revenue and reduces input costs for the setup

In a wireless POS restaurant, the staffing approach of the restaurant is more cost effective and efficient. The opportunity to schedule less skilled staff who can serve more tables through up selling and increase revenue through quicker table turns.

• In this system, all the menu options and modifiers are saved on handheld devices which can be easily updated at any time. This leads to reduction in training cost and the reliance on memory, during order taking process.

• The satisfaction levels of restaurant staff increases as they serve more tables, which in turn raises their tips. A stable workforce for the restaurant will reduce acquisition and training costs of new staff.

• It’s also a way to practice the ‘Go Green’ initiative in the restaurant by avoiding the use of pen, pencil and paper.

• It is more energy efficient and cost effective as the number of fixed POS restaurant systems is reduced.

Customer satisfaction

The above listed benefits lead to a higher level of operational efficiency within the restaurant. Now let’s look at things from the perspective of your customer.

• Easy search of all the dishes at the touch of a button makes the customer feel delighted. The visual treat ends up with customers not only choosing their preferred dishes, but also leads them to experiment with a number of options from the menu list. In a nutshell, POS restaurant system ease up the ordering system both for the customers and the table staff.

• The customers get an instant response to their query about ingredients, and nutritional information of the dishes. You are in a better position to gauge the regular customers preferred choices of food and seating.

• The customer either can view the cheque on the handheld device or can be emailed directly from the handheld for their records.

The benefits of wireless order taking system are extensive and many restaurateurs have already implemented this technology, …

Different Types of Hospitality Management Systems

Hospitality management systems are the software that runs your hospitality business. From the food ordering system in your restaurant, to online accommodation booking software, it enables efficient communication and management of your operation, ultimately increasing revenues.

With a range of hospitality management systems to choose from, understanding what is offered is important in order to find the right system that is tailored for your needs and budget. Depending on the type of operation you manage, you should consider the following systems, their advantages and suitability to your company.

Accommodation management software:

Accommodation software packages range from those aimed at B&Bs and small motel owners to ones for running big hotels, clubs and resorts. The basic package offers simple guest and room management, while the more complex ones cover every aspect needed to manage and run a big hotel chain. This includes reservations, service, retail, inventory, staff roster and training, accounting and much more.

Front desk: A front office software package should enable reception staff to keep track of all bookings, state of rooms, guest details and charges, coordinate restaurant reservations for guests, plan housekeeping duties and process guest check-in and check-out. They should also provide a means to communicate effectively with all travel agents and activity operators linked to the system. Features you should look out for include: Reports for arrivals & departures on a specific date. Guest ledger and reservation details, including activities and special requests. Room rates, discounts, package deals, group bookings, etc. Visual schematic of hotel rooms and status. Visual schematic of calendar with room availability. Facility for printing check-in cards for guests. Flexibility in re-assigning guests to different room. Facility to easily add charges to rooms from restaurants, spa, gift shop, etc. Incorporate all payment options upon check-out and print receipt. Print work roster for staff Facilities for storing guest history Communicate efficiently with reservation and travel agents

Housekeeping/maintenance software: Easy-to-use software for the housekeeping and maintenance departments of your accommodation place will increase the efficiency of cleaning and servicing of rooms. Main features of this module will be: Keeping track of room status – dirty, cleaned, inspected, check-ins and check-outs, etc. All information such as number of guests, number of beds, length of stay, special requests (e.g. baby cot, high chair) should be visible to both housekeeping staff and management. Staff can enter maintenance issues as they arise, and those are automatically sent to the maintenance department. Staff can request cleaning materials and toiletries ordered. Staff can keep track of laundry status for uninterrupted linen supply.

Online reservation system: This software package is essential to any accommodation place. It helps you increase direct online bookings instantly. Prospective guests can view hotel rooms (size, choice of beds), availability and prices, plus services and facilities offered. The systems should have instant confirmation of credit card payments or other secure online payment method. After payment of deposit and confirmation by email, guests should be able to login to view or change their reservation details. Cancellation policies should be …

Common Logical Fallacies

Often a prospect spirals into a negative abyss. As a master persuader you need to understand what is happening to your prospect. By having an understanding of your prospects concerns, you will have a greater ability to resolve concerns and close more sales.

1. Faulty Cause: assumes that because one thing follows another, the second thing was definitively caused by the first. Example: Shawn broke his mother’s mirror, and sure enough, he was in a car wreck the next week

2. Sweeping Generalization: assumes that what is true in most cases must be true in all cases. Example: We can’t hire this candidate because he’s an ex-felon, and studies show that most ex-felons experience relapses.

3. Hasty Generalization: assumes that a small piece of information is soundly representative of the whole situation. Example: I don’t like Thai food at all. The food I tried at this one Thai restaurant just was terrible and I was sick for days.

4. Faulty Analogy: assumes that if two things are alike in some ways, they must be alike in all ways. Example: Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera dress the same and sing the same type of music, so they must have very similar personalities.

5. Faulty Sign: assumes that one event is a reliable predictor of another. Example: That guy is wearing a big Starter jacket, has a tattoo, and wears baggy pants. He’s probably a gang member.

6. Tautology: defines an argument in a manner that makes it impossible to disprove. Example: You are a disagreeable person and, if you disagree with me, it will just prove even more how disagreeable you are.

7. Appeal to Authority: justifies an argument by citing a famous or popular person who also supports the argument. Example: Those shoes are great for Michael Jordan, so they’ll be great for me.

8. Slippery Slope: assumes that a particular step invariably leads to similar steps, culminating with a negative outcome. Example: If I let one student hand in their paper late, then I’ll have to let others hand theirs in late, too, and before you know it, everyone will be begging for an extension.

9. Red Herring: attempts to divert attention away from the real issue. Example: When accused by his wife of cheating at cards, Frank says, “Nothing I do ever pleases you. I spent a whole week cleaning out the garage, and then all you did was complain about how I’d reorganized it.”

10. Appeal to Ignorance: uses a person’s inability to disprove a claim as proof that the claim is right. Example: We know there are people living on other planets in other galaxies because no one can prove that there are not.…

Restaurant SOP and Training Guide

There are few greater challenges than managing a food and beverage establishment. There are plenty of potential entrepreneurs that seek out business success in this area, only to succumb to the pitfalls that are inherent for the unprepared. Don’t allow your establishment to be such a victim. The key to business success is having a good game plan and the personnel to carry it out. We can help you in both areas.

The first step to success is having a restaurant SOP. Any business has to have a plan of operation in order to deliver its quality service in a consistent and effective manner. This is especially true for a food and beverage organization. Guests want to visit an establishment in which they realize that they will receive excellent service and food with every visit. This is only possible for any establishment that has the procedures in place to accomplish this.

Our restaurant SOP is a comprehensive eBook of procedures and guidelines that can assist a restaurant manager. These procedures can be used intact or adapted to the circumstances of your establishment. In either case, you will have a basis in which to set up a detailed restaurant SOP on how your business will function. These procedures will detail how each facet of your business is to operate and be carried out. This is especially important in regards to guest service. There should be specific guidelines established outlining how personnel will deal with guests.

A well-documented and prepared restaurant SOP will go along way to effectively and efficiently provide for the second facet that is needed in food and beverage management: training. It is imperative that your personnel have the correct training in order to properly be able to carry out the duties of providing your guests with quality services. For a food and beverage establishment, your personnel are the representatives of your services. How well they perform their duties will be a direct reflection on your establishment and a key for return business.

Training, therefore is important to establish a level (and spirit) of competency, proficiency, and teamwork. Communication is also an important factor and knowing how to do so is a vital aspect of training procedures as well. A detailed restaurant training guide will lay out how this is to be done, as well as what types of training (i.e. skills) needs to be imparted to personnel.

We can provide a comprehensive training guide that covers the basic details of what should be imparted to food and beverage personnel. These training points will ensure that the highest degree of professional conduct is provided to personnel. Our training guide can be used in its original format, or adapted for your own customized restaurant training guide.

What should be understood is that these tools are necessary for any food and beverage establishment that wants to be successful. A restaurant SOP and training guidelines are imperative. Knowing what to do and how to do it is what ensures that consumers receive …

Restaurant Training – Waiter & Waitress Training Tips For Customer Service – Hospitality Education

Did you know that approximately 14 percent of your customers will not return to your business because of food quality and 68 percent because of service quality? So, doesn’t it make sense to train your waiters and waitresses to deliver superior service to win your customers back every time?

To gain the competitive edge today, you have to do much more to place your restaurant on the “favorites” list. One way is through personalizing service for each type of customer that comes to your business. For example, selling and service techniques employed for a family with children are different from that which would be delivered to elderly customers. The same holds true for business customers versus vacationers. It is never safe to think that your restaurant service staff will inherently understand these differences. Unless trained, they are most likely to offer one size fits all service.

Teach your waiters and waitresses to be observant and follow the tips below to help assess the needs of your customers:

•Time limitation (leisurely or time restricted)

•Mood (celebratory, romantic, stressed)

•Age group (children, teenagers, baby boomers, seniors, geriatrics)

•Purpose for their visit (social, private/intimate, or business)

•Gender (male, female)

Since approximately 80 percent of communication is conveyed through facial gestures and verbal and non verbal body language, as opposed to the actual words, teach your service team to focus on the following areas:

•Verbal Language (voice tone, rate, inflection, speech, pronunciation, and grammar)

•Body Language (eye contact, facial expressions, gestures and movement)

Look for telltale signs of a customer in a rush such as looking at their watch, looking around or rubber necking, talking quickly, crossing their arms, or tapping their fingers. Also, closely observe your customers’ image (e.g. clothing, accessories, hair, makeup, etc.). This can also provide you with many clues about their dining needs.

Here is an exercise to share with your service team. It lists various types of customers and ways to customize service for each customer category. During a pre-shift meeting or company training session, review this exercise with your restaurant service staff.

Customer Types and Service Suggestions:

1. Celebrating

-Since celebrating customers usually have larger budgets, suggest higher priced items along with party-spirit foods/drinks and a cake to recognize the occasion

-Congratulate the celebrating customer and focus on their main event

-Be social unless serving a couple desiring privacy

2. Elderly

-Since many elderly customers are on a limited income, guide them towards value-oriented foods and recommend light, soft, and less spicy foods

-Be patient and speak slowly, project your voice, and listen carefully

-Refrain from acts which can be construed as condescending or treating them like children

3. Family (with children)

-Offer high chairs and booster seats

-Be prepared to make kid-favorite suggestions and easy to eat finger foods

-Offer something to occupy the child’s attention (game books, crayons, crackers)

-Be patient while the family orders and give the children the opportunity to place their order themselves

-Sincerely compliment the customer about their children

-Ask the child …

50th Birthday Party – Around the World Beer Party Theme

A creative theme for a 50th birthday party is “Around the World Beer Party”. Especially if the birthday guest of honor enjoys drinking beer this can be a very fun and memorable theme for a 50th birthday. Here is a step by step plan for an Around the World Beer Party.


Each invitation to the party can be unique when you consider the options from varying regions around the world. Before you send out invitations, decide what regions you want to highlight at your Around the World Beer party. Use images of beer labels printed on card stock and on the other side include information about the party. Don’t be afraid to ask guests to bring their own samples. Your friends may introduce you to a brand new experience. It is a great way to get everyone involved!

Another creative way to entice your guests with the Around the World Beer theme is to include a few bottle caps in with an invitation printed with a world map. For those who are beer fanatics, the scent remaining on the cap may be alluring.

Get hands on with your printer and a pair of scissors. Print out images of a full beer stein, with the party information on the mug, on a piece of card stock. Cut out the stein and mail to your guests.

Say something in the invitation like: “See what’s on Tap for an Evening of Beers from Around the World”


Checkout your local party store for Around the World decorations like international flags and maps. Post flags at the walkway or entrance to the party for a grand international feel.

Scour thrift stores and restaurant supply stores for beer steins and pilsner glasses to serve beer in. Fill some of these glasses with lights or brightly colored tissue paper for a festive effect.

Check the internet for public domain images of beer signs from the representative regions. Take the images to a printer and have them blown up to poster size. The images can be anything from beer labels, bar signs or neon signs.


Besides the traditional party games played while drinking beer, there are many options incorporating the Around the World theme. Invite party guests to bring their favorite international beer. Let every guest do a sampling of each beer brought to the party. Provide scorecards with categories for AROMA, COLOR, TASTE, and AFTERTASTE. The guest who brought the winning beer wins a prize (a special stein for the party) and the guest who brought the losing beer gets to help clean up after the party!

Reuse some of the trash from the party and collect ten empty beer bottles, clean them out and play beer bowling. What goes better with beer than bowling!

If room allows, lay a board on a soft surface like a mat or carpet. Organize your guests into teams and challenge them to build the biggest beer bottle pyramid. Earn extra points for incorporating the most regions from …

The "Un-Wedding" Wedding

Getting married is as popular as ever these days, but no so the traditional wedding. It seems like more and more couples are opting for celebrations which are as unique as they are and which have more in common with a great party than a typical wedding reception. Take a look at the trend for fresh and fun “un-wedding” weddings.

What truly sets an “un-wedding” reception apart from its more traditional counterpart is attitude. An un-wedding celebration is rarely formal, never stuffy, and a lot of fun. The emphasis is on throwing a party which promises a great time to friends and family, full of delicious foods, wonderful wine or cocktails, and relaxed conversation. This style of wedding celebration can take place at a traditional venue, but may also be somewhere other than the standard club or hotel.

Restaurants are a great venue for an un-wedding reception. A party in a restaurant is going to feel more like a great big dinner party than a standard wedding reception. And by choosing your favorite restaurant, you can be sure that the food will be utterly fantastic, a far cry from the usual chicken or beef entrees served at most receptions. The bride and groom can choose relaxed attire, rather than a heavy looking tuxedo and ornate ballgown. A modern silk organza gown with a black ribbon trim and handcrafted bridal jewelry would be tres chic.

Keep the decor informal and interesting. If it fits the room, a few long tables will feel more family friendly than many small ones. A great look for the table decorations would be a long runner over a simple tablecloth with a variety of decorative elements loosely arranged to tumble down the length of the table. A mixture of flickering votive candles, fresh seasonal fruit, and flowers in short vases will suit the restaurant venue perfectly. One word of caution: not all restaurant venues have room for a dance floor, so decide if that is important to you, and select your restaurant accordingly.

Unusual settings are also popular for un-weddings. Why not select an interesting site like an aquarium or a trendy art gallery for your reception? The space itself will be so visually engaging that you will need to do very little in the way of decorations. Plan your menu to suit the space. At an art gallery, stations featuring contemporary and unique cuisine would be ideal for dinner. Naturally seafood would be appropriate for a wedding in an aquarium.

When working with an off-beat venue, choose your colors to suit the locale. Watery blues and greens would look wonderful for an aquarium, for instance. At a site like a gallery which will have a lot to look at on the walls, a restrained color palette like white and charcoal would blend well. This color combination is one of the most popular for weddings this year for everything from bridesmaid dresses to invitations to handcrafted bridal jewelry. Charcoal dupioni tablecloths with a bit of shimmer …

Upgrading Your Office Appearance, Get Your Workspace Together

As often as we hear the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” we all know that first impressions are critical. And sometimes our appearance is the only first impression we get to give to future clients. We take great care in the morning to dress appropriately; matching the shoes with the belt or picking out that “power tie”. We want our clothing to project our confidence and capabilities. But what does our office say about us? There are numerous reasons to upgrade our office, and buying new office furniture is one of the greatest ways to improve a business’s look.

The first reason to upgrade an office to to revamp a business’s image. Have you ever been to a dumpy restaurant and thought, “Yes, they have the best food in town, but I wish the place were a little nicer?” Have your clients ever thought the same about your office? Could an image upgrade help you gain more clients?

Have you considered ergonomics? Office injuries due to the poor quality of furniture are the second leading cause of employee sick absences, behind only the common cold. Ergonomic chairs use the natural curvature of the body to help relieve the stress placed on the bones and muscles while working in an office. Significantly reducing or eliminating the cost of workers’ comp claim fees due to poor office furniture is a great justification for new furniture.

A new office will boost company morale, lower work related stress, and increase productivity. Respondents to an American Society of Interior Designers survey identified four ways in which a new office look affects productivity: 1) it improves accessibility, 2) increases employee comfort, 3) increases privacy, including limiting noise and distractions, and 4) provides flexibility and customization.

Giving the office a face lift has many advantages; it can give the company a more professional look, increase clientele, ergonomics can reduce stress and work related injuries, boost morale, and increase productivity. Another advantage? It could cost much less than moving to a new location.…