Traditional Hardwood Restaurant Chairs

If you're opening a restaurant or plan to redecorate an existing eatery consider traditional hardwood chairs to outfit your dining areas. Finely finished and stained hardwood has a rustic and classic charm that you can not achieve with chrome or aluminum and with the right upholstered seat and chair backs you will have a comfortable and durable restaurant chair that will stand the test of time and provide high quality seating for all your guests.

Steak houses, seafood restaurants and upscale eateries are all appropriate settings for traditional hardwood restaurant chairs. Beech wood is an abundant material for commercial restaurant furniture and has proven to be extremely durable when used for chairs. Whether an end chair, side chair or arm chair solid beech wood can be found in many different shapes and styles with custom options for upholstering to match your restaurants overall theme and décor.

Simple yet classic ladder back style side chairs are perfect for traditional restaurant décor. Beech wood ladder back side chairs feature mortise and tenon joint construction along with metal reinforcements to provide a sturdy seat made for heavy commercial use. The seat of a ladder back chair can be left as smooth hardwood or accented with a variety of fabric upholstery for added comfort.

The head of the table in a traditional style restaurant should be outfitted with high quality hardwood arm chairs. And elegant elegant classic Arm Chairs are On Very Comfortable And Have Options Reviews seating The Option Of Seat Back Seat And Upholstering. The Beidermeier arm chair is a great choice for traditional steak houses and old world cuisine eateries with its stately appearance and durable frame. With a seat height of 18 "the Beidermeier arm chair is a perfect fit fort most standard restaurant tables and many models feature staining options that include traditional wood colors including mahogany, cherry and walnut. …

Tips on Improving Restaurant Service – Use the "86" Board Properly For the Waiters

In my last restaurant service consulting job, I had a discussion with the management and the waiters about the 86 board. Yes, it is a very simple topic, even trivial some may think. But, the improper use of an 86 board will hurt restaurant customer service, possibly leaving some customers dissatisfied, which in turn subtracts from the bottom line.

So, here is the story. In this particular restaurant that I was helping, the waiters were not even using an 86 board. The only way the waiters could be informed of any 86’ed menu items was through the computer.

The problem was that the waiters would find out about the 86’ed item from the computer only “after” the food order was taken from the customer. So, the waiter would have to return to the table and inform the customer that his/her desired order was no longer in stock for the shift.

The result of this system is wasted time and energy with a possible dissatisfied customer who had to take the time to pick out a different menu item. Technology is not solving this problem.

The very simple “old school” solution is that an 86 board, clearly legible, must be in sight for all staff to view. Otherwise, they will learn of 86’ed items through the computer– when it is too late. If it is a very large restaurant, then there must be a splurge for a second or third 86 board.

Basically, if a menu item is 86’ed, then all waiters must know immediately so they, in turn, can inform the customer “before” leaving the table with that food order.

Another important concept is the menu item countdown, where the most popular items get listed on the 86 board as they run very low. In other words, when there are 5 lobster orders left, it gets listed on the 86 board with a 5 count next to it. When one order is sold from there, then it becomes a 4 count of lobsters, and so on until 0 lobsters are counted down. This way, the waiters can inform diners of any popular menu items which may be close to running out for that shift.

For 86 board hardware, it should simply be a white board with a dark colored magic marker, and not a blackboard with chalk that gets a bit messy and is harder to read.

Yes, proper use of the 86 board will actually improve restaurant customer service, which enhances reputation and the bottom line.…

Wear the Appropriate Shoes For Work

People say you can tell a lot about someone by his/ her footwear. And indeed you can. It is not just about the style or the type of shoes one is wearing. But there are some professions that require you to wear the appropriate shoes for work. These job types demand accuracy and precision with a quick pacing. In order to perform at their absolute best, nurses, chefs, hikers and sports men have to wear the appropriate shoes. When looking to buy shoes for work, fit and comfort are the things that are of main concern.

1. Chef and restaurant shoes. Among the popular brands that manufacture chef shoes are Champion, Cruise, Flex and Stretch. The shoes are made with a slip resistant sole, truly made for the worst kitchen conditions.

2. Hospital shoes. These shoes have features that promote overall body wellness. The soles are properly cushioned and it promises to promote alignment of the spine, improve posture and with it you can avoid future foot problems caused by work fatigue.

3. Shoes for the security. People who protect others need to protect themselves as well. Hence, there is a specific shoe style made for people working in security so they are always at their best.

4. Manufacturing shoes are also made to be slip resistant, comfortable and sturdy.

Occupational shoes need to be fit and comfortable. It does not mean however, that they have to be un-styled and boring. There is a number of occupational shoe brands that provide the comfort and assures safety while at work and they also make sure you are in style while you perform.…

Make Your Restaurant Business More Profitable With Gift Cards

The idea of giving gift cards for money has turned out to be a great success. It creates a win-win situation for both restaurants and their customers. Where customers can avail discounts on their next visits, restaurants get more customers and thus more profits.

Some Common Trends

Different businesses offer different types of gift certificates. Some offer paper certificates, while others offer magnetic discount coupons. Magnetic gifts are more popular because they work as a credit card and offer great convenience. The customers just have to swap the same to make the payment. The process of issuing, tracking, and redeeming paper certificates is very complicated and highly time-consuming. On the other hand, magnetic gift cards make the process smoother and much easier. However, a transaction fee is charged in this system whenever a specific amount is redeemed or added to the card balance. There is also a new trend that facilitates housing card balances at the store level. The best thing about this process is that it does not charge any transaction fee and takes little time. These gifts are also not disposable and can be reused. Customers can get any amount added to the balance. Customers love to keep this card in their wallet just like other cards, such as credit cards and ATM cards. Attractive restaurant designs on these certificates, such as a delicious logo, will constantly remind the customers of your restaurant every time they use their wallet.

Benefits For The Restaurants

Gift cards carry a wide array of benefits not only for customers, but also for restaurants. Some of the main reasons why you must consider selling discount gift card are the increased number of repeat customers, additional sales, and huge profits. To ensure profitable operation of your food business, you should consider using reusable magnetic gifts. It is not very difficult to create your debit card system using these certificates. You make money from abandoned certificates also. Customers tend to abandon their cards when the balance goes below a certain amount of money. These abandoned dollars can result in thousands of dollars of profit per year, especially for large businesses.

Attracting People To New Restaurants

Gift cards can also be very helpful in attracting customers to a new restaurant. Distributing discount certificates is a great marketing idea to encourage people to visit your restaurant. Distributing certificates with small balances will certainly attract customers.

Taking Full Advantage Of This Powerful Marketing Idea

To take full advantage of this powerful marketing idea, you should consider using magnetic gifts instead of the paper certificates. Make sure that you use an attractive logo on it. You may also consider packaging them for a more impressive gift presentation. Some restaurants have implemented innovative ideas by reaching an agreement with non-competitive companies to display and distribute gifts of the month at each other’s business. The best thing about the magnetic gifts is that they are safe, as they get value only after they have been sold. Furthermore, since they are reusable, …

Restaurant Data – Techniques of Suggestive Selling

For food and beverage businesses, the customer is their greatest resource. All functions and services that an business offers are all geared toward catering to the customer. However, some businesses can fail to maximize the revenue potential of customers. This issue can be alleviated through the use of proper selling techniques. When staff utilizes suggestive selling techniques throughout their interaction with customers, food and beverage businesses realize increased revenue streams.

Every restaurant should maintain a restaurant operation manual that details how staff should interact with customers and utilize suggestive selling techniques. Suggestive selling is simply using the power of persuasive suggestion that directs customers to other services and products an business may offer. In this manner, staff becomes a primary source of advertisement and sales generation for a food and beverage business.

Utilized properly, suggestive selling techniques are designed to enhance a customers experience at an business, to increase revenue through additional sales, and to generate repeat business. This endeavor can and should be a primary function of every staff person that has interaction from customers. With proper training, food and beverage management can ensure that personnel are aware of this important duty, and more importantly, have the skills to carry it out.

Suggestive selling techniques begin with knowing your customers. For new customers this means paying attention to what they say and do. This will help staff to determine what other services or products that can be reasonably offered. For repeat customers, staff should have an idea of a guests taste and be prepared to offer services and products that are in line with previous behavior. In either case, the key is to be aware of what customers want and desire as to best be in a position to offer it to them.

For suggestive selling techniques to be effective, food and beverage management should ensure that staff is well versed in selling points and in the services that an business offers. Thorough knowledge and training will ensure that personnel have the confidence to carry out their duties. In one sense, food and beverage management have to convince staff that suggestive selling is a necessity. If staff take it to heart, then they are more likely to effectively deliver the message. Further, in order to be in a position to suggest other services and products, staff will have to possess an intimate knowledge of the business’s product and service offerings.

At this point, every staff member becomes de facto sales persons. Attitudes should be upbeat and positive. Displaying an enthusiasm for services and products will help produce similar feelings in customers. The idea to keep in mind is that customers are there to purchase a product or service already, so sell them all you can.

If the entire staff of a food and beverage business is involved in suggestive selling, then customers are sure to have a fulfilling experience. Training, in fact, is the key to ensuring staff are prepared to undertake this endeavor. Our restaurant training guide can …

Seven Tips on Running A Successful Restaurant

The restaurant business is a demanding one and it certainly has its challenges. Here are some tips on how to run a successful restaurant.

· Listen to the Customer.

The customer is always right, yes they are. There is no point arguing this, rather just listen. The customer may give you valuable input when it comes to the quality of your meals. Perhaps you haven’t had a chance to sample the meals over the past month. Well, guess what? Your customers do. So listen to them. This could allow you to fix the problem right away. Perhaps your chef has changed an ingredient or is becoming overwhelmed with the demand and is putting out dishes before they are 100%. This will give you better control over what is happening in your kitchen.

· Budget.

Restaurants deal with small margins so there isn’t much room to make mistakes. Draw up a weekly budget of what food items need to be purchased on a weekly basis, and don’t stock up too much. It will take up space and could become old before it could be used. That would be money, literally, thrown away. Keep an eye on your cash flow and ensure that it is spent wisely.

· Advertise Your Restaurant.

Restaurant owners think that if they build it the customers will come. How? Unless you tell people that it exists no one will come. Advertise your restaurant, whether it’s on billboards, in magazines, or on social media. Tell people about it.

· Give Staff Clear Job Descriptions.

Staff members need to know exactly what their instructions are. They also need to know what is considered acceptable behaviour and what is not acceptable in the restaurant. It they know what is expected of them, this will lead to a smooth functioning restaurant.

· Run Promotions.

Customers love special promotions. They want to feel that they are getting more value for their money, so this will attract them. Offer specials such as a free drink with a meal or a two for one meal deal. Decide on promotions on a monthly or seasonal basis to keep customers intrigued.

· Keep the Menu Interesting.

If you have the same menu for years, customers tend to get bored and venture to other restaurants where they can try something new. Rather have those customers try something new at your restaurant. Perhaps every 6 months to a year, change the menu slightly to introduce new meals. And mix it up a bit.

· Invest in Quality Catering Equipment.

Investing in catering equipment that is reliable and that won’t break down every 5 minutes is a necessity. Find catering equipment that will last for years so that you won’t have to spend precious cash flow on replacing or repairing catering equipment every year.…

Restaurant Gift Cards

People love to receive restaurant gift cards because most everyone loves to be treated to dinner. They make a great gift for young and old alike and can be given for any special occasion – such as birthdays, religious holidays, anniversaries, weddings, and so on – or just to say thank you.

The popularity of restaurant gift cards has doubled since 2002. In a busy world where families have little time for fun and recreation, what better gift to give than an evening out without having to spend money on a meal? Most all restaurants offer gift cards, and many offer them online. The values ​​usually range from $ 10 to $ 100 depending on the establishment.

Companies often take advantage of buying restaurant gift cards in bulk to treat their employees on holidays or for outstanding performance awards. This not only favors the company that purchases the cards, but it inevitably helps the restaurant if the meal is good. People tend to go back to restaurants where they know they will get a good meal every time.

Usually, if the entire amount is not used on the first visit, the balance will carry for another time. The card can also be purchased in increments. For example, instead of giving a $ 100 card, give four $ 25 cards. Make sure you check with the restaurant ahead of time to make sure the card is valid for the date you would like to go. There are instances, holidays for example, when the card might not be honored. …

Dining Chairs – Beautifying Your Dining Room

Dining room is perhaps the most commonly used area of ​​your house. And of course, dining table is the focus of this important room that makes the chairs its centre field. Therefore to enjoy a real meal experience, you must have a well-furnished dining area with properly arranged table, chairs and a striking crockery / cutlery set make every meal and novel experience.

Selecting the right Dining Chairs

Dining chairs that are made to provide proper placement to the dining table are the best selection. The reason behind this is that these chairs are especially designed to accommodate the table itself. If you are reluctant to purchase the chairs with a dinner set table, you have the choice to select special chairs in accordance with the table. You need to be extra vigilant while purchasing chairs because an ill-fitting collection of chairs destroys the attractiveness and décor of a dining room.

While comfortable and relaxing dining chairs can make dining a luxurious and make you spend more time with your family, uncomfortable chairs can make even lead to backache or pain in the arms making you dread the mealtimes.

Refurnishing your Dining Chairs

Chairs Reviews dining are On always more to break color : as Likely as compared to Reviews dining tables. After more than a year of handling and use, the chairs naturally suffer abrasions, scratches and material outwear. Even if you do not have the budget to buy new dining chairs every time; refurnishing old dining chairs with applicable stuff and hardware is a good idea. New seat covers, fabric and other accessories for refurbishing dining chairs are readily available in the market.

Using Dining Chair Slip Covers

To avoid wear and tear, scratches and nicks on your dining chairs, try using slip covers. They are a great way to protect your chairs against climatic conditions, food spills or dirty hands and scratching. You can give your existing chairs a facelift with beautiful and attractive slip covers. Slip covers are usually available in a variety of designs, materials, colors and styles to match your dining table as well as your room décor. With the help of matching slip covers, you can wonderfully give a new look to your chairs in a very low budget.

No matter what décor theme your dining room has, dining chairs make an important contribution to the overall interior. While beautifully adding a functional touch to the room, dining chairs even decide your best wished-for decorative exertions.

Offers information and tips on buying Chairs for home, office, restaurant, Reviews dining room, Reviews living room and Reviews kitchen. Buy folding chairs, rocking chairs, lawn chairs, living room chairs with help of our suggestions and articles. …

Restaurant Data – Bad Body Language

A recently conducted survey concluded that your actions speak louder than your words, which indicates the importance of body language in the process of communication. Food and Beverage is a service related sector and hence communication plays a very important role here. Hence is you are a part of restaurant management or you own a food and beverage business you have to be sure that your staff is well equipped with a great body language.

On the hind side, the problem is that if you cannot work on the body language of your staff, your business image could go for a toss. Everything from the facial expression to the pose of the body speaks a lot about the owners and restaurant management. If you want to save your food and beverage business from being embarrassed due to a lousy body language of the staff you’ll have to equip them with the right kind of training.

Before your staff understands what they have to do from a proper restaurant training guide or a service SOP it is very important that you can make them understand about things that need to be avoided.

The body language of a person can be determined by 3 factors, which are:

Head and face, Hands and arms, Body and legs.

Head & Face: This deals with the facial expressions and the way your staff projects itself. There are a number of things that should be avoided by your service staff which includes things like yawning, humming, chewing gum, burping or sniffing, sucking teeth or even rolling the eyes or head. These are bad manners and can irritate or annoy your guests.

Hands & Arms: A lot of people will get disgusted if your staff is using their hands and arms for purposes like digging their noses, scratching, fidgeting or cleaning nails. Even when hands are placed in the pocket, they can seem to look to casual and unprofessional.

Body & Legs: Leaning your body to a wall or tapping your feet continuously can be quite a distraction for the guests and moreover these represent an impatient and impolite body language. Stretching is another example of bad body language that your staff in the food and beverage industry should strictly avoid.

Keeping away from the mistakes mentioned above you staff can avoid all possible problems that your guests would dislike. At the same time you should be able to train them to match their pace with the guests. The style of working, talking and presenting should be neither such that the guest should feel rushed nor should he/she complain about slow service.

You should be very careful that your staff has the right body language so that your guests can feel understood and respected and they would cherish the experience. At the end you can be sure that with this feeling your guests will repeat the experience at your food and beverage place.…

Floor Plans For Nightclubs – Great Business Ideas For Your Night Club

Nightclubs are well-known for their hot dance floors and cool bars. When deciding on nightclub floor plans, there are a lot of decisions to be made regarding the placement of specific locations within the nightclub itself. There are certain elements that must be included in those plans no matter what type of nightclub is being built.

Nightclubs Need a Bar Area

Nightclubs must have a bar area for patrons to enjoy. Plans for a new nightclub must include plenty of space for a bar and seating for the bar’s patrons. The bar should be in close proximity to the dance floor so that thirsty dancers won’t have far to go to enjoy refreshing alcoholic beverages. This needs to be taken into account when deciding on the placement of the bar in the plans.

Nightclubs Must Have a Dance Floor

Every nightclub must have a dance floor. The nightclub floor plans should include square footage for the dance floor area. This area needs to be large enough to accommodate dancers, dance contests, or any other event that could possibly take place inside the nightclub.

Nightclubs Need Smoking Areas

Many of today’s nightclubs do not allow smoking in certain areas such as on the dance floor. In that case, the floor plans should include a space for smokers to use. Some nightclubs have an outside porch or terrace for smokers while others designate a small space inside the club for smoking patrons.

Some Nightclubs Have Restaurants

Some nightclubs also have restaurants inside their doors. If that is the case, the nightclub floor plans will need to include space for a kitchen area as well as seating for the restaurant’s patrons. The plans will need to separate the spaces used for the restaurant, bar, and dance floor.

Nightclub Themes

The theme of the nightclub being built will also determine the type of plans needed. For instance, a nightclub with a Vegas theme in Las Vegas might need to have extra square footage in the plans to accommodate slot machines or poker tables. An exclusive nightclub may want to find floor plans that include private rooms for VIP guests or private parties.

Leasing or Building a New Club

Depending on whether the nightclub building is being built according to new plans or using an existing space, nightclub plans may have to be altered. If the nightclub is being housed in a new building, any plan may be followed and built to the correct specifications. If a nightclub is being housed in a leased space or in an existing building, the floor plans may have to be altered to suit the existing building.

Nightclub floor plans need to meet specific requirements depending upon the theme of the nightclub and the requirements its owner sets. Different plans will suggest varying locations for the placement of the bar, restaurant, dance floor, and smoking area. Plans will also vary based on square footage needs. There are a lot of choices when it comes to planning for a new …