Wood High Chairs – Beautiful and Functional

For years and years highchairs were made out of wood. Now we see high chairs made out of plastic and cheap metal. I love a good wooden highchair. Nowadays there are so many options for wood highchairs it can be hard to choose. Of course we've all seen the wood high chairs at restaurants, functional but not very classy. Are there other options the family and look out if they want to would highchair? Yes there are.

What are the advantages of wood over other materials for highchairs. Well, for one thing, wood highchairs will last for a long long time. Another advantage to a high chair made out of wood is that it is a nice looking piece of furniture. Wood just has the feeling of endurance. A plastic highchair feels like a throwaway, strictly functional piece of baby equipment. A wood high chair is something that you and your baby can be proud of.

There are so many styles of highchair that you can find something that will fit in with any decor. There are nice press back highchairs, bow back highchairs, and many other designs that have been popular over the years. Many years ago my wife and I went to an auction. On that auction was 100-year-old bow back highchair. It was beautiful. We bought it and have used it for years. You will not do that with one of these new plastic highchairs.

If you decor is not such that an old-style wood highchair fits in there are many manufacturers that are making modern would highchairs. Wood is timeless, and the beauty of wood fits in with any interior design. If you decide to get a would highchair, it is quite possible that this chair could be passed down for generations. …

How to Treat Dementia and Alzheimer’s With the Best Brain Food

“Nootropic” is a term for a supplement that is ingested primarily for its effects on the brain. Nootropics is a Greek word meaning ‘Towards the Mind’. Nootropics are an emerging class of drugs that are designed to enhance cognitive function. Many of the cognition-enhancing “supplements” on the market make all the usual claims about “natural” enhancement – meanwhile they predictably contain just vitamins, herbs which have not been shown effective, perhaps nootropics, and often a stimulant, like caffeine. The only drug in the mix which is likely to have a noticeable effect by the user is the stimulant.

The concept behind nootropics is to target some metabolic or nutritional aspect of brain function, especially a function involved with memory or attention, and then to provide a nutritional precursor to that metabolic pathway, or a drug that enhances the activity of a neurotransmitter, enzyme, or other metabolic factor.

It is true and likely relevant that the brain is a very metabolically hungry organ. Optimal brain function depends upon most metabolic and physiological parameters functioning well. For this reason the brain is often the canary-in-a-coalmine of biological function – the first thing to go when something is off. Sick hospital patients, for example, are often sleepy or confused because their bodies are simply under stress, or their metabolic parameters are off. It can often be challenging to figure out exactly what is making a patient confused, because so many things can affect brain function. Further, in everyday healthy life our brain function can be off simply from having insufficient sleep, not eating well, being depressed, or being physically or mentally exhausted.

To be clear, nootropics are not steroids for the mind. In fact, true nootropic fanatics (who call themselves “noots”) claim simply that nootropics grease the cognitive wheels, enabling the brain to operate at its “cleanest” and for longer periods of time.

The terrifying symptoms of dementia start with mild memory loss. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You do not have to accept a failing memory as a natural part of getting older. Did you know there are currently over 36 million people worldwide with dementia? With the aging baby boomer population, that number is only going to explode.

According to the World Health Organization, if you’re over the age of 40, you personally have an almost 1 in 2 chance of getting Dementia. And if your memory is already starting to fail you, you need to take action today or you risk it getting worse and worse as you age.

The esteemed director at the UCLA Memory Clinic, Dr. Gary Small says, “The only cure for Alzheimer’s is prevention.” There is more money spent on brain research than on cancer research today. There are literally thousands of scientific studies which prove that it all starts with getting a healthy brain.

Is it possible to give your brain exactly what it needs, naturally, so that it can clear itself of toxins and perform at its best? The answer is, …

A Life In Marrakech

Boasting an ideal place in the heart of the Riad de luxe and simple to access by automobile, the brand new Demeures d’Orient riad welcomes you in a setting combining space and Demeures d’Orient delivers luxurious rooms and suites spread more than 10,700 ft². Spindler recently reopened Les Mimosas, now known as Dar Caravane and named following his restaurant in the Essaouira medina. Combining Suites and Classic rooms Riad Kalaa delivers a range of accommodations that are for all season. Boutique Hotels & Riads Essaouira – Colonial Riads, Hotels and Coastal Hideaways in this Portguese seaside town. The interiors of our riad have been restored in the style of the XIII century glory with it is special colour arrangements, area decor and the layout of the Court. The following indicators relate only to apartments given that villas vary drastically in nature and value, thus, their rental worth can’t be accurately estimated by means of the use of these indicators).

Sofitel Tour Blanche is the excellent spot to remain for these who are interested in place and a luxury / comfort expertise. The Riad Farnatchi is in the heart of Riad de luxe Marrakech medina so excellent for sightseeing. Riad Samarkand is a 19th century riad renovated by a Parisian couturier with terraces, a small garden and oriental decor. At our riad you will also be able to view an exclusive exhibition of hand-produced carpets which boast the weaving traditions of the different tribes of Morocco. Riad Tizwa are luxury guest homes that have been highly recommended by travellers, guidebooks, journalists and local guides. This luxurious riad in the centre of Riad marrakech luxe has a French feel to it. There are huge living spaces and a honeymoon suite that looks out onto orange trees.

Travel Exploration is an American / Moroccan owned business primarily based in New York and Morocco with a Multilingual speaking employees who are passionate about the location. Management solutions come at a cost – usually 20{ccdfc561878e9246e1a18999d5a21dd519dc1b039f0564ab04c9b3978134babb}, but managed rental does provide many organisational benefits – the agency comprehensively manages the rental and maintenance of your house for you and supplies useful buyer service for your rental clientele. In order to decide on the rental method most suited to you, it is helpful to estimate the possible rental return your house will produce. Travel Exploration offers Private, Tailor-produced tours to Morocco and Excursions from Casablanca and Marrakech. We advise you to select traditional riads in Fez to remain as a ideal opportunity to immerse oneself in the rich history of Morocco.…

Considerations When Selecting Catering Equipment

With the increasing competition in the hospitality industry, restaurants and hotels are now seeking all sorts of ways to cut on their operation costs to keep their profits at a sustainable level. One of the key areas that they can cut significant costs is with their catering equipment. Catering equipment is not all about costs. There are many factors you will need to keep in mind when purchasing the catering supplies.

Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is an important consideration when purchasing the catering supplies. The brand gives you quality assurance. Since the catering equipment cost a lot and are a big part of your capital outlay, it is important to ensure that you spend safe. Before committing to a brand, it is important to do some due diligence by taking an internet review or interviewing others in the industry.

Warranty and Service Agreement

The warranty and the service agreement are another important factor to consider when purchasing the catering supplies. Ensure that the catering equipment have at least three warranty. You should also look out for dealers who provide service contracts to maintain the equipment. The service contract should be fairly cheap especially in the first years after purchasing the catering supplies. It is important to keep the warranty records properly in case you will need to use the it.

Cost of Equipment

The cost of the equipment is a key factor. Based on your budget, you should work at getting the best catering equipment at the least price. Once you have identified the supplies you want for your business, it is wise to compare the prices of the equipment with different suppliers. The internet is an easy way comparing prices. You can also order for the equipment online and have it delivered to your kitchen.

Output Speed of the Catering Equipment

Another major consideration when purchasing the catering supplies is the output of the equipment. The output is dependent on your projected amount of output once you start production. It is always wise to purchase equipment that can produce about 25{ccdfc561878e9246e1a18999d5a21dd519dc1b039f0564ab04c9b3978134babb} more output than anticipated to leave room for business growth. However, purchasing too large an equipment may cost you much in purchasing and running the equipment and therefore, an optimal size needs to be determined before purchasing the equipment.

Fuel Efficiencies

The energy savings of the catering equipment plays a major role in cost cutting especially with the fast escalating fuel prices. You will need to determine whether you need electric, petroleum gas, bio-gas or solar equipment depending on the cost and availability of such fuel sources. Where possible, it is advisable to purchase equipment that can be powered by more than one power source in case the prices change.

Convenience and Ease of Use

Another important consideration is the functionality of the catering supplies. Identify equipment that is easy to learn and use. This will reduce on time of output production. The safety precautions for the equipment is also an important consideration when purchasing. You should find …

Baked Chicken – Historical Facts and Other Trivia About Chicken

Interesting Chicken Historical Facts

It is believed that the modern chicken used for baked meat and other dish is descended from the Red Jungle Fowl. This species of bird was first domesticated in the northern parts of India and Southeast Asia more than 4,000 years ago.

Also about 4,000 years ago, the Egyptians built very large incubators made of bricks. The incubators could hold up to 10,000 chicks at a time. In around 600 BC, Babylonians depicted chicken in their carvings.

During the Middle Ages, chicken was the most popular meat. People believed that the meat was easier to digest.

In the 1980s, breast meat constituted 10{ccdfc561878e9246e1a18999d5a21dd519dc1b039f0564ab04c9b3978134babb} of the chicken’s total weight. By 2007, that number has increased to 21{ccdfc561878e9246e1a18999d5a21dd519dc1b039f0564ab04c9b3978134babb}.

During the Second World War, consumption of chicken in the US increased because there was a decrease in availability of beef and veal.

About 95{ccdfc561878e9246e1a18999d5a21dd519dc1b039f0564ab04c9b3978134babb} of restaurants in the US have chicken on the menu. The most popular dish is fried chicken, accounting for over 50{ccdfc561878e9246e1a18999d5a21dd519dc1b039f0564ab04c9b3978134babb} of chicken entrees ordered in the US.

In 2003, the average number of pounds consumed by an American in a year is 81.5 pounds. In 2007, the number has increased to 84.9 pounds per year. Cornish and White Rock are the most popular breeds for consumption in the US.

Other Interesting Trivia About the Chicken

There are workers called chicken sexers. What their job entails is separating female from male chicks. To do this, a sexer holds a chick to a 300-watt bulb to examine external patterns. Females are kept for egg laying, while males are raised for consumption. A professional sexer can examine one thousand chicks per hour with an accuracy of 98{ccdfc561878e9246e1a18999d5a21dd519dc1b039f0564ab04c9b3978134babb}. That’s 8,000 chicks per day.

In the year 2000, China had the largest population of chickens in the world. About 3.6 billion of them lived in China. The next largest population was found in the US, where there were 1.7 billion chickens. This was followed by Indonesia (1 billion), Brazil (950 million), and Mexico (476 million).

Gainesville, Georgia is the “Chicken Capital of the World”. There, eating the meat with fork is considered illegal.

Chicken skin color range from yellow to cream-colored. The color of skin depends on the type of feed given to the animal.

You can freeze chicken meat for up to two years and it will not change in color or flavor.

Baked chicken is the one of the easiest and healthiest of all dishes. When internal temperature of baked meat has reached 160 – 170 degrees F (as measured by meat thermometer), it is considered safe to eat. The pinkish tinge of baked meat is caused by hemoglobin in meat tissues that has turned into a heat-stable color.…

Etiquette for New Homeowners, and their Friends, Neighbors & Relatives

Moving is hard work, stressful and filled with adventure. These do’s and don’ts can help you position the new home adventure you or someone you know is having a positive one. It makes sense to know what’s proper and what’s not in your or your relatives, friends or neighbors new home and hood. Mark Nash author of 1001 Tips for Buying and Selling a Home shares some do’s and don’ts on new homeowner etiquette.


-Host your own housewarming party, if your a new homeowner invite friends and family over to see the new place.

-Deliver your sets of keys to your new neighbors home that the previous homeowners gave to you.

-Introduce yourself, your partner and children to your neighbors before they seek you out. New homeowners, young and old love to be welcomed to the hood.

-Offer to introduce you new neighbors and their dog(s) to other dogs they might run into on neighborhood walks.

Don’t forget to warn new homeowners with pets about which dog-owners allow their dogs to go off-leash.

-Offer advice on your favorite bakery, hair stylist, babysitters and dog groomers.

-Alert them to the locations of 24-hour stores, in case your new neighbors have an emergency in the middle of the night.

-Offer to help family members who are new homeowners get unpacked or clean.

-Offer to take mountains of packing and moving boxes to the local recycling center for new homeowners.

-Offer to host an informal neighborhood get-together for your new neighbors to meet the current ones.

-Know when it’s time to go home, don’t wear out your welcome with the new homeowners.

-Bring your new neighbors bottles of chilled spring water on moving day and offer to catch up with them once they get settled.

-Deliver your name, address and phone number with a list of emergency numbers to your new neighbor.

-Offer to clear recently moved-in new neighbors sidewalks after a snowfall, especially if they moved from a non-snow climate.

-Suggest that packages your new neighbors are expecting can be left at your home while they are at work.

-Wave to your new neighbors if you don’t have the time to talk.

-Ask your neighbors who they would recommend for repairs and remodeling projects in your new home.

-Do learn from neighbors with different cultural backgrounds.


Register for gifts if your hosting a housewarming party in your new home.

-Expect housewarming guests to bring gifts and if you do receive gifts, open after the party.

-Drop in on new homeowners, call first.

-Offer decorating advice to a new homeowner unless asked.

-Don’t ask how much they paid or imply that the new homeowner over or under paid. People consider financial information private.

-Gossip about the previous homeowners, you might not know if the new owners still talk with them.

-Gossip about others in the neighborhood. Let new make their own decisions.

-Attach ribbons, signs or flags to the new homeowners property without asking permission.

-Ask your new neighbor to trim …

The Cayman Guide to Having a Baby in the Islands

Moving to the Cayman Islands for a fresh start, or to begin a new job, can be a very exciting time in the lives of young couples. When beginning a new life in a new location, being prepared for what can happen is essential, and this includes unexpected, or planned, pregnancy. If you’re having a baby in the islands, it is important to be aware of the general attitude of the public towards pregnancy, babies and children, as well as how and where to find pre-natal and delivery care. If you’ve recently relocated and are considering starting a family, the following is a detailed Cayman guide to having a baby in the islands.


The Cayman Islands are considered quite child and family-friendly, and there is a general positive attitude towards pregnancy and children. Babies and children are welcome in most places, and the majority of restaurants offer high chairs to diners. There are many young families, as well as many nannies and helpers available for hire, both full and part time. Help within the home is also considered to be quite affordable in the islands.


There are many obstetricians available in the Cayman Islands that work out of the hospitals and medical centres. Most obstetricians have access to 3D and 4D imaging equipment, and obstetricians specialize in antenatal, prenatal and post-natal care, as well as the management of high-risk pregnancies, infertility treatment, early fetal testing and more. Cayman doctors who specialize in obstetrics include Dr. Howard Deosaran of Trincay Medical Centre, Dr. Gregory Richmond-Peck and Dr. Barry Richter of the Cayman Clinic.


If you’re planning a traditional birth, Cayman is home to two main hospitals, The Cayman Islands Hospital and the Chrissie Tomlinson Hospital. The former is part of the Health Services Authority and both establishments are located in George Town. While some doctors have a specific preference, most will delivery at the hospital of your choice. If you prefer to use a midwife for your birth, you can choose to deliver at the Woman’s Health Centre. Choosing an advanced hospital in the United States is sometimes recommended for mothers enduring high-risk pregnancies or who have a high risk of complications.


Healthcare is not free in the Cayman Islands, and having a child is quite expensive. Once you find out that you are pregnant, it is important to contact your insurance provider to find out which expenses are covered. The extent to which your expenses will be covered will depend upon your specific insurance plan, and may or may not include prenatal care, delivery, a hospital stay and newborn care. The typical cost for a midwife delivery, with a three night stay in a Cayman Islands hospital, is nearly $4,000 Cayman Islands dollars, while private doctors will charge additional fees.

If you find yourself pregnant in the islands, a Cayman guide to prenatal care, hospitals, delivery and costs can be quite helpful. Creating a plan of action for prenatal care, delivery and postnatal care early on …

Is Linen Hire Right For Your Business? The Pros and Cons of Hotel Linen Hire

Most hotels and hospitality businesses do not own their own bed linen and towels; they hire it from specialists companies who operate a tied-in laundering service. Not only is linen hire used for bedroom linen, table linen can also be hired for restaurants.

Linen hire firms should be able to offer commercial grade linen products across a range of linen items. Any good linen hire firm will offer a range of linen goods such as plain white duvet covers or satin stripe; 500gsm towels or 400gsm towels; regular cotton bed linen or percale. The key items available from a laundry hire company are Bed sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases, towels, bath mats, tablecloths and napkins.

The way the linen hire service usually works is that several sets of linen per bed are agreed and delivered to the hotel. The number of sets is often called a ‘par’. The par can vary based on the amount of times a bed is likely to be changed in a week, but typically is set between 3 and 5. After the beds have been changed the dirty linen is bagged ready for the laundry company to collect. The laundry company will collect the dirty linen and redeliver the laundered items collected at the previous delivery. The delivery frequency will also vary from hotel to hotel but is usually also based on the activity levels of that particular hotel. The par and delivery frequency work together to ensure the hotel never run out of stock.

The advantages of linen hire are:

• Avoids tying up cash invested in linen.

• More flexibility to change profile of stocks should you change your beds.

• Cost effect service.

• The linen will be replaced when it is worn out at no cost to you.

• Ensures your linen is commercial grade and of a high standard.

The disadvantages of linen hire are:

• Minimal charges – it is likely the hire company will expect you to wash all the items several times each month. If this level is not achieved then you will be billed for the minimum level of activity even though you haven’t used the service.

• Unusual peaks of activity can mean you run out of stock, such as a sporting event.

• You will have to pay for damaged and lost items.

• Watch out for extra charges such as stocktakes or extra deliveries that you request.

So, is linen hire suitable for your hospitality business? It really comes down to your year round levels of activity. If your business is really seasonal with a long low season then linen hire could be an expensive choice; In this case you would probably be better buying the linen and negotiating a really keen price for laundry only. Remember, the laundry company will not have an investment in linen so a ‘laundry-only’ price should be lower than for a linen hire service. If your business will meet the minimum use criteria most months then linen hire …

Top 5 Ideas For Retirement Gifts

When browsing for retirement gifts, there is one simple rule to keep in mind above all else. What will the retiree do with their free time? Each person chooses to spend their retirement in a different way, and figuring out what your friend, relative, or co-worker has planned for their newly acquired free time will steer you in the right direction. Nonetheless, there are some very popular and practical alternatives that in 2010 are cropping up at the tops of retirees wish lists.

  • Technology
    Don’t be so surprised–even Grandma has a Facebook nowadays! As it turns out, retirees are thrilled to have time to stay connected via the internet to old friends and family. They send emails, upload photos, and even create travel blogs to share with loved ones. A new gadget helps a retiree feel young and stay young. One extremely popular gadget for retirees in 2010 is an e-reader. Instead of purchasing a generic bookstore gift card, consider an e-reader as a nice gift for your retiree. They will be able to take their library with them everywhere, including plane flights, and can shop for books from anywhere they like. The latest e-readers are lightweight, user friendly, and can store massive quantities of e-books. Further, e-books are significantly less expensive than the latest hardcover, so your retiree will be able to hold onto their limited retirement funds. It is not only a practical gift, but a highly desired one.
  • Gift Certificates
    Perhaps you know someone who is about to retire, but are not close enough to them to pick out a gift you know they will enjoy. A gift card, along with a nice card, is an excellent alternative. However, those who have worked long enough to make it to retirement have also probably acquired a lot of things during their lives. Instead of opting for a traditional gift card-in which an object is the end result of the gift-try selecting a gift card for an experience or activity the retiree can enjoy. If they are a thrill-seeker, then go for a skydiving or rock climbing gift certificate. If they enjoy a refined environment, perhaps vouchers for a play or ballet would be appropriate. You can get gift cards or gift vouchers to almost anything, so use your imagination and the knowledge you have about the person who is retiring. Certificates to fancy restaurants, movie theaters, dancing studios, spas and golf resorts are just a few of endless options.
  • Luxury Gifts
    Once you retire, the money you have is generally limited and requires serious planning and budgeting to stretch it to the maximum. Many people reach retirement with too little funds to lead the lifestyle they would have liked to enjoy while receiving their working paycheck-except they lacked the available time. Not surprisingly, retirees love to receive the gift of these luxuries. Your retiree might love a day spa or massage voucher, or perhaps a golfing or fancy dinner voucher. Alternatively, consider an expensive bottle of wine, a

Business Alliances – Strategy For Small Business Growth

Business alliances are often overlooked or not given much consideration by small businesses, yet they can be vital in helping a company grow and prosper. All too often, small businesses think alliances are just for big businesses; as a result, they neither explore nor pursue them. However, they can be just as beneficial for small businesses as they are for large corporations. If a small business is serious about gaining access to new markets, capitalizing on technology, growing profits using shared resources, they should consider a business alliance.

It’s no secret, businesses that share resources can create greater efficiencies and become more profitable. Business alliances can increase synergies and mitigate potential risk, while allowing companies to work together toward common goals as they maintain their individuality. There are several types of business alliances, each with its unique attributes.

Now is the time to assess what your business brings to the table. What assets, either tangible or intangible, does your business possess that when leveraged with another company can unlock greater potential for each business?

Alliance opportunities can be developed with suppliers, customers, investors, complementary businesses and friendly competitors. Some alliances are natural matches, while others require some creative thinking. I’ve listed the different types of alliances below, along with a description and example of each. When reading through them, think about how your business can create the benefits of a win-win proposition with another company.


A joint venture is a contractual arrangement whereby a separate entity is created to carry on a trade or business on its own, separate from the core business of the participating companies. Businesses often come together to share knowledge, markets, funds and profits. In some cases, a large company can decide to form a joint venture with a smaller business in order to quickly acquire critical intellectual property, technology, or resources otherwise hard to obtain. Companies with identical products and services can also join forces to penetrate markets they wouldn’t or couldn’t consider without investing a tremendous amount of resources. Separation is often inevitable because JVs generally have a limited life and purpose.

Example: You’ve developed a product but have a limited distribution base. Another company has the distribution system in place with a sizable market and wants to expand its company’s product offerings. You form a joint venture with the other company to jointly promote the product. It’s a win-win because you don’t have to fund the costs of reaching the potential customers and the other company expands its value and product offering to its current distribution base without having to fund the research and development costs of a new product. A contract would be signed detailing the aspects of the agreement.


A strategic alliance is generally an arrangement whereby a separate entity is not created. Participants engage in joint activities but do not create an entity that would carry on trade or business on its own. The strategic alliance partners may provide resources such as products, distribution channels, manufacturing …