The Truth Will Stand When The World Is On Fire


A version of this statement is often passed down within families. It comes from a variety of sources. One is Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”: “The Truth will Out.” In Ephesians 5:9 of The Bible, a modern translation fits the statement: “The light within you produces what is good, right, and true.” Essentially, it is the little voice in our heart that tells us right from wrong. The world is on fire when enough people do not listen to that little voice. Yet, time after time, even when the world is on fire, enough people have listened, combined, and acted for the collective good. Another quote: “When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an un-pitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.” Give Edmund Burke, an Irish political philosopher, credit for saying something that we all know to be true.

Tests of our Character

It tends to happen in small groups. Someone does something out of line. What do the others in the small group do? Usually, they tolerate the act. Then, the antagonist believes that his/her activity has borne fruit. It happens again. Most likely, the group will take note, but will not get involved. A psychologist among them would have an opportunity to conduct a case study on what has become a group dynamic. For everyone else in the group, this could be the opening volley of misery. This is the tyrant in the office, the bully on the school ground,the rule breaker and mischief- maker. What happens if someone in the office realizes, after repeated disruptions, that he/she must stand up to the tyrant? What indeed? If one good person takes a stand, the rest of the group still must do something. Usually, they do nothing. “Let Human Resources handle it.” “Discipline is the teacher’s job.” These moments are a test of character for everyone in the small group. If someone stands up for right, and stands alone, the stronger personality will win. Quite often, the stronger personality belongs to the tyrant. An emboldened tyrant will dominate, much as a sheep-herding dog dominates sheep that outnumber the dog, perhaps 200:1.


People predominately live their lives as members of a human society. In some parts of the world, those societies are still called tribes. In industrialized countries, citizens often form around villages, towns, cities. Folks identify themselves to be part of a district, a state, a region and a country. Besides geography, people form around their familial ties, their religion, their sport team, their school, their earned educational designation (society of engineers, local labor union). In all of these examples of shared human bonds, the rule of law is necessary. Someone must lead. He/’she is expected to promote the welfare of the society through governance. Tests of our character are found here too. The same people who will not listen to their inner voice, will not stand up for righteousness, will not support the one who does, also will not …

Restaurant Training – Handling Complaints & Recovery Tips For Hospitality Training – 7 Simple Steps

Picture your guest giving you an unexpected gift wrapped in shiny, gold, paper with a big, red ribbon on top. How would you feel?

Now hold on to that feeling. That is exactly how you should feel when a guest complains to you-as if you are getting a gift. Why? Because guests who complain are giving you a second chance to make it right for them instead of taking their business elsewhere.

Approximately4{ccdfc561878e9246e1a18999d5a21dd519dc1b039f0564ab04c9b3978134babb} of disappointed guests will voice their complaint to a company. Therefore, you should be more concerned about the continued patronage from 96{ccdfc561878e9246e1a18999d5a21dd519dc1b039f0564ab04c9b3978134babb} of your guests who will not convey their dissatisfaction to you.

Of the guests who complain, about 95{ccdfc561878e9246e1a18999d5a21dd519dc1b039f0564ab04c9b3978134babb} will continue patronizing a restaurant when the complaint is resolved quickly and in their favor. However, did you know that you can actually receive stronger positive word-of-mouth advertising from successfully recovering complaints from disappointed guests as opposed to the advertising you would receive from pleased guest?

When guests complain, they are communicating some level of dissatisfaction. Many times it may be a simple matter to resolve, such as reheating soup. Other times it may call for cooking several food entrees that were incorrectly ordered or prepared.

No matter how busy you are, always take ownership and make it a priority to quickly and professionally resolve all complaints. Adopting a company attitude to always please your guests and take all complaints seriously will pay off in repeat business. If you ignore your guest concerns, they may ignore your establishment when planning their next meal out

Taking a complaint professionally, not personally, is important. Although angry guests may take their dissatisfaction out on you, they are seldom upset with you as an individual. In most cases, they may just need to vent their feelings and be acknowledged. Be sure to focus on the issue, not the delivery of the complaint. If other guests can hear the complaint, lead the dissatisfied person to a secluded area. A complaint that gets out of hand may disturb the good time of other guests.

Training your staff to professionally handle service issues is imperative. Listed below are seven steps to successfully handling complaints. Some complaints, depending on the degree (like the soup example), can be resolved in fewer than the specified seven steps. Use your best judgment in taking the necessary steps to recover complaints.

Seven steps to successfully handling

1. Listen carefully and thank the guest. Listening will help you properly identify the complaint. Listen with your eyes and your ears by observing verbal and body language. Always show sincerity and concern for the guest’s feelings and thank them. For example,say, “Thank you for making us aware of this.”

2. Ask questions and repeat the complaint. This will ensure that you have understood the concern properly and can act on it immediately, and correctly solve it the first time. For example,say, “Let me verify…you wanted your steak cooked medium rare…is that correct?”


Camping Food Storage – How to Keep Your Food From Being Stolen By Animals

Birds, squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, deer and more. They look cute but when your back is turned, watch out. They’ll easily take a chance to rummage around for your food. Although many of these animals are small they pack a big strong bite and their sharp teeth can cut through just about anything, their sharp claws can open up most boxes and containers.

I have lost a fleece jacket to a squirrel after leaving it on our picnic table for an afternoon with a few bits of nuts in a pocket. That squirrel ate his way through my zipper to get to the pocket and eat the bits of nuts.

We’ve also had what we thought were raccoon proof containers invaded. The lids were torn apart and broken off and the food inside became a buffet for a family of raccoons one night.

Even some types of food coolers are easily broken into by bears. With crafty paws, sharp teeth and a desire to stop at nothing to munch on your food the only animal proof way to protect your food and containers is to either hang your food or better yet when camping with your family, keep your food stored in your vehicle when you are not at your campsite.

Even dry food that is sealed in containers or zip lock bags can attract wild animals. Their sense of smell is so much greater than a human’s sense of smell and even sealed food can become easy prey for them.

Do not store your food inside your tent either. You risk losing your tent to the wild if they really want a sample. These animals can rip through fabric, tear through zippers and will stop at just about nothing to get to your great smelling food.

Our best advice is to keep your food inside the large containers and coolers you’ve brought with you camping. Only bring food out for meal time and snacks. When you are leaving your campsite for long periods of time place your food containers inside your vehicle. And never leave open food or any food item on your picnic table, eating table, inside your tent or just laying around your campsite unless you want it to disappear. If you do, you’ll attract more animals as they’ll see your site as easy prey.

Some coolers are more bear proof then others and if your cooler is a very large and heavy one you can chance it and leave it out at night. It also depends on how bear friendly the area is where you are camping. If there are bears in the area I wouldn’t leave your cooler to chance.

Protect your food, protect your food containers and keep the animals at a safe distance from your campsite. They look cute but don’t mind stealing your food. Don’t leave any food out after eating, keep all your food inside containers and place those containers inside your vehicle during extended time away from your campsite.

Happy Camping!…

30 Minute Facial In Five Easy Steps

You can enjoy a facial at home in as little as thirty minutes. By using skincare products that are appropriate to your skin type and condition, as well as certain facial equipment, you can indulge yourself with that little extra special attention that you deserve. Think about it: while your little ones engage in some peaceful afternoon slumber, you can treat yourself to a spa-like facial and emerge a rejuvenated and refreshed woman.

To make your do-it-yourself facial most effective, you will need a few pieces of specialized skincare equipment designed for home use. While the majority of these supplies can be found in your cupboards, there are two additional skincare tools that will prove to be worthwhile investments by allowing your at- home facial to feel authentic and professional.

The Conair MDF2R Facial Sauna with Timer is used to provide a continual mist of warm steam during your facial. This steam will ensure a deep cleanse of your skin by softening and opening up your pores. Facial steam also encourages your treatment masque to penetrate deep into the skin at a faster rate, saving you time. The Conair MDF2R Facial Sauna is conveniently portable and comes well equipped with two fantastic facial tools. The facial brush can be attached to the sauna and applied to your skin during the facial to provide excellent exfoliation. For maximum moisturization, the facial sponge can also be used for application of your facial moisturizer. To create an even more relaxed, spa-like atmosphere, add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil to the steamer water. By incorporating a facial steamer and its useful tools into your at-home facial, you can expect enhanced results and the highest level of treatment possible for your skin.

The second facial tool vital to your do-it-yourself facial is the Tweezerman No-Slip Skin Care Tool, also known as an extractor. Tweezerman skincare tools are high-quality and durable beauty tools that will last a lifetime. Using the extractor for deep pore cleansing is the safest way to perform your own extractions. Used correctly, you can successfully remove all of the dirt, oil, and grime right out of your pores. Extractor tools are easy to use and most efficient when implemented into your facial treatment immediately after steaming. Steam makes your pores very pliable, enabling you to remove debris from each pore with little effort. Should you come across stubborn pores, it is advisable to move on and work in other areas. These pores require stronger exfoliation and can be extracted during future treatments. If you force the extraction, you can irritate the pore and cause a blemish. For those with sensitive skin, do not perform your own extractions. Instead, see a professionally trained skincare therapist to treat your sensitive skin. This will help ensure that your skin is left without any damages or scarring.

The remaining supplies necessary to perform your facial are:

(1) plastic bowl with warm water

(1) facial fan brush

(2) warmed, wet facecloths (100{ccdfc561878e9246e1a18999d5a21dd519dc1b039f0564ab04c9b3978134babb} cotton)…

Tips To Enjoy Gourmet Food Choices

Today, most people are into trying various types of food that are beyond their comfort fare. Ingredients and food products from all over the world have become more readily available not just in special shops but even in the most ordinary supermarkets. Establishments in the business of serving food, from restaurants to hotels to caterers, have also made their repertoire more expansive.

Sensing that the tastes and demands of the market today have grown to become more sophisticated, many of these businesses have become bolder in offering delicious gourmet cuisine to their increasingly curious customers. Gourmet food is nothing new, but it is now enjoying a healthy revival. Take a look at any well-researched gourmet food blog, and you’ll see how the interest for higher-quality, out-of-the-box cuisine that elevates food to fine art continues to grow.

If you’ve always stood by simply ordering your usual and you’re now ready to experiment with your taste buds, check out the following tips to enjoy gourmet food choices.

Start first with familiar foods, only tweaked a bit to elevate the concept or flavour (or both). A burger, a bowl of soup, ice cream or your favourite beverage are nothing new, but with some culinary magic, these can become quite extraordinary. Know the taste of the food. Sure, you can learn how to cook gourmet dishes later. But for now, since you’re still finding your way around your culinary journey, then you have to know first how the food should taste like as prepared by experts.

Share the experience. Good food is better appreciated when shared with good company. The next time you’re hosting an event, talk to your caterer and take a look at their other offerings that you haven’t tried yet. It doesn’t have to be a big-deal event for your gourmet feast to happen. The enjoyment of great food does not only involve the sense of taste. It’s an entire multi-sensory experience – you’ll judge the food based on what you see, what you can hear, what you say, what you smell and how you feel.

When trying out gourmet treats, invest in the setting. If you’ve opted for catering, choose a company that delivers not just delicious fare but also great service. Every single detail – from the linens and tableware used to the courteousness of the servers – all contribute to how you’ll perceive your meal. This is how you can really enjoy gourmet food. You can also ask your friends and family to experiment different food tastes with you.…

A Tourist’s Guide to Southern Vermont

1. Introduction:

Easily accessible from lower New England, Southern Vermont is a rolling carpet of Green Mountain foothills and valleys that offer a extensive array of seasonal sports, yet maintain all of the state’s characteristics, including picture postcard villages, covered bridges, maple farms, and cheese producers.

2. Orientation:

Brattleboro, gateway to the area, is “home to an eclectic mix of native Vermonters and transplants from all over the country,” according to the “Greater Brattleboro” guide published by the Brattleboro Area Chamber of Commerce. “This cosmopolitan town is southeastern Vermont’s undisputed economic, recreational, and cultural center.”

Accessed by Interstate 91, it is both the first major Vermont city north of the Massachusetts state line and the only one served by three exits-in this case, Exit 1 leads to Canal street, Exit 2 to Main Street and the historic downtown area, and Exit 3 to Route 5/Putney Road, which offers a commercial concentration of hotels and restaurants. The Comfort and Hampton Inns and the Holiday Inn Express, for example, are located here, while the art deco Latchis Hotel, complete with its own movie theater, is located downtown.

3. Brattleboro:

Situated at the confluence of the Connecticut and West rivers, Brattleboro was originally occupied by the Abenaki tribes, but protection against them took form as Fort Drummer, constructed by and named after, Governor William Drummer of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, in 1724.

Siding with the French in the French and Indian War, they migrated to Quebec the following year, at which time the structure was transformed into a trading post for the friendly few who remained behind. Nevertheless, peace, often fleeting during this period, dissolved between 1744 and 1748, prompting its troop re-occupation.

Becoming a New Hampshire grant, the area surrounding it, designated Brattleborough after Colonel William Brattle, Jr. of Boston, was chartered as Vermont’s first town the day after Christmas in 1753.

From the fort sprouted a settlement, giving rise to the area’s first store in 1771, first post office in 1784, and first Connecticut-spanning bridge in 1804. Becoming increasingly industrialized for the period due to the power provided by the Whetstone Brook’s waterfalls, it soon boosted paper, flour, and woolen textile mills, paper making machinery and carriage manufacturers, two machine shops, and four printers. It has been home to the Estey Organ Company for more than a century. The Massachusetts and Vermont Valley railroads subsequently facilitated commerce, trade, and travel with and to the rest of New England.

The current “Brattleboro” spelling was adopted in 1888.

Today, more than anything, the city is synonymous with art. Aside from its numerous venues, it uniquely features its Gallery Walk program, in which exhibits are displayed at some 50 locations throughout town on the first Friday of every month, some accompanied by live music and others by the artists themselves. Numbered, each display corresponds to the description, location, and route of the guide published monthly.

Maintaining the town’s raison d’être is the more permanent Brattleboro Museum and Art Center, located downtown, across from the …

What’s the Big Deal About Piron Ovens?

Whether you are a caterer, restaurant owner or a baker, you understand the importance of a good quality oven. Having a reliable oven is imperative to a successful food preparation business. If you have researched your kitchen equipment, you would have heard of a Piron oven. If you haven’t then it may be the right time to learn more about the benefits of these ovens.

In this article I will look at the features of these technologically advanced Piron ovens and why the industry makes such a big deal about them. These are the features:

Stainless steel chamber: these ovens are equipped with a rounded interior stainless steel chamber. It is easier and quicker to clean as well as having the hygiene factor. Usually other ovens are only made of steel and have a box-like interior which is not conducive to easy cleaning. The Piron ovens have introduced a new rounded chamber that makes all the difference.

Turbo cold cooling system: this is a unique function to the Piron ovens. While the oven is heated on the inside, the cooling system maintains a lower external temperature. Thus, adding a degree of safety to the oven during use. In addition, it contains motors that are able to operate constantly during the high internal temperatures. This makes it quite durable over long periods of time.

180 degree door opening: certain models of Piron ovens are fitted with a door that can open 180 degrees. This flexibility gives the chef more freedom and adds an element of convenience and safety.

Digital display: these modern ovens are fitted with digital display screens which allow you to set the temperature, the timer, fan speed, regulate steam, store cooking times in the memory as well as set cooking phases. You literally have all the functions of the oven at your fingertips.

Safety micro switch: the oven is automatically set to switch off when the door is opened lends a unique safety aspect to this modern concept.

Double glass: the ovens are equipped with a double glassed door and an air gap. This keeps the external glass cool which is another safety feature. Furthermore, the door hinges are constructed for optimal balancing to ensure durability in the long run.

Removable side grids: the side grids inside the oven can be removed to fit almost any cooking container. This gives the chef a higher degree of flexibility when planning the next meal.

Halogen lamps: the Piron ovens are fitted with halogen lamps. This allows for better and clearer visibility inside the chamber.

Piron’s ovens are a modern marvel that adds convenience, safety and quality to your baking efforts. The technology is next to none and they are a reliable and durable kitchen equipment to own.…

Importance of Choosing Restaurant Furniture of the Right Style

Restaurant furniture is important to the success of any establishment. Sure, it may sound unfair, but if a restaurant’s furniture is poorly crafted, or if it is ill designed to suit the restaurant’s atmosphere, the overall dining experience will suffer. It happens time and time again. A restaurant with five star quality food could fail simply because it is unable to provide the proper ambience and setting.

Before rushing out and purchasing furniture for your restaurant, carefully consider what kind of restaurant you want to operate. For instance, a small diner might want restaurant furniture tables and restaurant furniture chairs that are fun and funky, with maybe a splash of color. On the other hand, a cafe styled restaurant may want to have glass tabletops and metal chairs. In addition, no pub or tavern is complete without suitable restaurant bar furniture. Think about it; would your favorite watering hole be complete without the requisite high table-tops and long backed chairs.

These restaurant furnishings are available in a wide array of materials. Wood, glass, metal, and plastic are just a few of the available options. Wood restaurant furniture is always a good choice. It is easy to clean, and virtually maintenance free. However, because it is so commonly selected, it often may make a restaurant seem ordinary. This does not mean that it should never be chosen; just that, all available options should be considered before making a decision.

Of course, you never want to forgo comfort just to have the right kind of style. Patrons appreciate comfort just as much as design. Your restaurant seating furniture should be a good mix between the two. Just because a piece may look good, does not mean that it will be comfortable.

When in the market to buy restaurant furniture, consider conducting a web search. Because websites are in direct competition with one another, they have a large restaurant furniture supply and must offer aggressive wholesale pricing. This enables you to buy restaurant furniture without the fear of having been taken advantage. You can be assured that you are purchasing high quality pieces at a bottom line price.

Stop delaying your search any longer. The sooner you purchase quality and stylish furniture for your restaurant, the faster you can begin experiencing the satisfaction of owning a successful business. With a keen eye for both style and comfort, you will be assured of providing a pleasing ambiance and setting for your customers.…

Le Bilboquet Is A Magnificent New Addition To Dallas Dining

New Yorkers have long enjoyed the always crowded but exquisite French bistro Le Bilboquet on East 63rd Street near Madison, on the Upper East Side. Now it has come to Dallas, not just in name but accompanied by its wonderfully gifted chef and some of its New York staff. It occupies that venerable space on Travis in the Knox/Henderson area that has long been dedicated to excellent French cuisine, the departed and much-missed L’Ancestral.

When I first saw the glitzy announcement of Le Bilboquet’s new opening in North Texas in the 2013 Restaurant Issue of Modern Luxury Dallas (which rated it second of the “Five Most Exciting New Restaurants” in Dallas and gave it a breathless review), I didn’t make the New York connection and read it by mistake as “Le Bibliothèque” French for “library” or sometimes even “bookcase,” or more memorably in Le Bibliothèque nationale de France” which is France’s equivalent of our National Archives in Washington.

No, this lovely new gem of a Dallas restaurant, Le Bilboquet, is named for that charming French game of childhood where you try to flip a ball on a string into a cup on a stick — a stick that has one end of the string attached to it. There is an American version of the game where the string is replaced with a sturdy rubber band, making the moving ball that much harder to catch in the cup. So that is the meaning of bilboquet.

How the restaurant space has changed! And for the better! Anyone who remembers L’Ancestral will find the interior of Le Bilboquet unrecognizable. Gone are the dreadful pictures of ancient ancestors on the walls. The walls themselves, in fact, are gone. They have been opened up, replaced with large crystal-clear glass windows admitting a wonderful natural north Texas light. The tables are smaller (and perhaps too closely packed together), and the average age of the diners has fallen from about 70 to 30. In short, everything about the venue on Travis you may remember has been transformed, and much for the better.

The interior is as wonderfully classic as the food, and I was pleased to find glossy white tablecloths, freshly picked flowers at every table, and of course an unexpected bath of natural light. The chef at New York’s Le Bilbouquet, “Momo” Sow, has moved with a few of his key associates to Dallas, and the results are spectacular. The food is solid Parisian bistro fare, with a soupçon of Momo’s keen appreciation for cuisine novelle and his own distinctive multinational style, yet always with a strong French accent.

My partner and I both started with a light appetizer, salade de crabe et avocat, that was delectable and flavorful without being filling. The fresh lump crabmeat was right out of the ocean, mixed with thinly sliced young onions, a hint of lemon in the whipped mayonnaise, and of course avocado and some greens — minced lettuce and celery. It was out of this world.…

12 Cancer-Causing ‘Elements’ Found In Our Home!

When I jokingly told my friend about 12 common categorized ‘cancer causing elements’ found in some homes, my friend was in disbelief! She couldn’t accept these facts that there are cancer-causing elements found in our own home… Let’s have a look at all those cancer-causing elements basically found in our home!

[1] Vanishes, Industrial coatings, Paints and their solvents and Glues

These are generally found in newly completed or renovated homes where most of them are freshly applied to walls, floors, ceilings in bedrooms, sitting rooms, kitchens and even our bathroom.

A very distinctive sign of all these home finishing coatings will be the unbearable odor when applied inside or outside the house. Decaying plasters after decades will also be cancerous. The worst is that we spend more time at home, thus increasing certain risks.

[2] Electrical appliances

Most electrical appliances produce small or slight radiation and is never healthy towards those who are constantly exposed to them. What are these electrical appliances? Television sets, video players, computers, hand phones and the main switch just to mention a few.

[3] Water-borne cancer-causing elements that comes from our water taps

Tap water is always chlorinated to kill germs and bacteria. We need chlorine but we need not drink the chlorine inside the water. Moreover, there are heavy metals, other contaminants, possible

toxins that one is not aware of. In the process of washing, cleansing, cooking and drinking, many have unknowingly consumed dirtied water that might be cancer-causing in the long run.

[4] In your kitchen, in your bathroom..

Some toothpaste, shampoos, soaps, body shampoos, washing powder do contains unexplainable cancer-causing elements. Most of these are manufactured without scientific backup and lack of quality control. So, take great care to buy only reputed branded quality products which are backed up with scientific proofs. Read the labels outside the products, its expiry date and know the basic ingredients it is made. .

[5] Insecticides to keep away mosquitoes, cockroaches and other insects

If they can kill small insects, it can also poison people slowly too when exposed for a long period of usage of the said chemicals. Moreover, it is not safe for young kids and the aged.

[6]In your bedroom

Poor ventilation in enclosed bedrooms, lacking of sunlight and fresh air will create poor quality air. Contaminated air will cause a lot of health problems. Great care should be taken as to maintain clean and fresh air in the bedroom.

There are certain contaminants in the air that will cause cancer. Free radicals from polluted air will attack our body DNA and immune system unmercifully.

[7] Improper cooking utensils

Aluminium pots, non-stick pans that gets worn out and gets thinner after constant use can cause havoc in our body when these metals and unknown chemicals are consumed with our foods cooked using them. Sad to say, it cannot be easily excreted from our body. The worst fear is that it goes into our blood streams. Cooking gas when inhaled will also cause …