Tin Foil Cooking

A roll of foil and a baking dish or just the foil itself, it brings endless possibilities to the novice cook.Whenever, the time factor involved allows the ingredients to bake or braise in an oven set to a desired temperature. Until, it has finished cooking. Sometimes, meat or poultry is encased in a foil pouch.

After seasoning the ingredients, enough foil is measured and folded at both ends and then placing a piece of seasoned chicken breast inside and folding it at the top. Waterless fresh vegetables are easy to manage by first: spraying the vegetables like green beans or asparagus with a commercial cooking spray and seasoning them with a non-salt or low-sodium seasoning. Then, the vegetables are put a baking dish and covered with enough foil to keep any cooking heat from escaping.

Meats such as lean beef or steak and pork chops are also better tasting when encased inside a foil pouch. Spray the meat or poultry or fish with commercial cooking spray, season with some salt and pepper, the choice of meats are then splashed with Worcestershire Sauce or Teriyaki Sauce.

Place the foil pouch inside a baking dish or drip pan to keep the juices from spilling on the bottom of the oven. Using a temperature of three hundred and fifty degrees, the meat cooks within a few hours. For hurried cooking times, use the broiler set at four hundred and check within a hour or an hour and a half. Take the meat, or poultry out of the foil pouch and finish cooking it for two minutes in the microwave. It will be ready to serve. Fresh vegetables are done within twenty to twenty-five minutes depending upon desired tenderness.

Aluminum foil was commercially sold in sheets and rolls to grocers in nineteen forty-eight. With the invention of the tv dinner in nineteen fifty-four, foil cooking was the rage in the form of meals already prepared on aluminum trays and then covered with some foil.The meals were in frozen form. The dinners were heated in the oven that took at least thirty to forty-five minutes depending on the ingredients cooking times

Nowadays, fresh ingredients can be prepared ahead and then warmed in the microwave for a home cooked meal. The whole idea of ​​foil cooking, it allows some time away from the stove. With the invention of the microwave, heating already prepared meals takes less cooking time than oven heating it. Also, the meals are prepared with nutrition in mind. …

Easy Tips to Keeping Your Kitchen Organized and Tidy

Everyone that has tried to cook a meal or bake has ended up running around the kitchen looking for a certain utensil or ending up using the wrong cooking tool because they can’t find what they are looking for. At the end of the cooking session they are left with a large amount of cooking equipment to clean. It doesn’t have to be that way with a few simple kitchen accessories that you can introduce to your kitchen area.

Buying kitchen furniture and accessories is quite expensive so most people do not tend to buy extra fixtures for it. With the amount of online stores, prices have dramatically come down due to the amount of competition. An easy and cheap accessory to introduce to the kitchen is by buying a utensil organizer that fits into the drawer and counter top. The organizer that fits in the drawer can hold the smaller utensils, while the counter top utensil organizer can hold the larger cooking utensils that you use for pots and pans.

Another item to introduce to the kitchen is to use a towel holder for the dish clothes and cooking gloves. Some of these holders are fixed to the wall, but if you don’t want to start drilling holes into the wall, you can buy one that attached to the kitchen drawer. These holders have a pair of hooks attached to the holder that can hook into a cupboard or door. The hooks are very thin so the drawer or cupboard door can still open and close without any problems.

You could also opt for a pantry organizer for your kitchen. You don’t need a pantry in order to use them. You do need additional space in your kitchen to have one installed. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes so they are not as big as you may think. They are great for storing food and allowing you to keep more cooking equipment in the kitchen cupboards as you no longer have to store food in them.

Having a clean and uncluttered counter area where you can prepare food makes cooking so much more enjoyable. It will also make a big difference during the cooking process where you will no longer ruin a meal because you couldn’t find a particular item. When everything has its place in the kitchen, you will notice that your enjoyment for cooking will increase too.…

Elements Of A Well Designed And Functional Kitchen

Your kitchen is the most multifunctional room in your house. Of course, you cook in it, and probably eat in it; you store food, wares and utensils; it’s probably where you spend the most time with your family – the family schedule is on the fridge; and when people come over, no matter how much you want them to see the new entertainment centre, they will end up in the kitchen. Even while it is such a popular place, sometimes you just need to pass through quickly because you’re late.

It’s a lot of responsibility for one room to handle. A good kitchen design needs to consider everything that will go on there; it needs to be functionally efficient, comfortable and really good looking too.

There are a number of elements that conspire to make a well-designed, functional kitchen:

Layout – The layout is the map of your kitchen design and, just like a road map, it needs to show where everything is and how you get there. To start, you will need to know how much space you have, not all designs are suitable for all spaces. It will also help to consider your family’s activities – does anyone need to get through with large sports bags? Once you have answered these sorts of questions, there are four basic designs from which to start:

L-shaped – This layout works in small or large spaces and an island can be added for extra counter space.

U-shaped – Better suited for larger spaces, this layout offers lots of counter space within easy reach.

Single Wall – Everything in a row; this works for smaller spaces or an open concept kitchen with an island.

Double Wall or Corridor – Also for small spaces with the ability to pass through easily.

Lighting – Nothing else can change the mood or functionality of a kitchen as quickly as lighting. Wrongly placed and simple tasks become difficult; or well balanced and a dull room becomes an inviting space. There are three basic types of kitchen lighting:

Ambient Lighting – This is the overall light in the room. Kitchens need to be well lit and solid ambient lighting will make sure this is the case at any time of day or night

Task Lighting – Even with good ambient light, sometimes you need more light in certain places to help you see better to prepare food, etc..

Accent lighting – Use accent lighting to highlight certain areas of the kitchen, objects, cabinets, etc..

Cabinetry – It’s just where you keep your stuff, but it’s the dominant feature of your kitchens and – like the kitchen itself – your cabinets must be practical and look great too. A new look for your cabinets does not have to be expensive; they can be re-faced for a fraction of the cost of replacement. The basic decision you need to make, whether you are re-facing or replacing, is the style of cabinet you prefer. Options abound with a variety of …

Fast Food and Traditional Food

The term “cooking” includes a wide range of methods, tools and combination of ingredients to create the flavor and digestibility of food. Cooking technique, known as culinary art, generally requires the selection, measurement and combining of ingredients in a controlled procedure in an effort to achieve the desired result. Constraints on success include the variability of ingredients, ambient conditions, tools, and the skill of the individual cooking. The diversity of cooking worldwide is a reflection of many nutritional, artistic, agricultural, economic, cultural and religious considerations that impact upon it. Cooking requires applying heat to a food which usually chemically transforms it and changing its flavor, texture, appearance, and nutritional properties. There is archaeological evidence that the primitive human being used to cook their food with fire that was the most important thing discovered by the primitive human being. Cooking food and cuisine culture vary from country to country and from one culture to another and each cuisine has its specific particularity. Nowadays, because of the modern life that changes everything around us and influence our life style and eating habits, people are less preparing their own food. Eating habits tend to unify people from different society. The food production and the process of eating obtain new characteristics. Food available around us seems to be very different from the one that we used to eat.

Eating habits and modern life

Everything is running in high speed, people do not have time for cooking, don`t has the desire and patience to stay longer in the kitchen, and they don`t have the willing to prepare their own food. Old generation still prefer to cook their own food unlike young people who prefer to eat fast food because they don’t want to spend long time cooking and the desire for the cooking. The modern life shapes our eating habits and makes us like slave following its speed. It`s not hard to find fast food restaurant they are everywhere and every corner. Fast food consumption cause damages to the social and economic life of the country and leads to many health problems such as obesity and heart diseases according to many studies. Also, many nutrition experts from different countries have already declared the epidemic character of fast food. The rapid process of globalization and modern life influence our eating’s habits and gives opportunity to fast food restaurants to grow and flourish. Fast food seems to become very common everywhere, though some positive aspect of the fast food in easy to prepare, available in many places, and it is a substantial meal. But in other hand, we can estimate that its negative aspects are more important and bigger. I think it is easy to understand that fast food is one of phenomenon that is going to be accepted by people. We are going to see the process of disappearance of the traditional culture with the development of fast food restaurants in all countries all over the world.

How to fight fast food addiction

The best example …

Chiminea Cooking Guide – My Top Tips

Before you start doing any cooking you need to make sure that your chiminea is set up on a stable base that is not made of any type of combustible materials. You also want to be sure that the chiminea is completely level. It should not wobble at all so you will not have to worry about it toppling over while you are cooking and starting things in the surrounding on fire. Never leave your chiminea unattended while there is a fire lit. If you have any children they could easily get burnt if no adults were around.

When you are getting ready to begin cooking you should be sure to start the fire in your chiminea at least 30 minutes before you are ready to place any food inside. This will give the fire ample opportunity to get going so that your food will cook evenly and quickly. You never want to start the fire with any kind of accelerant. Barbeque coals are the best thing to use when you are cooking. Always use barbeque tongs when you are preparing your food and using fire gloves would be a smart extra measure to make sure you are safe while preparing food.

When you are working with a clay chiminea you want to be sure to seal it against the elements. While this is not always needed it can extend the life of your chiminea. Furniture and Butcher’s wax both work very well for this task. You should also look into getting some type of covering for your clay chiminea, a grill cover would work and many chiminea dealers offer storm covers. If you live in an area that gets very cold it is best to store your clay chiminea inside so you can prevent it from cracking. When storing your clay chiminea indoors you do not want to store it on its stand.

When you are cooking with a stainless steel chiminea you should be sure to pay attention to the food that you are cooking because it can cook very quickly. This is because fires can burn longer and hotter in stainless steel chimineas. Just as you would want to protect your clay chiminea you would want to protect your stainless steel chiminea from the elements. While stainless steel chimineas are not likely to crack they can become rusty if left out in the rain for too long. Now while stainless steel chimineas can be stored outside in colder weather, if you choose to store them inside you would store them in a manner similar to a clay chiminea.

Cooking with a chiminea can be a lot of fun as long as you do your research and take the proper precautions before you start.…

How to Clean Deep Fryer Oil

One problem that frequently plagues deep fryer owners is that their frying oil often spoils after just a few uses. With these few simple tips you can make your cooking oil fresh for months without going rancid, improve the taste of your food and cleaning your electric deep fryer will be a breeze.

Many electric deep fryers now come with a filtration system that will filter out small bits of leftover batter and food floating in your frying oil. However, if you have a more spartan or older model, you’ll have to filter your oil manually. Filtering oil is a messy job, but it is necessary to keep your oil fresh and to prevent leftover foods from leaving a bad taste. If you don’t dean out your cooking oil periodically, foods you fry in dirty oil will absorb flavors from old foods and might even taste burnt from leftover food particles.

First, find a large deep container to store your oil in. Then get a mesh strainer and place it over the container. Pour out your dirty oil into the strainer slowly and wait until all the solid particles have filtered out of the oil. You can then transfer the frying oil back into your electric deep fryer.

This should be done periodically to keep your oil fresh as long as possible.When not in use, be sure to put the cover on your electric deep fryer. This will keep out oxygen and light which will quickly oxidize your oil and turn it rancid. Covering your fryer will also make sure that no oil spills out and dust and debris don’t end up in your fryer.

As long as you filter your oil, avoid excessively high temperatures, and keep your oil covered in the dark, it should last for several months. You should dispose of frying oil when the oil darkens in color, starts to smell rancid, and becomes thick and viscous. Stay tuned for our next article on how to properly dispose of frying oil from your electric deep fryer. …

Benefits of Modern Commercial Kitchen Equipment

If any food company decides to introduce modern kitchen equipments in its system then it has a wide range of options available to improve its performance. It is quite natural that commercial kitchen equipment will be technologically far better than the one which is used in domestic households.

The best examples of the places where these equipments are used are restaurants, hotels, hostels etc. The ultimate invention in the field of kitchen equipments is chapatti making machine which is known for its hygiene because, the less the human endeavors are involved; The lesser will be the chances of germs to get enter into the dough. The germs were earlier used to contaminate food even through open hands of the cook. There are so many varieties of Chapatti maker machine available in the markets now-a-days which are energy efficient and quite easy to operate. Being energy efficient means definitely they are helpful in decreasing the overall cost incurred by the commercial set ups. The other advantage of this equipment is that it produces chapattis throughout in the same shape and size whereas it is not sure that manually made chapattis will be uniform in shape. There are three types of these machines available in the market that are semi -automatic, automatic and fully automatic chapatti making machines.

This range is not only limited to Roti making machine but a huge variety of Tortilla maker machines are also available in the market. A commercial tortilla maker has become a necessity of any restaurant which has to make this dish on a large scale. Without a machine, work of mixing, rolling and cooking tortillas require intensive labor. Now these machines save a lot of time and labor which can be utilized in providing good services to the customers. A tortilla machine enterprises of mixers, tortilla presses, tortilla cutters, dough dividers, counters and equipment for packaging.

Kitchen equipment manufacturers have also introduced Papad making machine which saves a lot of time and energy of the commercial, small scale as well as large scale, industries. The huge popularity and demand of south Indian food like dosa has given rise to the invention of dosa machines which unbelievably can produce even four hundred dosa in an hour which could have never been possible if the same work had been done manually. Process of various operations to produce dosa like dispersion of batter, spreading and depositing of on the hot plate and roasting is organized in a very systematic way. This device is available with the facility of time setting, temperature control and various other features. These are very useful in industrial canteens, festivals, hotels and gatherings which take place on a large level.

There is a machine which is very similar to that of a Roti machine named Pori machine which produces small size pooris in commercial setups. Thus, we can conclude that modernization and commercialization is not only limited to the outer world but it has taken control over our traditional practices of cooking food …

Crisp and Delicious – Deep Fried Turkey Recipes For the Holidays

When Thanksgiving gets a little closer, you may start pondering changing up your traditional turkey for a deep fried one. There are a lot of deep fried turkey recipes around the web, which reflect the popularity of this particular culinary approach to the ever-delicious turkey. Of course, what recipe you choose depends heavily on taste preferences. No matter what, however, there are some things you should know about deep frying turkey before you begin.

Advantages & Disadvantages

The good part about deep frying a turkey is that it's very fast and very flavorful. If you happen to be a fan of crunchy skin – be ready to fight over every inch. Overall, deep frying makes for a tender, juicy turkey.

On the down side if you're on a diet, deep fried turkey recipes will not help much (mind you, I think holidays should be a time to give your diet a break!). Your turkey may taste oily if it's not drained completely. Also improper use of a turkey deep fryer can be very dangerous.

Dry Rub, Injection or Both?

Some people swear by dry rubs as the key to their succulent deep fried turkey recipes, others prefer injecting marinade into the meat, while a third group says, "hey go for the gusto – do both!" I confess I'm in this group, being a big flavor junkie.

Having said that, a rub is a much safer route when deep frying your bird. Why? Because with an injection, you have to be certain to get the marinade into the meat, NOT under the skin. Any marinade under the skin will spatter when you fry, sending hot oil everywhere. And ending up with nasty burns on your face is not the best way to celebrate the holidays.

Safety Precautions

There are several details that some deep fried turkey recipes leave out– usually safety precautions you can take to make sure you get to enjoy this treat completely without incident.

O Make sure you have a big enough pot to fully cover your turkey with oil and have several inches to spare.
O Use good cooking gloves and goggles to protect your hands and eyes from spattered oil.
O Keep a fire extinguisher handy – you're using a LOT of oil and should it boil over or splash just right, you can easily end up with a grease fire.
O Make sure your turkey is room temperature when you add it to the oil.
O Keep children and pets away from the area where you're deep frying.
O Cook your turkey outdoors in a well ventilated area, away from any structures. Never make any deep fried turkey recipes in an enclosed space or a building!
O Make sure your fryer is on level ground (dirt or grass is best).
O When you're done, leave the oil to cool completely before storing.

Sample Fried Turkey Recipe:

This is just one example of the many great deep fried turkey recipes you can try. Do not be …

Cook That Meat Properly

A digital meat thermometer is a great cooking tool to add to your arsenal of cooking supplies. These gadgets will definitely take the guesswork out of cooking. They work by measuring the internal temperature of your cooked meat or poultry (or even a casserole) to ensure that a safe temperature is reached, harmful bacteria has been destroyed and your food is cooked to perfection; And a digital meat thermometer will also prevent overcooking.

It is very simple to use a meat thermometer. You insert it through the fat side of the meat while being careful not to touch any bone as bone conducts heat faster and you will get a false reading. For example, if you are inserting the digital meat thermometer into a turkey, push it into the thicket part of the breast near the inner thigh to ascertain an accurate reading. For roasts, steaks, and pork chops insert the stem into the center of the thickest part away from not only bone but also fat and gristle. For food like ground meat patties, you would insert the stem sideways and for food like meat loaf, you would place it into the thickest section. This is also true for seafood, casseroles and egg dishes.

Most digital meat thermometers are accurate to within plus or minus one to two degrees Fahrenheit. Before you purchase a thermometer be certain that it is a meat thermometer and not a candy thermometer. Be sure that you look for a dial that is easy to read and that it is made with a clear, shatter-proof lens. Buying a stainless steel digital meat thermometer is important as well. You do not want to purchase plastic as some plastics contain formaldehyde, a chemical that can leech into your food if it gets too hot.

According to the US Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service there are certain internal temperatures that food must reach in order to be considered safe to eat. The examples below are for well done food:

170 degrees for steaks, roasts and pork chops
165 degrees for chicken and turkey
165 degrees for egg dishes and casseroles

There are such a wide variety of digital meat thermometers from which to choose rising in price from a few dollars to over one hundred dollars. For example you can get a CDN Proaccurate Stainless Steel digital meat meat thermometer for approximately fifty dollars. It is a great buy if you enjoy backyard grilling as it can be used in the oven and for grilling. It includes an automatic off after ten minutes feature and it can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher. The Super Fast Thermapen digital meat thermometer is a top of the line thermometer that was originally made for professional chefs. Purchase price is around eighty dollars and it is fast and accurate as it will display temperatures in only three or four seconds. This model includes a reduced diameter needle tip that only requires 1/8 "immersion allowing you to take …

Vacuum Sealers – Benefits

Vacuum Sealer Benefits

Vacuum sealers are great for a variety of reasons: (1) economy, (2) freshness, (3) convenience, and (4) for cooking.


There are a lot of ways that a vacuum sealer will save you money. You can keep leftovers longer, store seasonal produce longer, buy things on sale and in bulk, and store your garden vegetables longer.

If you eat leftovers, you know that a lot of people simply throw away a lot of food. The food budget is significant because it is one of the budgets that, if well-managed, can make a big difference in the typical families expendable income. Some people will simply vacuum seal their leftovers as if it is a TV dinner or else they will seal a portion of the meal for a future date. It is really up to you. If you do not want leftovers several days in a row, a good vacuum sealer can mitigate that problem. Then, you can happily pull out the future leftovers when it sound appealing again.

If you do not eat leftovers, economy is still on your side. You can purchase seasonal fruits and vegetables when they are extra fresh and inexpensive. Then, you can use a vacuum sealer to reserve the fruits and vegetables for a long time. This process also works with meat. Some people buy meat, in bulk, and freeze it to save a lot of money. What you may notice is that a lot of people lose a large amount of their gardens and they will also not be able to buy large seasonal items in bulk because they have not figured economic ways to store things.


Most people agree that fresh garden produce tastes better than store-bought produce that is much older. The fact that food is fresh makes a big difference in the taste. Also, items that are in season have a much better flavor than out of season items.

When you purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, in season, it follows that your frozen fruits and vegetables will have much better flavor. If you care about how the food tastes, this is a big deal for you.


It is convenient to have a way to store your meats and fruits and vegetables long-term. It is more convenient to be able to store something long-term and then eat it as you wish. If you are under pressure to eat food before it spoils, that is not convenient.

It is also convenient to have freshly sealed items on hand. Many people love to pull out their garden produce that has been sealed and use it. If you put away a lot of your favorite items, it makes cooking a lot more convenient. For example, if you love fresh green beans, vacuum seal a bunch of them in the Summer and eat them all Winter long.


There are cooking benefits to a vacuum sealer. For one thing, you can marinade meats and seal it that way for easy cooking. …