The Only Way Left for the Little Guy to get Rich in the Restaurant Business

To make money in the restaurant business, restaurant owners have to have a competitive advantage. If hard work alone would do it, most restaurant owners would already be rich.

There are only two real and sustainable competitive advantages anyone can have in the restaurant business.

Restaurant owners can’t have the best chef or the best location or the best menu or the cheapest prices — at least, not for very long. Chef’s can get a better offer, road construction, building projects and population shifts turn great locations into so-so locations. Great recipes can be swiped and even improved upon. And of course, trying to have the lowest prices is not the way to go.

The only two real and lasting competitive advantages any restaurant owner can have are — Innovation and Marketing.

Ray Kroc knew the importance of innovation when he said, “McDonald’s can innovate faster than the competition can copy.

Peter Drucker (the greatest management author and guru of all times) said, “Innovation is the only lasting competitive advantage anyone can ever have in any business.”

e’s right — “Marketing” is just a sub-part of “Innovation.”

Applying unique marketing techniques is a major part of innovation because —

Marketing is the only thing that generates profit for a restaurant. Everything else is an expense.

Marketing (when done right) is the best investment any restaurant owner can ever make. In the stock market or in real estate someone may hope for a 5{ccdfc561878e9246e1a18999d5a21dd519dc1b039f0564ab04c9b3978134babb} or maybe even a 20{ccdfc561878e9246e1a18999d5a21dd519dc1b039f0564ab04c9b3978134babb} return on their investment. But in marketing, a $100 investment in promotion (ads, direct mail, press releases, etc.) could bring in $1,000 in profit and sometimes much more.

For example, changing only a few words in a headline can bring in two to 10 times more profit from the same ad. And the only cost to make the change would be the time it took the restaurant owner to learn how to write headlines. What kind of return on investment is that?

The average restaurant owner thinks his job is to “run his restaurant.” He doesn’t have time to market his restaurant — or even to learn how to market a restaurant. Maybe that’s why he’s average.

A restaurant owner can’t make $100,000 a year doing $10 and hour work. A restaurant owner’s job should be to market, innovate and promote his/her restaurant.

The restaurant marketing plan for many restaurants is based on whatever the latest ad salesperson was promoting. When it comes to marketing, many restaurant owners just copy what the big boys are doing. That could spell disaster for almost any independent restaurant.

Most restaurant owners work long hours, but it doesn’t take long hours to market, innovate and promote a restaurant.

Look at it this way. A restaurant owner who masters innovation and marketing could swap restaurants with any restaurant owner in town. Let him have the location, the menu, the chef and staff and a year from now the restaurant owner who knows how to market and innovate …

Brand Coherence With Customer Experience Model

Coherence between a company’s brand and the service delivery operational model is critical in the pursuit of extraordinary customer experiences. Coherence is a critical element in the successful design of any firm’s operational model for service delivery.

Two simple examples of “coherence” may clarify the concept.

One luxury travel company advertises itself as expert in identifying “the best fit” between your vacation desires and various properties around the world. Yet, when consumers ask about specific details associated with a hotel (i.e., how convenient is the hotel to the Bilbao Guggenheim?) it rapidly becomes clear that the service representatives are not skilled enough, nor familiar enough, with the travel destinations to support a high-end clientele. There is an obvious coherence mismatch between the “luxury” brand identity and the experience or training of the service representatives.

In another case a major credit card company advertises its service as world class. However, billing disputes cannot be resolved over the phone or web, requiring instead written correspondence with supporting evidence gathered by the consumer from the merchant. Truly world class companies handle these same requests by phone and intercede on behalf of the customer with the merchants; requiring the merchant to provide proof rather than the consumer. As the bar for service has already been set extremely high, a new entrant trying to attract high-end consumers must match or exceed competitive offerings. Promising high-end service, then not delivering, has a more deleterious impact on loyalty than setting expectations low and consistently meeting a clear standard.

Coherence encourages self-selection among potential customers, increasing the likelihood that investments in advertising, marketing and sales will payoff in revenue growth. A strong, clear brand identity reduces the cost of sales by chasing away the vast pool of prospective customers who are unlikely to convert to paying customers.

A clear brand identity that is married to a coherent service strategy also establishes an expectation threshold that can dramatically decrease the number and intensity of customer complaints, thereby reducing the cost of exception handling tremendously. Consumers who know they are shopping in the bargain bin at Wal-Mart will have lower expectations than the fanatical fashionistas scouring the Manolo Blahnik seconds at Century 21. Sure, they’re only paying $250 for the $725 Tuccio Watersnake Pumps, but they want perfection slipped into that discount wrapper.

A lack of coherence may be evidenced in relatively subtle ways, but these discontinuities are picked up by the consumers, consciously and subconsciously, creating a barely perceptible unease or discomfort which reduces the customer’s propensity for repeat business. Customer deviations from the norms of loyal behavior creates, at a minimum, excessive marketing costs, at the extreme, this lack of repeat business translates into adverse word-of-mouth and the ultimate collapse of the business. Restaurants, bars and nightclubs are the classic canaries in the coal mine for this phenomenon. Without a solid core of repeat business (or extremely high non-repeating tourist traffic) a restaurant without this word of mouth cannot generate sufficient traffic through advertising alone to stay open.…

Detox – How to Flush the Toxins Out From Our Bloodstream

The human body is perfectly capable of cleansing itself of any internal impurities. There are natural systems in place inside the body that help in flushing out the toxins. An external way of detoxifying is the sauna. Our bodies are filled with toxins everyday through the food we eat and also other environmental factors. Preservatives, flavor enhancers and artificial coloring of the processed foods all contribute to the toxin build up in our body. There is a limit to the capacity of the body to get rid of these toxins naturally. The body becomes weak and cannot flush out the toxins beyond a certain point.

The number of diseases keeps increasing with each passing day. More people die of heart attacks and leukemia than ever before. This is because of our erratic lifestyle and bad dietary habits. One way of detoxifying your body is by abstinence from food for a few days. This is called fasting and this is one effective way to flush out toxins. This method can be used for a short period of time and should not be prolonged. Once the purpose is achieved you can start on your normal diet slowly.

Nutrients as well a toxins get into our bloodstream when we eat food. These toxins can be eliminated by detox and there are various methods available for beginners and advanced users alike. Fasting for beginners should be only for a duration of a few days. Even in this period they are advised to have vegetable juice and water. They can also use an external supplement of bentonite clay with psyllium seed. These are effective in binding the toxins and flushing them out. Lead and Mercury are highly dangerous substances when they get in to your blood stream. A good detox program can eliminate these elements from your blood. These dangerous elements if ignored, may even lead to cancer.

A bad physical condition also damages the mental strength of a person. Stress and tension results and the person can become an emotional wreck due to this. Many homeopathic treatments and aromatherapy using flower essence are helpful to treat this problem. A detox plan has to be adhered to strictly. The detox diets are evolved to keep a person internally clean thereby avoiding diseases. A good detox program will be a combination of healthy foods and regular exercises. Natural organic foods should be eaten and care should be taken to avoid processed foods.

A good detox plan starts of by cleaning the colon first and then the liver. After this comes the rinsing out of the bad blood. Buy the time the program ends, you can also notice a drastic change in your weight as the toxins in the fat cells get flushed out due to detoxification. The detox diet works by flushing out the toxins and chemicals through urine, sweat and feces. However, this might work only on some types of toxins and for the resistant toxins different detox methods might have to be used.…

Western Pond Turtle Care

Origin: Western United States (ponds, lakes and marshlands)

There are two sub-species:

Northwestern Pond Turtle (Clemmys marmorata marmorata) and

Southwestern Pond Turtle (Clemmys marmorata pallida)

Adult Size: usually up to 8 inches (shell length)

Lifespan: unknown, most likely 30+ years like other pond turtles

Temperament: Not as territorial and aggressive as many other turtles. You can keep a few of these turtles together as long as they have enough space to swim around.

Set-up: This is an aquatic species, so the enclosure needs to be mostly water. Your turtle will need a place to get out of the water and bask, such as a well-positioned rock or pile of rocks, or a turtle dock found at your local pet store. Use sand or gravel to cover the bottom of the tank and decorate under the water with aquatic plants or driftwood to keep your turtle feeling secure.

The minimum tank size recommended for one of these turtles is a 20 gallon long. Bigger is ALWAYS better. Other containers can be used, such as large Rubbermaid bins, as long as the container is able to safely hold about 20 gallons or more of water. Fill the tank at least half way. Water conditioner or dechlorinator is not necessary unless you are using extremely hard water (like State College tap water J), in which case a water conditioner made specially for turtles should be used.

Lighting/Temperature: This is a diurnal species, meaning it is active during the daytime when the sun is out. The UV in natural sunlight is used by the turtle’s body to make Vitamin D3 from the Calcium in its diet. Fluorescent UV bulbs made especially for reptiles are available at pet stores to keep your turtle healthy. Although usually passed off as a waste of money to make “the fanatics” happy, this light is extremely important, and if you don’t provide it (along with enough calcium), it will seriously affect your turtle’s health and quality of life.

A basking lamp is also needed. Position the light above the rocks or land area in your tank to create a warm basking spot. Use the appropriate wattage heat bulb and position the light to create a basking temperature around 90-95 degrees F. Many thermometers are available to measure the temperature inside the enclosure, but just remember that all of the stick-on and dial-type thermometers, although still helpful to have, measure only the ambient temperature (temperature of the air) and will not give you an accurate reading of the basking spot. For basking temp, you should pick up a digital probe thermometer (available at most hardware and garden supply stores, and not as expensive as you think!). The digital probe measures the surface temp, the temperature the basking rock is actually heating up to and providing the proper belly heat for good digestion.

An aquarium heater is a good idea. These guys do best in warm water and should be kept in water temperatures in the 80s F. A submersible heater …

Choosing Between an Electric Food Mill and a Hand Powered Food Mill

A food mill is a great way to add a home cooking touch to any meal. By taking the food processor out of the equation, you are preparing food like they have for years and allowing the true flavors to come out. The question is whether an electric food mill or hand powered one is right for you.

If you are a purist, there is nothing better than a hand powered food mill. You will be over the dish the entire time and give it that extra loving touch that can make a huge difference. You have no choice but to be there and make sure that it is done right because you have to power the food mill in order for it to work.

In all honesty, certain things should only be made with a hand powered food mill. If you walk away from them they will get overbeaten and will lose some of their flavors. This is a great way to make up your own sauces or even preserves if you have the time. The food will taste better and you will save a ton of money.

An electric food mill has its place in the kitchen as well. There are certain things that you can use this for that don’t matter how long it runs for. This will enable you to be able to tend to other things and just check back from time to time to see how it is going. This is a convenience that is great to have when a watchful eye is not needed.

If you want to have all of your bases covered, you can have a manual and an electric one. If you want to play it safe, you are always better off getting a manual one so you are covered on the dishes that have to be watched over. Modern convenience breeds laziness in the kitchen and if you get into the habit of using an electric one all the time, you may just start to ignore the ones that need that little extra touch of care to turn out perfect.…

7 Facts About Drinking Water for Dogs

We know water is the elixir of life for us. But do our dogs need drinking water? If so how much? When to give themwater? 7 facts about dog’s drinking water have been listed below.

1. Dogs need water to sustain.Dogs must be fed fresh water at least 3 times a day. It is said they need at least 2ml for every pound he weighs or at least 2.5 times amount of the daily food it consumes.

2. More water needs to be provided when your dog eats more of dry food. Water requirement is not as much for raw or canned food.

3. Dogs prefer cold water. The temperature of water needs to be decided according to weather, amount of exercise, degree of exercise, age and how much your dog’s kidneys can hold.

4. Snow as a substitute for water is unacceptable and can be dangerous as it is contaminated. You can give homemade ice cubes as treats if your dog likes frozen water.

5. During housebreaking put down the water bowl for about 10 minutes and give about 3-4 hours and take your puppy out. Give your puppy water about 3 hours before bedtime.

6. Pay attention to how much water your dog drinks. If your dog drinks unusually more or less than it normal volume of water, it can be signs of being unwell.

7. Do not allow your dog to drink large amounts of water after physical activity or exercise to avoid water intoxication.

To look at the best books and media in the market about Dogs, visit:…

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Product Review

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer Product – Food Fresh for Longer

Have you ever had to throw out food because it was moldy after just a couple of days? Are you tired of all that money you throw waste when that steak you froze is freezer burned and you have to toss it? FoodSaver is a line of vacuum food sealers by Tilia. Created with the idea of ​​helping the average person seal foods with a vacuum seal in their own home with ease, FoodSaver has become one of top selling brands of its kind.

FoodSaver claims that the average American throws out over $ 600 worth of food every year. By vacuum sealing your leftovers or the food you plan to freeze, you can prevent that food from going to waste before you use it. FoodSaver states that food lasts up to five times as long when sealed in their special bags and containers. By removing the oxygen, the growth of bacteria an mold are slowed. In the process, it also helps to keep foods tasting fresher.

There are many pros to FoodSaver products (besides keeping food fresh) including the ease of use, versatility, saves time, and for food storage. The various FoodSaver vacuums sealers are very user friendly. It is as simple as one, two, three. First, seal one end of the special bag. Second, place the food you wish to save inside. Third, place the open end into the machine and let it work its magic as it vacuums out the rest of the air and seals the bag with the push of a button. Voila!

These vacuum sealer systems are very versatile in what they can do. Besides being able to seal practically any food you can think of in the bags, there are a variety of accessories and attachments available such as a jar sealer for liquids and a quick marinator. You can use these systems to save you time by preparing food ahead of time and having them sealed to be used whenever you are in a hurry. These systems can also help you save money and help build your food storage. You can buy things in bulk where they are usually cheaper, seal them into the portions that you will use them, and put them in the freezer or pantry until you need them.

There are a few cons about FoodSaver products. The biggest one is that a few have mentioned failure of the gaskets after quite a bit of use. Some have also stated that the newer models tend to waste extra bag past the sealing point.

There are a number of accessories available including: FoodSaver bags, rolls, canisters, jar sealers, Quick Marinator, and Produce Saver containers.

Overall, FoodSaver vacuum sealers are products that can become a great asset for those who are tired of wasting their food and want to do something about it. …

Food Dehydrator Buying Tips and Uses

How do you buy a food dehydrator? What are watts on a food dehydrator? More importantly, why own a food dehydrator? Well in this article you'll learn a little more about all 3 questions and why they are important and why you should consider owning a food dehydrator.

When looking to select a food dehydrator do not over spend and never buy a enormous food dehydrator unit if you are not going to use it. Buy the size you need most of the time people buy a food dehydrator that is either too cheap or too expensive and both can be equally as bad. If you buy a really expensive food dehydrator thinking its going to be the best it may not suit your needs. Or if you buy one too cheap thinking its more economical it may not have enough power to do what you want or even dry the food all the way.

A food dehydrators power is measured in wattage and you can think of this much like a light bulb. If you have a 100 watt light bulb that is bright right? However how bright would a 100 watt bulb be in a 2000 sq foot area? It'd still be bright but would not fill the whole area. So if you buy a food dehydrator with a 20 tray capacity and you use all 20 trays and fill them up and you have 500 watts of power it may not dry it all the way through. Rather you should focus on smaller batches of maybe 8-10 trays total dehydrating at the same time. My favorite type of food dehydrator is probably a 1000 watt dehydrator that can be expanded up to 20 trays. Again I'd never use all 20 trays at once for the fact it does not dehydrate as well. On the opposite end of the spectrum if you buy a 1000 watt food dehydrator and you only use 2 trays in it it might over dehydrate and that you do not want either. If ever in doubt shoot for 1000 watts and 10 trays to keep it at a happy medium.

Avoid mixing too many different kinds of items in the same batch of a food dehydrator. If you have to many different things that dehydrate at different levels you can end up with some items over dehydrated and some under and having under dehydrated food leaves the chance the food could develop bacteria which could give you on afternoon in the bathroom. So owning a food dehydrator and having the right one is as important as using the food dehydrator correctly.

If you are questioning why you should even own a food dehydrator here are a few reasons to ponder. If you like to buy dried fruits or meats you know they can be expensive. However drying them and dehydrating them yourself can save quite a bit of money and that alone will quickly pay for the $ 60- $ 100 you could …

Throw A Paintball Party!

Paintball equipment makes an excellent birthday gift for many different ages, however particularly for a 14 year old boy. If you want your exciting gift to have an even bigger impact, give it to him at a paintball themed birthday party that features a game he can use it at! Playing pin the tale on the donkey at Chuck E Cheese loses its cool factor after about 10 years old. Host a paintball game at your next party and you will keep your guests occupied and excited all day!

Fortunately, paintball equipment is very easy to access and readily available from many online stores and have it shipped directly to your door. If you shop at the right place, you can purchase much top quality paintball gear fairly cheaply; depending on how much you’re willing to spend, some shops will even offer volume discounts if you ask. This makes it affordable to offer paintball related door prizes or supply gear for your guests at the party.

Paintball birthday parties are perhaps the easiest to supply with equipment and ideas, however any party where the guests get to play this exhilarating game will be remembered. As a gift, you can’t go wrong with a paintball gun package deal. These contain everything you need to start playing – a paintball gun, mask, hopper and CO2 tank, and they’re usually fairly cheap! Package deals make excellent gifts because they’re a complete set, ready to plug and play as soon as it’s opened.

It’s easy to get creative with paintball themed food for the party. Ideas for great paintball birthday cakes are many; the colorful splat design of exploded paintballs are nearly a staple for such an occasion. Gumballs also look identical in size, color and shape to paintballs, making them another fun paintball cake accessory. Go all out and make a full scale paintball war scene made out of marzipan if you’re really adventurous.

You can also get creative with invitations to your paintball party. While these are easy enough to make if you have a bit of talent with colored pens, construction paper or other art supplies, the easiest way to go is to have them made by a professional printer. This can be done rather cheaply, however fortunately the paintball party idea isn’t new; there are many paintball themed invitation templates available for purchase to use as basic ideas.

While presents, cake and ice cream are fun, the real entertainment at the party will be the game. First decide if you want to host the game at a commercial field or your own property. Booking your party at a commercial field is most likely the easiest way to pull off a successful paintball party as the field is already set up and rental equipment is plentiful. Commercial fields also offer air tank refills and regular supplies of paintballs so play can resume uninterrupted throughout the day.

Many commercial fields offer to book parties often with different packages available. Depending on what …

How to Treat Dementia and Alzheimer’s With the Best Brain Food

“Nootropic” is a term for a supplement that is ingested primarily for its effects on the brain. Nootropics is a Greek word meaning ‘Towards the Mind’. Nootropics are an emerging class of drugs that are designed to enhance cognitive function. Many of the cognition-enhancing “supplements” on the market make all the usual claims about “natural” enhancement – meanwhile they predictably contain just vitamins, herbs which have not been shown effective, perhaps nootropics, and often a stimulant, like caffeine. The only drug in the mix which is likely to have a noticeable effect by the user is the stimulant.

The concept behind nootropics is to target some metabolic or nutritional aspect of brain function, especially a function involved with memory or attention, and then to provide a nutritional precursor to that metabolic pathway, or a drug that enhances the activity of a neurotransmitter, enzyme, or other metabolic factor.

It is true and likely relevant that the brain is a very metabolically hungry organ. Optimal brain function depends upon most metabolic and physiological parameters functioning well. For this reason the brain is often the canary-in-a-coalmine of biological function – the first thing to go when something is off. Sick hospital patients, for example, are often sleepy or confused because their bodies are simply under stress, or their metabolic parameters are off. It can often be challenging to figure out exactly what is making a patient confused, because so many things can affect brain function. Further, in everyday healthy life our brain function can be off simply from having insufficient sleep, not eating well, being depressed, or being physically or mentally exhausted.

To be clear, nootropics are not steroids for the mind. In fact, true nootropic fanatics (who call themselves “noots”) claim simply that nootropics grease the cognitive wheels, enabling the brain to operate at its “cleanest” and for longer periods of time.

The terrifying symptoms of dementia start with mild memory loss. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You do not have to accept a failing memory as a natural part of getting older. Did you know there are currently over 36 million people worldwide with dementia? With the aging baby boomer population, that number is only going to explode.

According to the World Health Organization, if you’re over the age of 40, you personally have an almost 1 in 2 chance of getting Dementia. And if your memory is already starting to fail you, you need to take action today or you risk it getting worse and worse as you age.

The esteemed director at the UCLA Memory Clinic, Dr. Gary Small says, “The only cure for Alzheimer’s is prevention.” There is more money spent on brain research than on cancer research today. There are literally thousands of scientific studies which prove that it all starts with getting a healthy brain.

Is it possible to give your brain exactly what it needs, naturally, so that it can clear itself of toxins and perform at its best? The answer is, …