Health And Safety Training For Working On Site

Working on building sites can be fraught with potential danger. The site itself can pose hazards, with loose and inadequate flooring, while the machinery, equipment, and tools that are on site are all potentially hazardous. In fact, without the proper training, there are more potential hazards that can be counted. In order to help ensure the safety of your employees, of site visitors, and of the public, you should provide suitable health and safety training for everybody that needs it.

Start by conducting a full risk analysis of the site. This will enable you to determine the potential hazards that do exist, and you will be able to identify the likelihood of these risks becoming a problem. Using a risk analysis, you can also identify the training courses and health and safety courses that can be used in order to reduce or eliminate any risk that is posed. Risk analyses can also be used for insurance purposes and if the worst does happen and an accident occurs, the fact that you conducted a risk analysis may be enough to help you avoid prosecution or fines.

Working at heights is a potential danger. There is the obvious risk of falling, but this isn’t the only potential cause of damage or injury. Items that are dropped or knocked from height can cause major injuries or massive damage to people or objects below. Suitable training can ensure that these risks are eliminated. Employees can be trained to identify the proper safety equipment, such as harnesses, as well as the proper equipment to use.

The machinery that is found on building sites is also potentially dangerous, if it not used properly or properly maintained. Ensure regular maintenance and routine checks of the machinery, but also make sure that anybody that will be using this machinery has had the proper training. This not only includes machinery like diggers, but elevated platforms and even the power tools that builders use on a regular basis. They each pose unique threats, so it is important that users have the proper training to avoid mistakes and to prevent injuries.

The site itself can be a potential hazard. Specialist training can be used so that your employees are able to conduct a site analysis or ground analysis. This kind of analysis may be done to specifically determine whether a piece of machinery can be used on a particular site, to determine the most effective and efficient platform or scaffolding, but also to determine how a site can be made safe enough that work can be carried out.

Health and safety training should be considered an integral part of running a construction business, and you should conduct regular risk analysis. These analyses will not only help you determine the best equipment and the best items for use, but they can also help you identify any holes in safety training and how to fill them.

The Safety Maintenance Company Limited offers a host of different safety training courses that are relevant to …

High Heels – Pros and Cons

High heel shoes have been around since the 1500`s, where they begin as a foot wear for men. And while that quick trend for men didn`t last, it did make its way over to women who have been wearing them ever since. High heels have been an important part of wardrobe planning for the last few decades and shoe stores are lined with various heels. However, there are some pros and cons to using high heels that are worth noting.

Back in the eighties and nineties, high heels were big and they were accessorized with bright colors. It wasn`t odd to see people wearing bright red or pink thick heels that just looked very chunky. And not only were they made bigger but some of them were designed with bows and rose shapes, straps and dangling string. It was almost like an extension of their purse, which was also big and colorful. Luckily for current heel wearers the trend has shifted toward something more sophisticated and glamorous.

These days` heels look much different than they did in the past. And they can look different based on the function there being worn to. For example a women going out at night for dinner might have on a sexy looking shoe that reveals skin, where as a women going to work might have a plainer heel that still looks great.

There are some cons to wearing high heel shoes that are important for women to know. High heel shoes can cause knee joint issues and wearing the shoes all the time can create a greater risk for developing degenerative joint disease in the knees. In heels you can`t run very well, which makes a difference when you`re running to your car because it`s raining. They can also cause an unsteady gait, foot pain, and even foot deformities such as hammer toes and bunions.

The good news is that there are pros to wearing the shoes that seem to be more on peoples mind. They can change the angle of a food and make the calves and muscles in the legs look more defined and nicer. They give a taller look and the appearance of longer legs with shorter toes, and not only do they do all that but they also just look nice.

High heels can have different heel shapes and designs. There is the cone shape which has a round heel that grows broad and then meets the sole. A kitten heel is when the heel is short and slim where the maximum height would be two inches. A prism heel is a flat three shape that looks like a triangle. A spool heel is a where it is broad and then meets at the sole. A stiletto is a tall and very skinny heel that is minimum two inches, and a wedge heel is one that uses up all the space under the arch.

Heels are usually worn out to fancy places such as restaurants or bars. They are also …

How to Choose the Ideal Restaurant Location

When it comes to restaurants, location is everything. You have to be where people can see you or you’ll find that there are simply no customers, but there is much more to choosing the right spot for your eatery than merely walk in traffic. In fact, it’s necessary to consider a number of factors before deciding on a locale.

People: The availability of clients is the biggest concern, of course. You’ll need to make sure that there are enough potential customers in the area to make it worthwhile to set up a restaurant. It’s a good idea to do a survey of the population in the area you wish to build your business. This will enable you to find out whether or not people will be interested in what you have to offer and whether or not they eat out often, among other factors. This can also help you decide which type of restaurant to start… a burger joint might not do well in a more affluent area, but it would be ideal for an area where people are looking for fast, cheap food.

Competition: Who is the competition? What are you offering that beats them? Whether you are offering lower prices, different cuisine or tastier food, you need to be better than the competition. There’s no point in starting a coffee shop if there are already five in the same neighborhood. Also important is to find out how the pricing works in the neighborhood. If all the restaurants are very low priced, you might be hard-pressed to compete with a fancier gourmet food place that needs to have higher prices. This is also where it pays to know your clients. If they don’t have money, don’t expect to make it with $100 plates of food.

Parking: Don’t underestimate the value of parking space. A new client isn’t going to spend a lot of time searching for a spot to park just to try your food. While it’s best to have your own parking lot, you should be good as long as there’s ample space near the restaurant location.

Visibility: Many restaurants find that a large amount of their traffic comes from those just passing by. These people decide at the last minute to eat at a particular place and this is why you want to make sure to have an easy to see locale. Another important factor is how easy it is to get to the place. Places that are just off the main road, but still visible, are ideal. You want people to be able to see your restaurant and pull in without battling traffic or having to find a map just to get there.

The location of your restaurant is very important. You need to take the time to check the area out, take a close look at the people who live and work in the area and know your competition before making a decision to place the restaurant. The research will pay off in the long …

Acidic Foods – 5 Acidic Foods to Avoid

Eating healthy in this day and age can indeed be quite difficult with all of the temptation that is out there today, but it is having the determination and the will-power to stick to it that will see you through. As mentioned in the title of this article, there are five types of acidic foods to stay away from, each of which will be discussed as followed.

We will be covering each of these types: dairy, meat and poultry, processed and frozen foods, refined sugar and products made with refined sugars and beverages. This article provides the latest information on 5 highly acidifying foods:

Acidic Food # 1: Dairy Products

The different types of acidic dairy foods include butter, cheese, cream, custards, eggs and yogurt.

Dairy foods are filled with hormones, pesticide residues, microforms, mycotoxins, and saturated fats. Layer on top of all those goodies milk sugar (lactose) that breaks down like any sugar and feeds harmful microforms.

Cheese and yogurt are made by fermentation. And dairy is the leader of all foods in forming sticky mucus. It is highly acid-forming. Furthermore, pasteurization destroys the beneficial enzymes milk starts out with.

Acidic Food # 2: Meat and Poultry Products

Of this category, there is meat, chicken, beef, shellfish, goat, lamb, pork, rabbit meat and turkey.

Meat and poultry and their by-products are highly acidic foods. The animals feed on stored grain and pass along all the associated problems in their meat.

There is a strong correlation between animal protein and several kinds of cancer, particularly breast, thyroid, prostate, pancreatic, endometrial, ovarian, stomach, and colon cancers. Studies show that people who get 70 percent of their protein from animal products have major health difficulties compared to those who get just 5 perfect of their protein that way. Besides, animal foods are simply dead.

Acidic Foods # 3: Refined, Processed and Frozen Food Products

Which is pretty much anything that is frozen, like frozen peas, carrots, broccoli and also the frozen mixed vegetables, not to mention take out meals or frozen meals. But it also includes many foods you may not have considered, such as canned soup, chips, cookies, doughnuts and just about anything you can get at fat food restaurants. Refined, processed and frozen foods are loaded with sugar, salt, artificial coloring and flavoring, additives, preservatives, and butter, margarine, or hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated (hardened) vegetable oil – and deficient in fiber. All these types of foods are acidifying.

Acidic Food # 4: Refined Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners

Majority of people in the US is getting more than the 149 pounds of sugar a year. Did you know that you body needs only two teaspoons of blood sugar at any tie in order to function properly? This amount can be easily obtained through the digestion of unrefined carbohydrates, protein and fats.

Refined sugar, as tempting as it may be in all those cakes, candies, and cups of coffee, is, in fact, more of a pharmaceutical drug than it is a nurturing …

No Kitchen is Complete Without a Food Mill

Kitchens today are loaded with modern conveniences, but sometimes you need to go back to basics and use things like a food mill to make a better meal. Walk into any professional chef’s kitchen and you are going to see one tucked away in the corner somewhere and the person who probably uses it the most is going to be the chef himself.

There is no doubt that some of the dishes that you see hit the tables today would not be possible without a lot of the modern equipment. Well, maybe they have just been made a lot easier to make because of these new toys that we see floating around in these kitchens. However, sometimes certain things need to be made the old fashioned way.

You can go into a lot of restaurants and when you order mashed potatoes, they almost look like soup on your plate. Did grandmom ever make them that way? Well neither should you! Mashed potatoes are supposed to have some character to them and the way to do that is to make them with a food mill.

If you really want them to be good, make sure you use a hand operated food mill instead of one of the electric food mills. You can choose how quickly they are blended and more likely to keep your eyes on them instead of walking away and mashing them too much.

There is a time and a place for modern conveniences, but at times you are just better off to go back to old fashioned cooking tools and mashed potatoes with a food mill is a perfect example. If you want to add some real flair to your dinners, get rid of the Cuisinart and get back to basics. That smile on your families face will let you know that you made the right decision.…

Supplements for Dogs and Cats – What Your Pets Would Really Want If They Could Tell You

Supplements for dogs and cats allow all types of pet owners to do the best for their furry friends. In addition to providing unending love, food and safe shelter, there is much more you can do for your dogs and cats to keep them happy and healthy. Nutritional supplements for dogs and cats can rejuvenate their health, increase their lifespan and encourage general vitality.

If you don’t currently use nutritional supplements for dogs and cats in your life, you may wonder why you need them…

Extra nutrition: Even the most advanced pet food can’t give your pet all the nutrition that it needs.

Advanced nutrients: In addition, many nutritional supplements lose their effectiveness in pet food form. Giving your pet advanced nutrition in supplement form will restore his or her body from the inside out.

Seek out a nutritional supplement for dogs and pets that contain ingredients that help foster longevity and wellness.

– DMAE should be sought out in nutritional supplements for dogs and cats. DMAE elevates mood, improves memory and boosts physical energy – all important to a pet’s health.

– L-Carnitine is another key ingredient that helps cells in all animals metabolize fats better for quicker energy. It also has been clinically proven to increase lifespan.

If you’re unsure if nutritional supplements are right for your pet, take a look at this amazing story… Luna was a tiny, underweight kitten of 1.7 pounds when she was first delivered to a foster owner. She was so small that she couldn’t be placed into regular adoption. Her foster owner tried to help her gain weight and improve her health, but the little creature was still struggling. She gained some weight slowly but then developed a swollen belly. The vet couldn’t explain it and theorized that little Luna had multiple congenital defects. Her foster owner decided to keep her since she was still too sick to put up for adoption.

More consultations with the vet revealed that poor Luna had extra veins in her liver as well as a large vein through her heart which was causing her development problems. Her liver enzymes were 7X more than they should have been, her kidneys were malfunctioning, she was vomiting frequently and she couldn’t eat normal food. The vet told the owner that Luna didn’t have long to live.

Her owner realized she had a nutritional supplement in her home that might be able to help. She decided to give it a try. She administered a powerful nutritional supplement with metabolic compounds to Luna twice a week, and in a short period of time Luna was eating the normal cat food and the vomiting had stopped. A follow up appointment revealed that her liver enzymes were down nearly by half, and her kidney function had normalized.

If this story is inspiring, imagine what a quality pet supplement can do for your furry family member. Selecting the right supplement is key. Look for the aforementioned ingredients in any supplement you choose to ensure …

Foodsaver V2240 Vacuum Sealer Kit – The Kitchen Gadget You Can not Do Without

If you're tired of throwing away leftover and spoiled food, then you should continue reading for the solution that can change the way you store food. Foodsaver v2240 Vacuum Sealer Kit is without a doubt the best food sealer in the market today. You will definitely save more money because you will be able to store food up to five times longer than other conventional storage methods. You would not have to throw away freezer-burned meat, moldy produce or those forgotten leftovers ever again! You do not have to worry about how the food will taste after storing it for a long time. You will be surprised that it will still be as good as the first day you vacuum sealed it. Your food is maintained by keeping air out and sealing freshness in.

You are provided with two speed settings, two sealing levels, canister mode and a CrushFree Instant Seal that automatically stops the vacuum process to hinder crushing of the food. Its compact size saves space on your kitchen countertop and can also be stored effortlessly because of its size. You do not have to worry where to keep it since you'll find yourself using it as much as the other kitchen gadgets you have.

If you are the type who likes to buy in bulk then this Foodsaver v2240 Vacuum Sealer Kit could be your best friend. You will just be amazed at how it allows you to freeze any food, may it be raw, cooked or fresh from the picking any time of the day. You do not have to worry if you're always on the go and pressed for time, it seals anything in less than 30 seconds. It also does it in a quiet and noise free way.

You can easily purchase bags and rolls of plastic that is specially made for Foodsaver v2240 Vacuum Sealer Kit but any other kind of plastic bags can also be used. It does not matter how much the quantity of food you need to store, it does the job pretty well. You can face holidays and special occasions head on where tons of leftovers would no longer go to waste. You can simply seal them and store them away in your freezer while still having all of the food's flavor and freshness sealed together with it. You can also prepare appetizing dishes days before you need them without sacrificing their quality.

No more worries about leftover food or buying too much produce from the market. You can now easily store them in a convenient and cost efficient way every time. It is definitely a kitchen gadget any modern home can not do without! …

Nesco Food Dehydrators – Simple and Smart

Making dollars stretch in the grocery department is always handy. Having nutritious, non-perishable snacks on hand is possible without the high price. Preparing jerky or trail mix can be achieved at half the cost when you do it yourself. It is as simple as making a small investment in a food dehydrator. Controlling exactly what seasonings go into the food, along with how much salt or sugar is added, is easily obtained when you learn how to dry food yourself. It is also an easy way to preserve food that may otherwise be thrown away.

The basic parts of a food dehydrator consist of a heating element, a fan, air vents for air circulation, and food trays for the items to dry on. The goal of using a dehydrator is to reduce the water content of the food down to 15 or 20 percent. Removal of moisture helps ensure that the food will not grow bacteria and spoil. It also preserves and extends the shelf life. The heat warms the moisture out of food, and the air flow blows the moist air out through vents. The higher the wattage of the dehydrator, the faster the drying will occur.

Food dehydrators come in different sizes according to your need. Don’t buy a large dryer for infrequent drying or small batches. Pick a size with appropriate racks, and consider what you are drying. For instance, don’t mix meats and fruits. Drying similar items together prevents over and under drying. The Nesco Vision 500 Food Dehydrator is a good base model to start with. It has 500 watts and 4 clear trays. Other starter models are the Nesco Snackmaster Express and the Nesco Snackmaster Encore. Both have 500 watts, adjustable thermostats, and top mounted fans. All of these dehydrators make jerky, trail mix, apple and banana chips, dried soup mixes, potpourri, and dried flowers.

The Nesco Gardenmaster Digital Pro is an all around excellent dryer with 1000 watts, and a top fan that dries food in hours instead of days. The adjustable thermostat and 48 hour digital timer allows you to tend to other things while your snacks are drying. The flexible screen allows for the drying of smaller items, like herbs and spices. This dehydrator comes with 4 trays and can expand up to 20 trays. The Nesco Snackmaster Professional is a 700 watt model with 5 trays. Another 700 watt model is the Nesco Snackmaster Square. It contains 4 trays. Saving money on food is really easy and fun by using use a food dehydrator.…

The Etiquette of Using Office Supplies

Just like having a roommate requires certain rules of conduct about sharing a bathroom, kitchen, food etc., the cabinet that holds the office supplies also has its own set of rules. Breaking these rules can have very unpleasant consequences, and you may find when you come to work one morning that all the items on your desk have been super glued onto it, making it impossible to get any work done. It is best to know what the rules are, in case you find yourself in an awkward situation with a coworker regarding who took the last box of paperclips.

Rule #1: Never Take More Than You Need. There is sometimes nothing more frustrating than needing liquid paper, finding it all gone in the supply cabinet, then reporting it to a supervisor, only to find that the person in the office next door has a drawer full of it when you go to ask them if you can borrow some. Having more supplies than you need shortens the supply in the cabinet for other employees. It also makes the person ordering the supplies think that it is being used rapidly, which causes them to order more, spending more of the company’s money. If the company is spending a lot of money on office supplies, and you are hoarding liquid paper in a drawer, don’t expect to get a raise.

Rule #2: If Something Is Gone, Say Something: I know you think your office manager has supernatural powers because they can somehow always catch you watching YouTube clips when you are supposed to be working. The fact is, that your office manager or the person in charge of ordering supplies is probably not a mind reader. If you go to the supply closet, and find that it is lacking something that you need, in order to get some more, you have to report it. If you don’t say anything about it, then you can’t complain when the next order comes in lacking the supplies you require.

Rule #3: Throw Away The Empty Boxes or Containers: One of the most frustrating things that can happen in the office, is for example, having your highlighter run out of ink, going to the supply closet to get another one, picking up the box that contains them, only to find you are holding an empty box. This is an office no-no. If you take the last of something in the supply closet, make sure you throw the box or container that was holding it, away. Not throwing away empty containers and boxes in the supply closet gives people false hope. To prevent your office accountant threatening to staple you to your chair, throw away the box when you take the last highlighter.

Now that you know how to behave and what to in regards to the closet the office supplies are kept in, you should take note. You probably have enough to deal with at work without the person in the cubicle next to you …

Tastefully Simple Review – Is the Tastefully Simple Opportunity the Right Fit For Your Home Business


Tastefully Simple founded in 1995 is a company based in Alexandria, Minnesota that offers a wide array of gourmet foods from appetizers, main courses, and even desserts. They also sell recipe books. They offer standard foods throughout the year, but they have seasonal menus too so that there is variety for their customers. Their goal is to provide easy to prepare dishes for those people who are busy and would like to spend more time with family or friends rather spending their time in the kitchen.

Tastefully Simple is a legitimate business that abides by high integrity standards. They are a member of the DSA which stands for the Direct Selling Association. Every member in this company pledges to abide by high integrity standards and procedures as a condition of admission into the DSA. Also, they’ve been a BBB accredited business since December of 2004 and have a BBB rating of an A+.

Starting Costs & Training

To start as a Tastefully Simple consultant, all you have to do is buy the Business Blast off Kit for $170. And if you can’t afford the $170 up front, you can make 3 payments to pay it off. The kit contains enough material for 4 taste testing parties. The kit includes party food kits, training materials, display products, food samples, training DVD videos, training audio, catalogs, and client order forms.

If the initial start up fee of $170 is too high there is another option called the Just a Taste Business Kit for $89. However, there is no payment plan for this option as you have to pay up front. This less inexpensive kit is almost the same except you get enough material for only 2 taste testing parties as opposed to the 4 taste testing parties with the Business Blast Off Kit.

An optional expense for a Tastefully Simple consultant is the web site. It costs $10.95 per month. Also, if you want your web sites to be able accept online payments; Tastefully Simple requires that you purchase a pro pay premium account. This is a credit card processor that costs $29.95 per year.

There are many ways to get trained. One is through the video and audio training received with your starter kit. Also, they have a back office where there is additional professional development. The good thing about this is that the training in their back office is self paced. You also are able to participate in conference calls with people in your position and attend webinars to ask any questions that need to be solved.

Time Investments

Taste testing parties are where consultants get their customers. It is considered the core of their business. These parties are held at a customer’s house. The customer invites their friends to attend these taste testing parties while the Tastefully Simple consultant will promote their products by allowing people to obviously taste the foods to see if they are interested in buying more. Also, these parties are a way for consultants …