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Making Delicious Camp Dishes with Children Before carrying out any task, especially when working with children, ensuring safety should always be the top priority. Children are typically curious of how things work; be sure to keep an eye on them, demonstrate to them the details in ways that they can comprehend. In introducing the cookware for camping and outdoor cooking to the children, you can impart to them the basics of utilizing the cookware to appropriately persuade them to assist in performing the task while observing safety measures. Dutch oven cooking is interesting and can make tasty camp dishes. Cooking is even more fun when you let the children cooperate with the task. Children want to be given particular tasks, you can take advantage of this and assign them to keep an eye on the time the food has cooked, assist dig a hole and prepare the briquettes. The older children could help mix and stir the foods in the cooking pot. Show them how to maintain briquettes above ground level or less away from the pot and teach them to determine how hot the charcoals are. Let them realize the importance of remaining in a safe distance from the flames all through the cooking process. Making it possible for them to help with cooking or any other chore provides them a sense of fulfillment as they would view that they are capable of executing the task, making them confident to face challenges in the future. There are various ways you could choose when cooking outdoors. You can hang the Dutch oven over the fire, place it directly on the fire or burning coals, or bury the cooking pot in the coals. Avoid heaping too many briquettes right away, except with certain recipes requiring high heat. Dutch oven recipe that involves long and even heating would be ideal, but be sure to remove some briquettes if you steam to prevent drying out and burning the food. Keep in mind that heat at once can ruin your meal so try going slowly and easy.
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Aside from Dutch oven cooking, roasting is the easiest of all campfire cooking options as takes just a few implements to cook your food over the flame. Long forks are used for cooking hot dogs, marshmallows and everything else that can be skewered as well; just about any type of meat can be seasoned and skewered. There are even these cast iron molds with long handles in which you can cook food over the fire also. You can get sandwich pockets in them as well as cook biscuits, eggs and mini-pies.
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One of the most widely used campfire cooking methods is grilling food and utilizing a grill over a flame to heat other food as well. You can place the meat over an open-flamed grill; you just need a good fire, a wire grill sheet and a stand of some type to hold the grill sheet in position over the fire.